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May 29, 2001, 03:43 PM
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Folding Prop or Fixed???

I'm new to electric and am going to use my Quickie 200 ex-cox soon to be speed 400 powered plane as my first try. I think I'm set on everything but the prop. Do I need a folding prop without landing gear or do you need to put some kind of skid on it. I'm used to engines so you can adjust the prop so it rests against tdc in a nice flat position. Is there a way to do this with electric? Thanks for any info. Kirk.
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May 29, 2001, 06:01 PM
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I can think of three options for you:

1) Use a Gunther push-on prop. They are cheap and flexible. I have never broken one on landing (we're talking 100+ flights on the same prop)

2) Use a folder. A 6x3 should be fine. You really can't go wrong with a this either. More expensive if you crash, though.

3) Use a fixed prop, but use a rubber band type prop-adapter. Works well too, it allows the fixed prop to fold if needed.

There is no shure-fire way to get an electric to stop with the prop in a horisontal position. You can try to blip the throttle a few times on your final approach, but this does not always work. It also depends on how the brake on your ESC works.

Good luck!

/ Jonas
May 29, 2001, 06:12 PM
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") Use a fixed prop, but use a rubber band type prop-adapter. Works well too, it allows the fixed prop to fold if needed."

Where the heck can I get one of these adapters? I'd really rather purchase one than try to make one. HELP!
May 30, 2001, 10:06 AM
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You can make one of these in 5 minutes. And you don't need a lathe. Honest !

Buy an aluminium prop adapter for a fixed prop which has two grub screws to attach it to the shaft. The versions with one screw won't work.

Cut the threaded portion short (where the prop goes on) so that the length of the stub left over is about half the thickness of the prop hub. Round off the corners slightly so that when you tilt the prop it slips off the stub.

Replace the two grub screws by two allen screws of the same thread size and about half an inch long. Cut from longer bolts if necessary.

Wind two (for safety) rubber bands around the two screws over the prop to fix it.

Finished !!