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Jun 18, 2004, 02:26 PM
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Yet Another Floatplane Conversion: Headwind B

Hey all,
With the deluge of float conversions happening, I decided to put knife to foam and make a pair. My Great Planes Headwind was a natural choice for a first try, with its slow speed and excellent stability. I chose to go with 10" long floats, and keep the design very simple(read straight lines). Here is how it turned out, I have not yet had a chance to fly it, but I did float it in my Bathtub and it looked good. Feel free to ask any questions, give any input.

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Jun 18, 2004, 02:34 PM
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I think you are going to need longer floats. Generally you need some of the float ahead of the prop to keep the plane from nosing over.
Jun 18, 2004, 02:45 PM
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DonŽt want to be a nay-sayer, but I have to agree with jimsp. I seriously doubt that youŽll be able to take off with those floats without the plane nosing in or dipping the tail. Then imagine trying to LAND it!

My advice is to scrap the ones youŽve made, and make new ones at least twice the length. If youŽre concerned about wheight then you could loose 1/3rd of the height. I also think it would be wise to have a look at how floats for models are usually designed, I think you might have trouble getting the plane up to flyingspeed with that boxy front, plus you might need a "step" to reduce the drag.

Good luck!

Anders O
Jun 18, 2004, 03:37 PM
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try this float calculator, it reinforces what has already been said,you will need 18"+ length floats for a plane that size
Jun 18, 2004, 05:22 PM
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Thanks everyone,
I cut up a second set, these ones are 13" long, and not quite so tall. I positioned them with the tip of the floats about an 1.5" past the front of the nose...... and went down to a local pond to test float it(not fly, it was too windy). It floats in a nose high attitude, which is good. When I apply power it cuts smooth and tracks pretty strait. When I start to go faster, I just start applying up Elevator to keep the prop up out of the water(more on that later). I can see know why people would do boats; I was having a lot of fun just cruising around, watching the twin rooster tails emitted from the floats. Anyway, about the nose in the water part. I was starting a high speed taxi down wind(the wind was about 15-20 mph) and I didn't apply enough up elevator. The prop got a mouthfull of water, sucked the float tips down, got hit by a gust, and flipped over. Doh. So I slogged in knee deep, fished it out and unplugged it. I can't wait until the wind dies down, it should be pretty sweet.

Jun 18, 2004, 11:08 PM
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Ok, update time. The wind died down enough this evening to go out. The pond I am working on is not very big(20-30 ft), and about time I was ready for lift off I hit the edge. I handlaunched it next, and it flew great. It looks really sweet cruising around, but soon it ws time for first landing. The Headwind came in nice and smooth, and settled in for a nice rollout. Tonight I made one more version. It is 14" long and has a solid EPP core with FFF sandwiched on each side. I put in a step in hopes of getting it up in a shorter distance.(thanks for the link matticulous) Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to test it.

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