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Jun 23, 2004, 08:52 AM
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E-flite Odessey EP

I buy this electric sailplane 6 months ago. I fly it with the original motor (standard brush 600) direct drive on a fold 9X6 with a Sanyo 8X1100Mah.

I was disappointing with the fly characteristics. Very instable and boring to fly. I add ailerons to the wing to make it a little bit more stable and fun to fly.
With this setup I can put it to soaring altitude only one or if Iím lucky 2 times.

I try it with a Ni-Mh 6X3000Mah (suggested setup from the fabricant). Practically impossible to make it climb if there is no front wind. I crash it about 5 times before it climb to a maximum of 50 feet!

I donít want to invest money in this plane. I buy a gear box (3.5:1) and mount it on the original motor. I test it with my 7.2 volts 3000 Ni-Mh pack with different prop APC 12X8 : max RPM 4500 and 12X10 : max RPM 4000.

Can I go with a bigger prop and less pitch like 13X6. What I want it to make it climb quickly more than 2 times! I donít want the Odessey hesitated to climb after the hand launch.
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Jun 23, 2004, 09:14 AM
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The Odessy WILL fly, given enough power. If you are stuck with the 6cell setp up, as I was for the first 2 years, you will be much much much mch happier with a different motor. The stock motor turns less than 2000 RPM per volt (a guess) - and you have reduced it through the gearbox. I would suggest a couple of different motors that turn MUCH faster, to better use your GB. The Kyosho Endoplasma or Atomic Force are both motors that I have flown for over 2 years, and both perform great! The Endo will be better suited to the 3.5 GB, and will swing a 13x6 or 13x7 prop with ease.

You also need to look at your batteries, to see if they can handle the amps required to fly the plane, if not, you will overstress the batteries and kill them before long.

You can figure your watts-per-pound output, adn work forward from there... I would say that 40 w/lb will climb much better than what you're describing, and 65 w/lb will transform the plane into a lot of fun, and 100 wats/lb will make you giddy

There is a heap of information at the bottom of every page in the FAQ (frequently Asked Questions) -
Jun 23, 2004, 09:19 AM
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The Odessey EP is probably the worst ARF in the 2 meter class. I owned one myself. At least you did better...mine lasted a grand total of 3 flights. It's a POS. Other people here will tell you the same thing. Mine received a brushless upgrade, and it was still a POS...
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Jun 23, 2004, 09:32 AM
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Thanks Mega - that is really helpful to a new guy. Why don't you just tell him to jump off a cliff while you're at it? Unsupported claims of poor quality are a waste of server space - How do we know that you're not the worst pilot in the 2m class? I have flown the EP - stock and upgraded and it flew - granted it flew better upgraded.

Humble, yet ticked
Jun 23, 2004, 09:36 AM
nexxa's Avatar
I know the battery pack can hold a high load, more then 20 amps without problems.

I never fly the Odessey with the new setup. All observations were done on a bench.
This setup draw 9Amps from the battery pack (7.2v) with the 3.5:1 GB and 12X10 prop (4000Rpm). On the bench a full throttle, it run for 7 minutes before the engine cut.

7.2v X 9Amps = Ī 64watts for 4lbs airplane! 16 watts/pound! Not enough regarding your previous post.

The problem is, I want to make it fly tomorrow, and there is not enough time to place a command from my hobby dealer. But he has many different size of prop. The only thing I can change is the prop.

After tomorrow flight I will probably dismount this "sailplane" if I donít crash it!
Jun 23, 2004, 10:05 AM
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You are a better pilot than I, if you have been able to fly it at all with 16 w/lb!! I fly the 12x8 and the 13x7 props on my setup and I have measured them both on a wattmeter - one of the "Must have" tools for e-fliers. The amp draw is very nearly the same - BUT the 12x8 turns faster and flies faster - but does so without as much brute force thrust. The 13x7 will haul the glider up at a much better angle, but in level flight it goes slower. I don't really know what to tell you, but I shoot for 30-40 amps from my batteries. If your plane can fit a larger prop, try the 14.5x9 or even the 16x10 size - have your hobby shop guy help you fit one and test it out (IF the hobby shop guy is fluent in electrics ...) Though. I don;t think it'll make enough of a difference in the way it flies on 16 watt/lb (JimNM shakes head in disbelief)

I use Sanyo FAUP 1950 and Greatplanes SCR packs. Be careful with bench test runs - the motor and ESC can overheat, and in extreme cases, meltdown completely.

Luck to you -
Jun 23, 2004, 10:40 AM
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Thanks for your quick answers. In my setup, there is no trouble to fit a bigger prop. I will try a 13 X 8 prop tomorrow.

I make other test with a small battery pack (9.6v 1100Mah). Only 3.5 minutes of run time but 5500 rpm. 9.6v x 14.5a: Ī140w / 3.25lbs. The airplane lost 8oz by switching between the 7.2v to the 9.6v battery pack.
Ī43watts/lb better than Ī16watts/lb

If I can't find a bigger prop today, I will fly it with this battery pack and 12X10 prop.

I will give you some news about my flying day result.
Jun 23, 2004, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by JimNM
Why don't you just tell him to jump off a cliff while you're at it? .
Humble, yet ticked
Nexxa, jump off a cliff -just make sure you take that POS Odessey with you...
Jun 28, 2004, 11:53 AM
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Before went brushless, I have flown an e-glider, called bluebird from robbe, ws=2200, with its stock motor and prop (some 550 and 8*4,5 folder). I checked with whattmeter and shown 160w(7gp3300) and 210w (8gp3300).It's weight ~3,8LBS.
So I think you should fly yours with ONE MORE cell, but definitely no good climbs can be seen. Go brushless with geared prop is long term solution and investment.Hope you don't waste your plane for I see you have spent quite a lot of efforts to modifiy it with ail. and others.

Jun 29, 2004, 02:19 PM
nexxa's Avatar
I finally try it with 13X8 prop on a 6 cell (6X3000 Ni-Mh)
With no wind it takes 200 feet long to take enough speed to make it climb slowly. After 3 minutes, it finally arrives to a good altitude to cut the engine and make it glide.

I donít like its fly characteristics; itís very instable and has a lot of vibration in the tail after I make an input. I'm very disappointed. Itís more a toys than an airplane.

By chance I bring with me my Spectra (flat wing with ailerons) with the original motor and prop on 8.4v 2100Mah. Climb slowly, but flies well, very stable in the air, predicable. I make 10 run with the Spectra and 2 with the Odessey. I have so much trouble to control my Odessey, with a small head wind I was incapable to land it at the right spot, always 100 meter from me!

No matter, I have 4 other planes to make fly, but they work on gas.
Jun 29, 2004, 05:42 PM
JimNM's Avatar
Well - you gave it a good try! My most flown glider is an APEX from rc-dymond.com - at 89.00 US for the ARF - it is a fairly good deal. No motor is included, choose your own. It has a Loooong flat wing with just a little bit of poly-hedral at the tips. It may be worth a look -

Happy flying!
Jun 29, 2004, 08:49 PM
Segelflugzeug esgeht nach oben
AllThumbs's Avatar

"make sure you take that POS Odessey with you......

...well, it's a nice looking POS anyway.

Good luck with it Nexxa.

Electrics can be frustrating when you are new to the subject, (I can tell you first hand).

So far, what I've learned is that in the subject of electrics, there isn't anything that "more money" can't fix.
Jun 30, 2004, 08:55 AM
rloose's Avatar

Odyssey gets bad press

To All:

Give the Odyssey a break! Install Mega 22/20/3 on 7 or 8 cells with 9x6 or 10x6 folder. Get the CG way forward of the factory's suggestion. Shim up the TE anywhere from 1/16 to 1/8 inch. Same fuse as the Apex or Take it Easy. Do dive test to fine tune CG. Don't do any wild aerobatics. You have a nice sailplane until it gets stuck in a thermal and flies out of sight. That's what happened to me anyway. I actually miss my Odyssey.

Jun 30, 2004, 10:18 AM
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"So far, what I've learned is that in the subject of electrics, there isn't anything that "more money" can't fix." QUOTED FROM ALLTHUMBS.

Totally concurr with your statement!

Jun 30, 2004, 09:36 PM
Segelflugzeug esgeht nach oben
AllThumbs's Avatar

Thanks David.

That has been my experience anyway.
Got into electrics two seasons ago......tried to do it on the cheap with just my old trusty 2M sailplane and a hack saw.

Inexpensive can motor in the form of a Master Airscrew flight pack with gearbox and folding prop...easy enough for any newbie ...right?

My first battery pack was sanyo cells from theBattery Barn which the flyers at my field recommended...flights lasted all of thirty seconds before the BEC cut the power to the motor.

Add: $$$$ - New Battery Pack with more juice.

Then the Astro Flight speed control burned up or just plain quit..probably because I looked at it the wrong way.

Add: $$$$ - new Jeti speed control, rated for more amps.

Ok...now we're getting somewhere.

Decent climbouts for a beginner, but the old 2M is so heavy with all this electric stuff , the wing loading is up from the 5 oz/SF I used to fly and thermal with to a hefty 10.6 oz/SF.

Lets build a 100" std. sailplane with an electric motor and get a better lighter wingloading.....

Turbo 700 is too heavy...better go brushle$$ for the bigger plane.

Add: $$$$
...and of course I now need a "BRUSHLE$$ speed control to go with the brushle$$ motor.

Add: $$$$

I think you all get the picture........

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