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May 10, 2015, 08:36 AM
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Apprentice S 15e Wing Mod - No More Elastics

Cut plywood 3 to 4.125"x 1.375"
Dry fit to plane and mark the dowel location making sure the marks are just above the rubber band knob.
Drill two .125" holes.

Cut plywood 1 to 5.5"x 2.625" and shape as shown.DONT DRILL HOLES YET.
Draw a line 1"x 5.5" from the bottom. This part fits in the wing.
Cut plywood 2 to 4.125"x 1".

Dry fit plywood 3 to plane.
Place plywood 1 in front of plywood 3.
The drawn line on plywood 1 should align with the top of plywood 3.
Remove both pieces making sure they dont move. If they move start over.
Drill plywood 1 using the existing holes in plywood 3. When done re-drill the holes to the proper dowel diameter.
Epoxy plywood 3 inplace and wait till cured.
Stick an AWL thru the predrilled holes making sure they go below the rod that holds the rubber band knobs.
You can use a drill bit to enlarge the holes to the correct size.
Cut dowels to length and dryfit thru plywood 3.
Place plywood 1 over dowels making sure the pencil line aligns with the top of plywood 3.
If all is ok, epoxy the dowels inplace using 30 min epoxy, then place plywood 1 on the dowels making sure that the drawn line on plywood 1 aligns with the top of plywood 3. Make sure these 2 DO NOTt stick together.

When cured, CA plywood 2 to plywood 1.
Cut an opening in wing to accept plywood 1 and plywood 2 making sure the opposite side of the wing is not cut through.
Do a complete dry fit, connect rubber bands to the wing and inspect for problems if any.
Note: When done correctly plywood 2 should fit directly on top of plywood 3.
Take it all apart.
Apply 30 minute epoxy to the wing and insert plywood 1 and plywood 2. Wipe off any extra epoxy with rubbing alcohol.
Assemble the wing making sure that plywood 2 sits on top of plywood 3.
Attach 4 rubber bands to the wing.
Correct any misallignment issues.
If there are none, let the whole thing sit for the 3-4 hrs.
Now remove the plastic cover.
Drill 4 holes thru the wing, plywood 1 and plywood 2 to accept 2"x .125" SOLID CF rod making sure you do not drill into the main CF spar in the wing.
Epoxy all 4 rods in place.
Glue the plastic cover back on.

Use 30 minute epoxy and hold in place with CA and KICKER while it cures.
I think the picture explains itself.
This part was all trial and error for me.
The last thing to do is drill the 2 mounting holes.
Attach the wing first, then use a small drill bit (.125") to drill through the top of the wing right through to plywood 5. Make sure the drill angle is 90 degrees to the top of wing. Take your time with this step.
Increase the drill size till you have the correct diameter.
Now for the hard part. Epoxy the blind nut without gumming up the threads.
Just coat the threads with petroleum jelly.
After the epoxy has cured, take it all apart and put it together.

See this to finish.
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Nov 05, 2015, 11:21 AM
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Great WIng mod

I really appreciated seeing this modification, your pics and the good detail with your drawings and measurements. Wonderful! Wish I could have seen the INSIDE of your plane after you were done modifying it with this mod.

Nice Job
May 12, 2016, 11:37 AM
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Dangerdan: Very cool. Once I learn how to do things myself and get some tools, this mod is on my list (in my to do mods bookmark folder, specifically). Thanks for clearly outlining how you did it.
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