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May 10, 2015, 06:48 PM
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Carbon-Z Cub Direct Links and Mods

Carbon-Z Cub Direct Links and Mods

Carbon-Z Cub - Introduction
Carbon-Z Cub - CZC 635 default gain - Per Quique
Carbon-Z Cub - 12 minute video of How to assemble CZC
Carbon-Z Cub - DX8 setup
Carbon-Z Cub - AR635 gains for Sport or 3D
Carbon-Z Cub - Can use 2 3s lipos in series
Carbon-Z Cub - IMP -Dont tighten wing strutts to much - IMP
Carbon-Z Cub - See file for CORRECT SCREW SIZE - per Mattfly
Carbon-Z Cub - IMP - Set ESC to detect lipo cells - IMP
Carbon-Z Cub - IMP - Correct rudder ball Link location - IMP
Carbon-Z Cub - COG 120mm from leading edge with 3300 lipo
Carbon-Z Cub - Pledge Floor Polish for shiney paint
Carbon-Z Cub - DX18 Elevator to Flap mix
Carbon-Z Cub - 30% down elevator on flap mix
Carbon-Z Cub - CZC Initial setup - Per mxcop
Carbon-Z Cub - APC 15x10 or APC 14x7
Carbon-Z Cub - Paint label from Lowes
Carbon-Z Cub - IMP - DONT USE EC3
Carbon-Z Cub - Use EC5
Carbon-Z Cub - Remove ESC on off switch
Carbon-Z Cub - Recommended Battery location - Per mxcop
Carbon-Z Cub - Correct position of Flap servo Arm
Carbon-Z Cub - HH recommended DX8 flap to elevator mix
Carbon-Z Cub - Lowes Paint Codes
Carbon-Z Cub - How to strip paint from CZC
Carbon-Z Cub - Repair broken Rudder Pivot
Carbon-Z Cub - Better ESC - Talon 90
Carbon-Z Cub - Adding new Dubro tail wheel
Carbon-Z Cub - IMP - Simple wing tab fix - IMP
Carbon-Z Cub - Suggested flight times with lipo
Carbon-Z Cub - Fiberglassing wing tips
Carbon-Z Cub - Link to MORGANMILL Lipo holder
Carbon-Z Cub - Mod for better cooling
Carbon-Z Cub - Aluminum spinner part number EFLSP250
Carbon-Z Cub - More info on EFLSP250 Spinner
Carbon-Z Cub - Infalting Dubro tires
Carbon-Z Cub - Prop and Esc questions answered
Carbon-Z Cub - More questions answered
Carbon-Z Cub - Flap and Elev settings - Per Prof100
Carbon-Z Cub - Removing small dents in foam
Carbon-Z Cub - Talon 90 installtion - Per Prof100
Carbon-Z Cub - More power - E-flite Power 60 470kv
Carbon-Z Cub - Power 60 and BL50 use 6MM shaft
Carbon-Z Cub - Screeching motor - Bad solder joint or ESC problem
Carbon-Z Cub - Great Shine - Minwax Polycrylic coating
Carbon-Z Cub - COG 120 MM
Carbon-Z Cub - Add carbon rod to Rear brace for better support
Carbon-Z Cub - Morganmill contraption and Tail gear install
Carbon-Z Cub - Future or Pledge does not discolor with age - Per Prof100
Carbon-Z Cub - Pledge Floor Coating for nice shine
Carbon-Z Cub - Landing gear reinforcement
Carbon-Z Cub - Talon 90 default setting ok to use - per prof100
Carbon-Z Cub - See link to buy Thrust prop washer
Carbon-Z Cub - Setting Esc throttle end points - Per Prof100
Carbon-Z Cub - Rudder rod - Use inner hole - See Post 7925
Carbon-Z Cub - Xoar 15x6 and aluminum spinner
Carbon-Z Cub - Product improvements. Frame hatch opening - Per Prof100
Carbon-Z Cub - Sullivan rear wheel
Carbon-Z Cub - Install .040 washer for Power 60 motor
Carbon-Z Cub - Heat shrink for Landing gear slot
Carbon-Z Cub - VIDEO of CZC Assembly
Carbon-Z Cub - Power 60 (490kv) Use Prop XOAR 17x6
Carbon-Z Cub - Flaps and Elev mix DX9
Carbon-Z Cub - Setting End points with Spektrum TX
Carbon-Z Cub - More on using shrink tubing for landing gear
Carbon-Z Cub - Power 60 and best prop size
Carbon-Z Cub - Robart landing gear
Carbon-Z Cub - Another picture of rear tail setup
Carbon-Z Cub - Robart gear change
Carbon-Z Cub - Which prop size for Speed or Thrust
Carbon-Z Cub - Best setup so far
Carbon-Z Cub - Prof100 setup - good one - Per Prof100
Carbon-Z Cub - PVC carrrier for CZC
Carbon-Z Cub - Heat shrink on landing gear explained
Carbon-Z Cub - Shimming motor for level flight at full throttle
Carbon-Z Cub - Kavan 6 inch wheels - per Prof100
Carbon-Z Cub - Spackle tape and tape recomendations - per Prof100
Carbon-Z Cub - BEC overloading may cause shutdown
Carbon-Z Cub - Aluminum Tab Wing
Carbon-Z Cub - Quiques recommended settings for Servo Travel
Carbon-Z Cub - Cheap way to Stiffen landing gear
Carbon-Z Cub - Installl 60 power motor mount with washers - Per Prof100
Carbon-Z Cub - Power 60 and 16x8 Xoar PJN prop
Carbon-Z Cub - 400 kv motor - 16x8 to fast and 17x8 more like stock speed
Carbon-Z Cub - Prop video -Stock 15x5.5 and APC 15x6 test
Carbon-Z Cub - BNF recommendations - Per Prof100
Carbon-Z Cub - Power 60 470kv and xoar 16x7 prop best for power
Carbon-Z Cub - Use Foam tack to glue plastic to Zfoam
Carbon-Z Cub - Blue wing root transplant
Carbon-Z Cub - Just white primer and enamel paint
Carbon-Z Cub - XOAR 15X6 wood electric props with stock motor
Carbon-Z Cub - Strengthen rear wing struts
Carbon-Z Cub - Cublandinggear - Landing Gear
Carbon-Z Cub - Morgan battery holder install
Carbon-Z Cub - Morgan battary cartridge construction
Carbon-Z Cub - Hitec HS225MG replacement
Carbon-Z Cub - Bolt on Prop adapter
Carbon-Z Cub - 6S 5000 mAh on Pos 8 Morgan Mill
Carbon-Z Cub - Setting throttle end points using Talon 90
Carbon-Z Cub - Nice Carbon Z with Callie Graphics
Carbon-Z Cub - Setting end points using Castle link
Carbon-Z Cub - Motor mount adaptater
Carbon-Z Cub - Glassing CZC
Carbon-Z Cub - Install of a SAFE Rx in an Eflite Carbon Z Cub - RC Groups
Carbon-Z Cub- Flap percentage used
Carbon-Z Cub - Prof100 - Blog - Upgrading or modifying the Carbon Z Cub
Carbon-Z Cub - Prof100 - Upgrading the Carbon Z Cub
Carbon-Z Cub - See Video on 635 programming
Carbon-Z Cub - Spektrum AR635 receiver FAQ
Carbon-Z Cub - Carbon-Z Cub Landing gear
Carbon-Z Cub - New Lipo tray by Morgan RC

Carbon-Z Cub Mods

Don't make the same mistake I made. Use the Talon 90 its much easier to install.
When I bought this plane I wanted to install the Talon 90. My LHS was out of stock so I bought the Castle Creations Edge 100 thinking it should not be a big deal to install it. Wrong !!! This thing was huge ! Luckily Prof100 provided the answer when he enlarged his ESC opening for better air flow. After lots of cutting, I glued popsicle sticks on the left and right edge of the newly formed tunnel, inverted the ESC so that the cooling fins were exposed to air flow and slid the ESC onto the popsicle sticks.

The next problem was how to keep those huge ESC wires away from the motor. I screwed a 1/8 piece of plywood to the firewall and ran the wires through 3 holes. I also cut out some foam in the motor area to allow proper mounting of the cowl.

Now for the hard part. I wanted to use the following prop adapter from E-flite {Prop Adapter: Power 46/52/60 by E-flite (EFLM1934)} just because it was more secure. For this to work I had to make an adapter which extended the motor by 3/8 ". Making a thicker motor mount adapter was the easy part, attaching it and the motor to the firewall almost drove me nuts. I used 4 mmX18mm screws to hold the plywood adapter to the motor and 6-32 screws to mount the whole thing to the firewall. The 6-32 screws have an allen head which I tapered with my Dremel Tool. That was the key to mounting the motor to the fire wall. It took 3 attempts, 2 separate plywood adapters and almost 2 days before I got the proper clearance with the motor and prop. I also had to cut some foam out of the motor cowl so that the motor was not rubbing.

Everything now fits like it belongs but I nearly came close to making a huge mess.
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Dec 22, 2018, 09:29 PM
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Leading Edge on Carbon-Z Cub

Trying a set of leading edge slats off the Flex Cessna 170.

Flight test this weekend providing the rain lets up.

Wish us luck
Aug 29, 2020, 07:30 PM
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So, how did the leading edge slats off the Flex Cessna 170 work?
Sep 02, 2020, 05:52 PM
Carbon Z Cub SS , latest version
I found a very close match for the Orange. I have applied Minwax Polycrylic several weeks ago. Today I applied Krylon Gloss Tangerine KSCS8100. Had an old wing with the orange factory color. Painted a 4 inch wide section over the old orange. After a couple hours it is hard to see any difference between the old and new paint.

Sep 09, 2020, 09:48 AM
Aerodynamically challenged!
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I recently picked up a 1st gen version from an estate sale, all stock. I flew it once and love it but of course several mods are in order. My first priority is different tires. I hate these hard plastic ones and personally think they are too big. What's the general consensus on replacements? I see Dubro has nice rubber ones but they are heavy. I'd like to go down to 4.5" or maybe 5". Thanks!

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