Podcast 40 - The Joe Nall 2015 Podcast!

If you couldn't make Joe Nall this year now you can get a feel for how much fun it is. If you were at Joe Nall the podcast will allow to relive the good times!


Experience Joe Nall 2015 through the RCGroups podcast!

Joe Nall 2015 is in the books but you can relive the experience though our podcast! I was blown away by all the RCG and FG users that came up to me and wanted to talk about the podcasts! Thanks for all the kind words! I'm happy to announce that the 2015 Joe Nall podcast is ready to download. Enjoy!!

Join us as we drive into Triple Tree and visit the main flight line, the 3D line and everything in between!

Interviews and Topics

  • Rolling into Triple Tree
  • Update from Matt Gunn
  • Miss Ashley
  • Colten Clark checks in
  • Nathan and Tom Andre talk about things
  • Kim Payne from Horizon and Kirsty from England
  • Randy Charles talks about the Flight Line Box
  • Chris Huhne talks about the BBM F16
  • Peter Goldsmith shares the Hangar 9 Corsair - Fly Big at Joe Nall
  • Jim the line boss tells a story (pardon the wind noise)
  • Jeff Williams talks about early 3D
  • Marcus from Emotec talks about his variable pitched prop giant scale plane
  • The Extreme Flight/3D Hobby Shop announcement
  • Arron Bates talks about the new schemes for Extreme Flight
  • Chris Hinson and Chris Watkins talk about the announcement
  • Ben Fisher goes over future plans, stock and the warehouse
  • We wear plaid shorts in honor of Pete Goldsmith
  • A discussion about Siri breaks out
  • I interview some folks under our tent - Blunt County Aviators
  • Andrew Jesky
  • Mike McConville
  • We talk to Jessy from NC on the 3D line
  • Miss Ashley checks in
  • Quique Somenzini talks about the new Mamba bipe
  • David Moser interview
  • Extreme Flight party - WOOPAAA!
  • Natasha expresses sadness over Donatas
  • FG user Michael user had big news
  • Mike and Cody Kelly talk about the Carbon Z Cub
  • Kasi from Esprit Model
  • Noon time demo with brother Bob Sadler
  • The Hobbico Razorback give away
  • Frank Noll talks about the new X4 Pro
  • Falcon - Steve and Judy talk about the Joe Nall spirit
  • Ron Ward - Down and Locked landing gear
  • Desert Aircraft six cylinder interview
  • Eddie from the Welcome Center
  • Briant Gerry on the electric line
  • Chris Hinson talks about the Little Foot and bush planes
  • Mark Murdock speaks
  • RJ Gritter can neither confirm or deny
  • Chris Jewett admits all
  • Jase Dussia talks about the new 44" Slick
  • Meet the Jenkins brothers
  • Foam and Tape
  • Josh from Flite Test gives out hugs
  • Billy Hell!
  • The Valkyrie takes flight
  • Late night bluegrass music
  • Mike Mayberry pontificates
  • Matt Chapman
  • Colten Clark talks about butterflies and the lack there of
  • Pro Bros unite
  • Mark Davidson of Triple Tree winner of the Joe Nall award
  • Mr. Pat talks to us about Triple Tree
  • Tim Jesky talks about family
  • David Payne of Horizon Hobby and winner of the Bob Smith award
  • Big D
  • Greg Alderman on his electric geared giant scale 3D plane
  • Dave Sullivan talks about Nall
  • The sound of the BBQ
  • We end the podcast with some evening Nall blue grass music.

The Podcast Download

Click here to download the Joe Nall 2015 podcast.

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Jun 25, 2015, 05:41 PM
son of a pilot
Scott C's Avatar
Thanks for the great podcast. It makes yard work easier while listening.

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