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Jan 17, 2002, 05:59 PM
Motors beat engines!

Pattern plane airfoils

After seeing the gorgeous ripmax alliance in the latest se modeler, and noticing what I think is too much weight for a 8 cell sp480 machine, ( 27 oz!), I have decided to make my own pink foamie knockoff that will use a mag mayhem DD with apc 7x5 on 8 cp2400 cells.

I'm confident that it will weigh around 35-37 oz as I've built similar sized and equiped planes like this before and they are always under 40 oz.

I have gotten to the part of the design where I have to choose and airfoil but am unsure what airfoil " proper " pattern planes run.

I'm assuming that it'll be full symetrical, but I'm hoping for a specific recommendation. I do have profi so I can make just about anything.

Can anybody help me out here?

Dean in Milwaukee
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Jan 17, 2002, 07:07 PM
Ascended Master
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From the weight you mention, the plane won't be large.. practically any smooth curve top and bottom will work,about 12 to 15% thick, high point about 30%, rounded leading edge.
Jan 17, 2002, 07:26 PM
Motors beat engines!
Thanks for the advice.

Your right that it won't be large. 38" span and 315 in/sq.

I built a similar size and weight plane, (but very differnet looking!) with 40 span and 350 in/sq and e205 airfoil and it was a real floater. Launch was very easy and landing flare hung on forever.

Becouse of that experience, and my desire for this to be a faster plane than the last ones 55 mph, I'm going to try a smaller wing.

The alliance looks pretty sleek, but we'll have to see how fast my copy actually goes.

I am hoping to have enough speed to transition into good vertical.
The mag mayhem should be pulling 25 amps with a 67 mph ps.

Jan 17, 2002, 08:33 PM
Visitor from Reality
Hi Dean
Sounds like a neat little project. The guy who might be able to help is Scott Black, who hangs our hereabouts on occasions. He did a baby version of the "Caprise" FAI pattern ship that went very nicely. I've got his plan in CAD format and I recall he used a NACA 64A010 airfoil - you can do that in Profile.

Scott seemed happy enough with the low speed handling of this, so it seems like a good one to consider.

Heck, if doing a PF model, you could probably build and fly two or three sections in a week! Good luck with her.
Jan 17, 2002, 08:58 PM
Motors beat engines!
Hey thanks Dereck! This was exactly the kind of info I was hoping for, a known good performing profile.

You are right about being able to knock out a lot of wings in a short period of time. Same thing with the fuse. It is nice to build on someone elses hard work though and cut down the steps you need to get a good one.


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