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Jan 14, 2002, 04:04 PM
Registered User

Problems with RC MicroFlight Subscription

I am attaching the text from an E-mail sent to customer support for RC micro flight. I will post the response when I get it.

I can not access the web site and have called the 1-800-243-6685 for assistance. They are useless and have referred me to this E-mail address for help.

I enter the 15 digit unique ID but get the message: The password/unique ID code that you entered is not valid.

Last Wednesday morning I called the 1-800-243-6685 and set up two subscriptions. One for myself:

I also set up a gift Subscription for:

At that time I was given the Unique ID of: ############### for my access and ############### for the gift access. Neither of these work and have been tried at least daily since last Wednesday. This morning I followed the Account Status link from the Customer Service area of the web site. My account is set up, listed as paid as of January 10th with 11 issues remaining. I was even able to update my E-mail address (which was not asked for when I subscribed over the phone). The web site lists my account ID as ###############. I have tried logging-in with this and it does not work either. So I called the customer support number. I spoke with Jan who was nice but incompetent. She did not know your web site at all, had to go ask for help at least 3 times, putting me on hold each time. She gave me yet another 15 digit code which was ###############. This does not work either. She then told me to go to the web site When I pointed out that this was not a web site, but was an e-mail address it was clear that she didn't know the difference. When you hire a call center to take subscriptions and act as your customer support they should be an invisible extension of your business, I only hope that your real customer support is better than those you have hired.

So, what access codes should I and my gift recipient be using to have access to the web site which is a benefit of the subscriptions I have paid for?

Greg Harvey

CC: E-zone Consumer Advocacy Forum.
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Jan 14, 2002, 10:41 PM
Registered User
mattk17's Avatar
Boy does that sound familar. I know others here at ezone have good luck with their subscriptions but I had horrible customer service with mine. When I signed up, I was assigned a number that didn't work just like you.

After a few days, I called to complain and they gave me a "temporary" number until mine was activated. The temporary number worked for a while and then quit. Called again and another temporary number.

Then there was the SLOWWW delivery of the hard copy of the mag. Mine came about a month late and was torn up. Granted that might have been post office problem but I had enough.

Hope you get your problem resolved but I ended up cancelling my subscription.
Jan 14, 2002, 11:18 PM
eschew obfuscation

Their database must be really screwed up

I can(could) log in using the original 15 digit number they gave, but not with my userid and password. So...I used to have the original postcard that they sent floating around on my desk just for that purpose. I don't know where it is anymore. Emails do not get answered(last one sent Dec 5). I just gave up and considered it money spent for a lesson learned.

BTW, my January hard copy has not arrived.

Has anything interesting been posted on the website in the Dec/Jan issues?
Jan 15, 2002, 12:58 AM
Most Exalted Windbag
IMO, nothing very interesting if you keep up with things on the ezone. IMO, the hard copy isn't worth getting. It's just a black and white version of what's online.

I access mine with the clickable url they sent in the email.

I found it very valuable when I first subscribed last Spring. The article archives are valuable. I believe it's no different than other magazines such as photography. They're worth it for the first year while you're learning, but after that they're just rehashes of the same old same old.

Of course in this hobby things are changing rapidly, but I keep up with that on the zone.


Jan 15, 2002, 01:23 AM
high-speed freak
opualuan's Avatar
ii have had a subscription for about 8 months. when I first got it, I was amazed. all this neat cool stuff! then I started looking around, found the aeronutz, ezone, et all, and find that I read through the articles only to find errors and inconsistencies that show that the author of the article knows less about the subject he's discussing than I do. not good. maybe time to move on.

also met some guys at the flying field discussing rc microflight, one of the guys had a peanut with a cap and kp00 (electric FF, no control, like 5 seconds of flight) and they both thought they were on the cutting edge. good for them, but yikes.

I have also been disapointed in the quality of the b/w hardcopy, it arrives weeks and weeks and weeks after the online version. I dunno, last time I checked magazines came out a month early (should have the feb issue now) but I still don't have the jan issue.
Jan 15, 2002, 09:42 AM
Registered User
Here is the response I got. I've checked both numbers they supplied and they work fine. Seems they know that thier fulfillment service has a few issues.


Sorry to hear of your troubles. We are currently having problems with our subscription fulfillment service Kable News. They are supposed to give you a temporary number to gain access to the web site until we receive the new subscriber list. Lately, the customer service reps do not know to do this. Please use these two temporary numbers for a few weeks until I get the new subscribers into our system.

Thank you
Leo Ficks
Web Developer Air Age Inc.
Model Airplane
Jan 15, 2002, 10:59 AM
eschew obfuscation

new subscribers?

Hmmm...I wonder about old(August) subscribers. Perhaps they'll spin through all of the old emails and come across a few from me.
After scanning the old emails myself, I never got an email with any links, clickable or not.
Feb 04, 2002, 09:38 AM
Registered User


i too had problems with them, issues coming late or not at all but the funny thing was that the renewal card kept comming and i had only gotten 6 issues and i paid for 12 wont happen again! lesson well learned
Feb 04, 2002, 10:59 PM
Registered User
Dorme's Avatar
Here it is February and they haven't come out with this month's issue. A rip off for $29+. I won't be renewing.
Feb 10, 2002, 04:49 PM
R/C Enthusiast
sgil2001's Avatar
I just got a renewal notice. It went right into the garbage can. I get all my eflight information right here now. Ezone rules!!!
Feb 10, 2002, 07:38 PM
Registered User
T_Hartigan's Avatar
I agree with above. I tried there 2 free issues, but I had already read about the stuff on the ezone for free. When they wanted money for 4 pages, I canceled.

Feb 15, 2002, 08:52 AM
Registered User

I've had and continue to have

good service from my subscription. One thing that I especially like about the hard copy, is that I have the plans to refer to, as I want to build the V max Probe, a very interesting design...I plan to renew.

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