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Jun 10, 2015, 10:06 AM
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J Class

Hi all, with all the activity in the J Class this year, I have opened this thread for all things J Class. Please post comments, photos or links that support the growth of this wonderful class.


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Jun 10, 2015, 05:22 PM
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The regatta in Stowe last Friday had 9 boats which might not seem like many but when the boats are between 7' and 9' with rigs that are 10' high, 9 boats is a good turn out.
In the J Class, the score follows the boat so that the controls can be shared which is exactly what we did.

We had light shifty winds and were able to complete 9 races. The local CBS affiliate came out and filmed portions of the regatta. There was also a drone copter flying over head and the film from that was added to the clips. I will add the link at the bottom of this post.

The results were as follows with boat model, owner and skippers

1-Yankee. Chuck Luscomb, Brian Kerrigan, Brian Jobson, Al Dion and Chuck Luscomb
2-Ranger, Gary Mueller, Bruce Nourjain, Phil Tonks
3-Ranger, Gary Mueller, Gary Mueller
4-Whirlwind, Ron Schloemer
5-Shamrock, Kevin MacLellan, Chuck Luscomb, Jack Baldwin, Brian Jobson, Brian Kerrigan.
6-Endeavour, Tim Stone, George Townsend, Tim Stone
7- Shamrock, Rob Hill, Dave Braning, Rob Hill
8- Shamrock, Ken Shaw , Harry Mote, Ken Shaw.
9- Shamrock, Jeff Gross
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Jun 10, 2015, 06:00 PM
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Just started a Facebook page for the J Class so if your interested in getting an invitation, shoot me a pm.


Update... If your a FB user, simply do a search under groups for J Class Radio Sailors and request to join.
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Jun 10, 2015, 07:12 PM
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J Boat NCR, Spring Lake,NJ

We just completed the J Boat NCR Regatta held at Spring Lake,NJ. There was ten boats that competed , most of them from Chuck's Regatta last Friday. Here are the results with make and skippers:

1/ Ranger-Jack Wubbe

2/ Shamrock-Dave & Alex Ramos

3/ Ranger-Gary Muller

4/ Shamrock-Jamey Betz

5/ Ranger-Gerhard Kelter

6/ Shamrock-Dave Brawner-Harry Mote

7/ Shamrock-Jeff Gros

8/ Whirlwind-Ron Schlomer

9/ Enterprise-John Stoudt

10/ Shamrock--Bob Armbruster
Jun 11, 2015, 01:00 AM
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Great video, and awesome promotion of our sport to get it on TV. Great Job! Ryan
Jun 11, 2015, 05:56 AM
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Next on the schedule is the J Boat Medly in Tilghman Island MD this weekend. It includes Fleet and Match racing as well as a distance race where the skippers follow in chase boats. Think the race covers about 7 miles.

I think I heard there were 17 boats registered. That's got to be quite a sight.

Jun 12, 2015, 06:01 AM
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Alan Kews own Whirlwind on it's way to a third place finish at the 2013 NCR in Mystic CT.
Jun 12, 2015, 08:44 AM
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@ SJ:

Just curious looking at the most recent photo you posted. Do the J-Boats have any nose burying tendencies when sailing down wind? Are they able to sail "by the lee" without broaching?

Just curious about their tendencies as most photos show them sailing upwind or reaching.

Thanks, Dick
Jun 12, 2015, 05:57 PM
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I have not seen a J bury her nose off the wind. They weigh a fair bit so I think it's quite hard to do.

In the photo I posted, I had ballasted her with the deck about 1-2 degrees up in the tank. When she heeled though, her tendency was to nose down a bit. She sailed well though and pointed well.

Jun 12, 2015, 10:15 PM
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well, this happened--2010 J Nats, in Chicago
Jun 13, 2015, 02:35 AM
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Well that looks to me like way bow down, must have been a heck of a gust. Ryan
Jun 14, 2015, 03:44 AM
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Great photo Alan, now I can say I've seen one bury the bow!

@Dick L, assuming when you say by the lee you mean wing and wing with favor towards the jib.? In terms of control down wind, this seems to be the best combination for a full keel boat like the J. Without going wing on wing as shown with Alan's photo above, a rolling action can develop and force the boat into a broach.

Jun 16, 2015, 07:12 AM
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The J Boat Medley is now in the books. Jack Wubbe (Ranger)was the victor in fleet racing, Dave Ramos(Shamrock)took the match racing segment and Gary Mueller (ranger)was the Distance Race winner! Full report to follow shortly.
Jun 20, 2015, 09:41 AM
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J Class Medley (Fleet, Match & Distance Racing)
Tilghman Island & Easton, MD
June 13-14
Sorry about the length of this email. But, Wow!! What a weekend!! Simply put, this was an event, not just a regatta. Fleet racing and match racing on Saturday at Tilghman on Chesapeake in Tilghman Island, MD followed by a distance race on Sunday off the Baldwin's backyard in Easton, MD. Add in that is was hot, hot, hot with gruesome humidity and you can imagine there were a bunch of tired sailors, volunteers and spectators.

There were awards for each of the three disciplines of the racing along with overall awards. Our fleet of 14 J's was the largest in at least 25 years. While 14 boat may not sound like a lot, that is over 115 feet of boats coming from 8 different states.

Fleet Racing:

Any more than 10 J's on a starting line is difficult to say the least. Boats simply get lost on the line behind the ten foot rigs. Thanks to a very cooperative fleet, we were able to get all the boats starting at once using a system we call the "Line of Excellence". This is where the top five from the prior race start at a line about 15 yards behind the normal line. Now, if you are thinking this is unfair, you are correct. But, with the right group of sailors, it's a lot of fun. And, it works!!

Jack Wubbe and Dave Ramos sailed from the Line of Excellence every heat and managed to take first and second respectively. Gerhard Kelter and the team of Mortgu/Betz took third and fourth starting every heat but one from the Line of Excellence.

Lunch must have really agreed with Danny Thomas and Roger Baldwin as both did their best sailing later in the day. Jeff Gros, sailing in his third J regatta of the week and third of his career, looked really comfortable sailing his beautiful new blue Shamrock. This level of comfort would pay dividends on Sunday.

Fleet Racing Results:
1. Jack Wubbe
2. Dave Ramos
3. Gerhard Kelter
4. Mortgu/Betz
5. Danny Thomas
6. Jeff Gros
7. Gary Mueller
8. Ken Shaw
9, Tim Stone
10. Team 18 Mote/Flach
11. Ron Schloemer
12. Bob Armbruster
13. Roger Baldwin
14. Rob Hill

Match Racing:

Wubbe & Ramos, Match Racing Finalists

We made a last minute decision to change the match racing portion from a round robin event to a single elimination tournament due to the heat and a desire to have some energy for the big race on Sunday. While once again it was Jack Wubbe and Dave Ramos taking the top spots with Dave winning thanks to a great move downwind in the final, the interesting story here was Danny Thomas sailing the "tiny" 5/8" version of the Whirlwind and Ron Schloemer sailing the full size version of the Whirlwind. Each made it to the semi-finals winning some big races along the way.

Match Racing Results:
1. Dave Ramos
2. Jack Wubbe
3. Ron Schloemer
4. Danny Thomas

A huge thank you goes to Dave Branning and Elaine Hepkin for hosting this part of the event and allowing us to be their guests at Tilghman on Chesapeake. Elaine also had her daughter Lauren, son Ron and son's girlfriend Cat Hackney handle scoring and chase boat operations for us. They all did a great job.

Distance Race:

We are very fortunate to have such gracious hosts for the distance race in Rosemary and Roger Baldwin. Their backyard at the headwaters of the Tred Avon River is just a perfect venue for this event.

Understand that this race is a logistical nightmare everyone involved and it takes a lot of people to make it happen. Each J Boat is supported by a chase boat with the skipper(s) on board. We had 13 boats for Sunday and 53 people for lunch between the skippers, co-skippers, chase boat operators, photographers and spectators.

Dave Branning found chase boats and/or operators for all of the out of town skippers that didn't have their own chase boats available. This was quite a job and Dave handled it perfectly. We owe a huge thank you to all our chase boat operators as this wouldn't happen without them.

The launching of the J's with the chase boats in the background.

Ken Shaw leading the way early on

Though the course was shortened to four miles, it was very challenging with the first and third marks set in creeks on either side of the river. We started in two fleets based on standings after Saturdays racing with the starts about two minutes apart. The start/finish box is in the upper right hand corner with the wind coming out of the lower left of the picture below. The breeze filled in as the boat were starting. Thank you Mother Nature.

As expected, the fleet spread out across the river with several hundred yards from front to back. What wasn't expected was the fleet compressing in light air as we headed to the first mark, which is to the left in the picture below.

So 45 minutes into the race, there were calls for buoy room at the first mark. With the exception of Ramos and Mueller, who got around clear ahead and left us in their wake, the fleet was one great big bunch leaving Shipshead Creek. Those that stayed close to the western shore coming out of the creek made out well with less current and a nice lift.

For the next hour, Mueller and Ramos would, in effect, be match racing without us. My co-skippers, Harry Mote and Mark Rinehart took us from second to last at the first mark to third at the second mark with each making a really good move along the way.

Our new national champion, Jack Wubbe was in a close battle with the Betz/Mortgu boat for fourth place. Unfortunately for him, he lost the argument with the second mark which was the 15 foot tall Day Marker #18. He got wedged into the mark when he passed too close. We didn't stick around to see what happened next.

1 hour and 45 minutes into the race, the long distance match race between Mueller and Ramos continues coming out of Jacks Creek heading towards the finish off Point Rosemary.

The third and final mark was in the tight confines of Jack's Creek. You can see from the picture above that Mueller and Ramos were still locked in a close battle at this point. They would remain this close all the way to the finish with Gary Mueller getting the win by a small margin. Both Gary and Dave sailed an excellent race. Congratulations boys.

Mueller (181) about to finish with Ramos just behind him.

Lisa taking us across in third place with Harry Mote and Mark Rinehart looking on.

This first boat finished in around 2 hours with the final boat crossing less than 15 minutes later.

Distance Race Results
1. Gary Mueller
2. Dave Ramos
3. Team 18 - Lisa Brawner/Harry Mote/Mark Rinehart/David Brawner
4. Nick Mortgu/Jamey Betz
5 Jeff Gros
6 Ken Shaw/Victor Oberg
7 Rob Hill
8. Danny Thomas
9. Jack Wubbe
10. Roger Baldwin/Skip Hall
11. Bob Armbruster
12. Tim Stone
Gerhard Kelter DNF (burned out winch)
Ron Schloemer DNS

J Boat Medley Overall Finishing Positions:

1. Dave Ramos
2. Jack Wubbe
3. Gary Mueller
4. Nick Mortgu/Jamey Betz
5. Danny Thomas
6. Team 18 Lisa Brawner/Harry Mote/Mark Rinehart/Jim Flach/David Brawner
7. Jeff Gros
8. Gerhard Kelter
9. Ken Shaw/Victor Oberg
10. Rob Hill
11. Tim Stone
12. Roger Baldwin/Skip Hall
13. Bob Armbruster
14 Ron Schloemer

Thank you Nick Mortgu for getting all the awards and the much needed six pack coolers that were given to each skipper and chase boat operator.

Jim Flach Pictures from Saturday

Jim Flach Pictures from the Distance Race

Coming Up Next

J Class Region 1 Championship
Mystic Seaport, CT
August 7
Mystic Seaport is synonymous with home for the J Class. The class experienced it's rebirth here 15 years ago and the J's have raced here ever since. With maritime history all around, you can't help but feel your J belongs here on the waters of the Mystic River.


Mystic Seaport Site

J Class Region 4 Championship
Vernon Hills, IL
September 2-3
Big Bear Lake was the venue when Chicago Model Yacht club hosted Race Week last year that included the J Class National Championship. You're in for a treat here as there are options for every wind direction and condition. And, there is plenty of room for the J's to stretch their legs on the water. Look for the registration link on the AMYA Regatta page and the Chicago MYC site soon.

Chicago Model Yacht Club Site


150 Years of Racing J Regatta
Riverton, NJ
April 11
Heavy winds on the Delaware River had us running for the cover of Laurel Acres Park, where it was still out of control.

1. Ramos
2. Mortgu/Betz
3. Hall/Baldwin
4. Stoudt/Flach

Jim Flach Pictures

Green Mountain J Regatta
Stowe, VT
June 5

By Charlie Berry

Stowe Yacht Club added a new twist to the Green Mountain Regatta this year. Since a number of the EC12 sailors also race J Boats, and there were two J events in the week following the Green Mountain, we added a Friday "J Day". Due to the size of these yachts, we used the nearby Waterbury Reservoir as the venue for the day.

Nine boats showed up for "the Big Show" at the reservoir. As is common in the J Boat class, many of the boat owners invite other skippers to participate in the racing. The boat, not the skipper is scored. And, the emphasis is on camaraderie and having fun rather than bare knuckles racing. Winds on this larger body of water were uncharacteristically light and shifty, challenging sailor and race committee alike. Despite the light air, we managed to complete 9 races before calling it a day.

Through the efforts of Phil Tonks, the local CBS TV affiliate showed up and did a piece for the evening and following morning newscasts. Rob Hill, Tim Stone, Phil Tonks and Charlie Berry were all interviewed for the segment, with the J Boat racing being shown in the background

1 Yankee Chuck Luscomb boat (Brian Jobson, Brian Kerrigan,26
2 Ranger Gary Mueller Boat #2 (Bruce Nourjian, Phil Tonks) 29
3 RangerGary Mueller 38
4 Whirlwind Ron Schloemer 39
5 Shamrock Chuck Luscomb (Kevin MacLellan boat) 40
6 Endeavour Tim Stone & George Townsend 56
7 Shamrock Rob Hill & Dave Branning 58
8 Shamrock Ken Shaw & Harry Mote 59
9 Shamrock Jeff Gros 63

TV Coverage

Gerhard Kelter, Jack Wubbe and Gary Mueller
The Viking Racing Team

J Class National Championship Regatta
Spring Lake, NJ
June 10
You can't ask for anything more than a chamber of commerce day and a great crowd of J boats. A great big thank you to our hosts, Spring Lake Marbleheaders for a wonderful event. Congratulations to the Viking Racing Team taking first, third and fifth. Jack Wubbe is our new national champion.

1/ Jack Wubbe. 11 pts
2/ Dave Ramos. 23 pts
3/ Gary Muller. 25 pts
4/ Jamey Betz. 28 pts* tiebreaker
5/ Gerhard Kelter. 28 pts
6/ Dave Brawner. 44 pts
7/ Jeff Gros. 62 pts
8/ Ron Schlomer. 66 pts
9/ John Stoudt. 68 pts
10/ Bob Armbruster 78 pts

Feel the power. Enjoy more great photos from Jim Flach.


This email has been sent to not only to J Class owners but also all members of AMYA regions 1, 2 & 4. Even if you don't own one of these boats, it's worth the time to see them in action on the water. J Class racing is very much a team effort. As it is the boat that is entered in the regatta, not the skipper, it does not matter who is sailing the boat. Sharing a transmitter is not only allowed, it's encouraged. We hope that you'll come and give it a try!
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Jun 21, 2015, 12:36 AM
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here's the links for the J class photos
John R.

Green Mountain J Regatta
Stowe, VT
June 5

TV coverage

J Class National Championship Regatta
Spring Lake, NJ
June 10

photos taken by Jim Flack

J Class Medley (Fleet, Match & Distance Racing)
Tilghman Island & Easton, MD
June 13-14

photos taken by Jim Flack

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