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Jun 17, 2004, 10:24 PM
Lookin' Good. Real Good.
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Good Time + Bad Time = An OK Day!

Hey Guys,

Today I had a good and bad day. Good because I maidened my BN2 Islander, got 3 flights in on my Corsair, flew a Wally World glider, and a .25 combat plane. Bad because I got too cocky with the Corsair. I would fly up wind, pull off a loop, then turn down wind and do two...or three...or four rolls in a row. I also did some inverted stuff, like 5 laps around the pitch upside down.

Well, I was flying late at night and lost visual recognition. It was headed down, so I cut throttle and pulled up and hoped for the best. The Damage: Torn out wing bolt, bent shaft. I glued the wing mount back on and am going to switch the shafts tomorrow.

I was dissapointed, but I had my Islander so I put a battery in that, turned it on and got my Uncle to give it a heave. The first time it went up, it climbed to about 15 feet when the battery cut out. I had grabbed the battery from my Corsair instead of a fresh one But when I cut the throttle, it glided(glode?) about 50 feet into a damp field, where I got dirt all on the bottom of it. Ahh well, only cosmetic!! So I put a fresh batt in, got it thrown again and off she went into the wild blue yonder!! Very quick, much faster than my Corsair. Those DD motors are dang quiet, too, I flew over at about 50 feet and just heard a hum. I did about 10 laps, got it all trimmed, and did the <gasp> glide/tipstall test. Surprise surprise!! She glided for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!! So I came into land, over shot, came around again and did the picture perfect landing(sorry, no pics: forgot the camera!) Slid on the back part of the for a few feet, and came to a stop 10 feet in front of me. I was happy

BN2 Set up:
300 Motor version, 4x2.5 props
Pixie 20P
Kokam 2s 1500 maH
GWS 6 Channel Naro RX
I GWS Pico on Rudder
2 Futaba S3108's on ailerons and elevator
Futaba 6XAS Tx

I also flew a Wally glider...all though it was more of a free-flight-with-rudder-assisted plane!!

The combat plane was fun, but it was having some engine problems so I couldn't do any stunts I told him to slap a Hacker B40 on the nose!

All in all, a good day - here's some Corsair and BN2 Pics for ya'll.

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Jun 18, 2004, 12:28 AM
Tee Sqaured
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Alright Cam! Congrads!


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