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Jun 24, 2004, 05:10 AM
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Confused... Radio, Receiver and Gyro (9CAP, 555, GY401) for Zoom/Shogun 400

I almost finished my Shogun 400. However, very confused when I tried to set up radio and gyro.

Radio: Futaba 9CAP
Receiver: Hitec 555 (5 chnnels, there is NO channel 6)
Gyro: Futaba GY401

My questions are:

1) For pitch control, it seems that CH6 is required. However, Hitec 555 doesn't have CH6. How in the world did you guys do that? I remembered a posting saying he is using Hitec 555 in his Zoom 400. Is it possible?

2) If CH5 can be faked/used as CH6 (I don't know how yet. Hopefully, from an answer on the above question), where should the 'Gryo sensitivity' in GY401 be connected? The GY401 Mmanual says this cable should be connected to CH5. However, there is no more CH5 available (if CH5 is used for pitch).

3) So, if I can use Hitec 555, is there a way to make GY401 work without connecting 'Gyro sensitivity' ? Or, do I eventually need a receiver with 6 different channels?

4) In several postiongs, I found some people used 'berg 5ch receiver'. I can see this reciever has a programmable CH5 (or CH6). However, still I need one more channel for 'Gyro sensitity'? Am I missing something here?

I am dying to maiden my Shogun 400. However, I stuck here...Please help me...

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Jun 24, 2004, 10:46 AM
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I'm using a Hitec Electron 6 on both of my zooms. Cheapest I've found them is $51.99
Jun 24, 2004, 01:14 PM
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I've been scheming through this for the last week, trying to plan my Shogun setup and defer a Tx purchase for a while. If you are either semi (very?) skilled in electronics or a mechanical whiz, there are some ways to make it work, with limited capability compared to a true 6 channel system.

Electronic solution #1: Make a pulse generator out a Ne555 chip or similar to provide the (ground adjustable) gain input to the Gy401,. This leaves Ch5 open for the CP servo (assuming your Tx can mix to it?). You could have just used a Gy240 to get the same function.

Electronic Solution #2: Use Ch5 for the gain and use endpoint adjustment on Tx to set the gain. Use a custom heli-born mixer to derive the CP servo and ESC signals from the Throttle channel of the Rx. I'm heavily into development on an option based on this plan. Don't know if it will get completed (feature creep has been rampant as I find more ways to complicate the project, things like 3-flight modes with selectable HH/Rate, Idle up/Normal etc...), but it's fun working on it (so far...)

Mechanical solution #1: Use CH5 for the gyro gain as above. Fiddle with CP servo arm length and linkage length to get the CP range you want while the throttle channel goes from off to full. Use a "Y" cable between throttle and CP servo. Throttle will be linear and CP wil depend on how you mount the servo arm.

BTW, I bought an Electron6, along with the 401, just in case : )
Jun 24, 2004, 01:25 PM
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Oh, I forgot Electronic solution #3: Go inside your Hitec 555 Rx and pick off the channel 6 signal from the decoder chip and bring it outside the case! If your Tx is 6+ channels and you have the soldering skills, this is the one I'd do.
Jun 24, 2004, 02:31 PM
Spritual Pilot
Thanks for good explanation. Now, I figured out what's going on...

I like #3 solution. Do you happen to know any picture of decoder so that I am able to identify the CH6 pin ?

Also, for temporary solution, I installed my old Futaba DF127 receiver (large one that I used it in my gas 60 size airplane a few years ago. It has 8 channels)... The good thing is that 'My shogun is still TAIL_HEAVY'. I shoud add more weight in front (which is a bad situation)... ...
Jun 24, 2004, 09:38 PM
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My Hitec 555 Rx's are all buried in airplanes right now. My older 535 uses a 4015 dual 4-bit shift register (cascaded to make an 8-bit register) as the decoder. I would speculate that the 555 is similar.

I would suggest testing continuity from the CH5 signal pin back to the decoder chip to see what pin the ""last" channel is tied to. Then look up a spec sheet for what ever chip is being used in the 555. Then find the pin associated with the next data bit and check it with a scope.
Jun 25, 2004, 06:41 PM
Spritual Pilot
Thanks for the answer. Unfornatley, it looks lots of work I guess.

I would rather buy 6ch receiver or will convert my GWS naro 4ch receiver to 6 ch. I already changed it to 5 ch.