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Feb 04, 2018, 09:56 AM
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Are you sure these say MB not GB?

Also the memory card has to be SD not SDHC. They are not backward compatible. If card says SDHC on it, it won't work. As Dave pointed out size must be 32mb to 2gb for that radio.

Try a local office supply store or even a CVS. They tend to have hold over old stock.
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Feb 04, 2018, 10:47 AM
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That's good info, thanks. I had to look up the "HC" reference, big difference! See this:

I see what you mean "not compatible", wow, not at all!

Here is more info on using the card in the Futaba: (This is for updating the operating system)
It must be formatted by Futaba.

At the end of this explanation, it states:
If you use your card to hold model files, you will not be able to see the update on this card through your memory Card reader/writer, as these files are not Windows compatible. You will also not be able to see any models saved to your memory card simply by viewing this drive in your PC. To view any files or saved models on your memory card, Futaba has provided a File System Utility for this purpose. You will need to download this onto your desktop to view, move, add and delete models right from your desktop.
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Feb 04, 2018, 03:45 PM
The way I understand a Futaba 8fg or 8fg Super tranni, which I have both, and they both use the same memory card, when you put the card in and turn the tranni on, it should show how to format the card. The screen is blank, and the RF light is not on, ' that's the two leds that come on when you turn the tranni. the one on right is not lit. I have gone online looking for card with this discriptiom, and all they show is GB's and no MB,s, I guess they are an old card?
Feb 04, 2018, 03:51 PM
Thank you tvoydan
Feb 04, 2018, 04:19 PM
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Here are six of them:

Here are 3879 of them:
Feb 05, 2018, 09:15 AM
I,m kinda getting frustrated with this card thing. I have looked on line for it, and there lots of 2 GB but no mention of 32MG is that the capacity or card size. I will shop around locally first, before I go on line, as you can't get your money back, with out a lot of fooling around. There are companys that put out poor quality cards that do not work.
Feb 05, 2018, 09:26 AM
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You can go up to 2GB. But is must to say SD on it not SDHD. The SDHD is a newer format that your radio cannot read.

FYI. This is a common problem with that particular radio (finding a SD card that works).

I checked locally around here at Meijer's and CVS. All had SDHD cards, but nothing smaller like what you need in an SD card.

Note this card only says HD on it.

Here's a cheaper one.

Feb 05, 2018, 01:09 PM
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It sounds like the Futaba instructions are telling you what RANGE of cards you can use, not the exact size. I read this to mean you can use a card with 32Mb as the smallest, and 2Gb as the largest.
There might be a whole range of cards in between. The label on the card is how much memory it has, that can only be one number, like a 12 ounce beer is just 12 ounces

But, thankfully, you can buy beer in 12 to 40 ounce sizes.

Myself I would go for the 40, but it is out of my acceptable range, anything over 24 ounces and I am asleep.
Feb 05, 2018, 03:58 PM
Thanks guys, I'll keep looking.
Feb 05, 2018, 05:21 PM
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You shouldn't have any trouble finding a 2Gb sd card, back in post 305, I posted a link to almost 4000 of them!

Here is one for $4.21, free shipping, but delivery is between Tue. Mar. 27 and Mon. Apr. 30:

Here is one from California for $4.99 delivery Estimated on or before Tue. Feb. 13

If that doesn't do it, drive over to my house I will give you mine.
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Apr 06, 2018, 08:08 AM
Dave I don't know if you have heard of the North American Model Eng, show at the Zack Arena in Southgate Mi on April 21/22, it is a great show if you have never seen it. Paul
Apr 06, 2018, 08:19 AM
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Paul, I am sure you are right, but I can't make the commitment just yet.

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