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Apr 22, 2015, 07:55 PM
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Basher RZ-4 1/10 Rally Racer - Pre-assembled kit - Review

Basher RZ-4 1/10 Rally Racer

Review clic here
or go post 6 of this thread.

Basher RZ-4 Rally Racer - HobbyKing Product Video (2 min 38 sec)

Name: 56998(8).jpg
Views: 112
Size: 230.9 KB
Description: Name: 56998s(8).jpg
Views: 64
Size: 186.3 KB
Description: Name: 56998s1(8).jpg
Views: 62
Size: 176.1 KB

Name: 56998s2(8).jpg
Views: 103
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Description: Name: 56998s3(8).jpg
Views: 69
Size: 205.9 KB
Description: Name: 56998s4(8).jpg
Views: 79
Size: 140.4 KB

Name: 56998s5(8).jpg
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Description: Name: 56998s6(9).jpg
Views: 96
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Description: Name: 56998s7(2).jpg
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Name: 56998s8(2).jpg
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Description: Name: 56998s9(2).jpg
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Size: 151.2 KB
Description: Name: 56998s10.jpg
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Name: 56998s11(2).jpg
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Size: 80.8 KB


Pre-Assembled Kit :

Name: 57000s7(6).jpg
Views: 297
Size: 95.1 KB
Description: Name: 57000s8(6).jpg
Views: 255
Size: 152.5 KB
Description: Name: 57000s9(6).jpg
Views: 253
Size: 144.4 KB

Name: 57000s10(6).jpg
Views: 231
Size: 144.3 KB

Pre-Assembled Kit EU

Pre-Assembled Kit UK
Pre-Assembled Kit INT

Spares and Options :

Lot of optionals spares

Others shops for spares at bottom of post #6.

Basher RZ-4 1/10 Rally Racer (RTR) When deciding on a new RC car the first question most people ask is whether they want an on-road or off-road car, well why not get a model that does both? This superbly built rally car is based on a race proven touring car with a significantly raised ride height and 2mm aluminium chassis that is just asking to be run on a variety of surfaces. You want to bash on a dirt track? No worries. You want to race your friends around an asphalt special stage course? Not a problem. Snowing outside and feel like a bit of Swedish rally action? Go for it! In fact, like its full scale cousins, the RZ-4 will take to just about any terrain you want to throw at it, even jumps won't phase this car.

Everything about the RZ-4 says quality, from its silky smooth aluminium shocks and whisper quiet drivetrain powered by a tough 3300kV sensorless motor, to the aluminium shock towers and orange anodised bulkheads and hinge pin retainers, to super resilient composite suspension arms, nothing has been left to chance. It even comes with an oil filled rear gear diff and front spool (locked diff) at the front for that point and power-down-action you want from a true performance car.

Even with all this great gear it wouldn't be a performance car if you couldn't modify it so we have a huge range of option parts to go with the RZ-4 so you can tune the tires and wheels, anti-roll bars, steering rack or shock springs to name a few to give you plenty of tinkering options.

Put simply this is one of the best cars we have ever offered, so if rally is your thing or you simply want an all-round scale looking car that you can use pretty much anywhere then the Basher RZ-4 1/10 Rally Racer is for you.

• High quality aluminum chassis/upper deck/shock towers
• Adjustable aluminum shocks
• Aluminum arm mounts included
• Quick change battery system
• Comes with all terrain rally tires
• Belt driven 4WD
• Fully adjustable chassis stiffness/alignment
• Tons of spare and option parts support
• Pre-painted body shell

Length: 365mm
Track width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 260mm
Tire width: Front - 26mm; Rear - 30mm
ESC: 50A brushless sensorless
Motor: 3300KV sensorless brushless
Servo: 3KG

RTR Required :

Battery for transmitter
2S 7.4V Lipoly battery pack
Battery Charger
Buliding tools

ARR Required :

Battery for transmitter
2S 7.4V Lipoly battery pack
2CH radio system
Battery Charger
Buliding tools

Kit Required:
Battery for transmitter
2S 7.4V Lipoly battery pack
2CH radio system
Standard size servo
Battery Charger
Buliding tools
Basher RZ4 Rally racer manual instruction :

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
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Apr 23, 2015, 12:19 AM
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Someone beat you to it:

Though this topic looks a bit more tidy.
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Apr 23, 2015, 06:51 AM
Car Bashing
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Thread OP
Ha yes! I hadn't seen it .
Apr 23, 2015, 10:05 AM
Did I make the A Main?
bill_delong's Avatar
Everyone should also realize that "Pre-Assembled" really means "RTR" or "Ready to Re-assemble"
Apr 23, 2015, 11:47 AM
Car Bashing
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Thread OP
Ready to Re-assemble yes, surely. RTR not really ready to run for the pre-assembled version.

What i see is that this car is less cheap than other hobbyking car. This car is provided with plastic diff. gears and the metal optional diff. gear cost 22$, when the SCT diff. gears are largely cheaper and quite strong. Clear body cost 35$ (when we can find bigger for SCT at cheaper prices). Spares are more expensive than other platform from hobbyking, prices are like more known brands.

It look like team magic E4 RS or xray t4, not a clone but largely inspired. I don't know if this brushed aluminum for chassis plate and shock tower is strong enough for something named "basher", look like basic 5754 AG3 brushed aluminum.

Whatever, it has good look with all this anodised aluminum parts for "basic" version.

EDIT : Discussion here
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May 11, 2015, 06:50 PM
Car Bashing
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Thread OP
Review :

Basher RZ4 is a rebrand of RGT DT2 who is the rally version of RGT R2.

Box design :

Name: box1.jpg
Views: 227
Size: 499.1 KB
Description: Name: box2.jpg
Views: 180
Size: 342.1 KB
Description: Name: box3.jpg
Views: 169
Size: 513.6 KB

Box open :

Name: box open.jpg
Views: 187
Size: 466.8 KB
Description: Name: box chassis.jpg
Views: 315
Size: 286.3 KB

Manual :

Name: manual body part.jpg
Views: 178
Size: 553.0 KB
Description: Name: manual open.jpg
Views: 209
Size: 418.0 KB

Come with a beautiful glazed paper manual with color. Bag for rear wing.

Chassis :

Name: Bottom of the frame.jpg
Views: 281
Size: 286.6 KB

Aluminum look like more clear green than clear grey like on hobbyking photo.
This chassis is very rigid.

Parts :

Aluminum orange parts seems made with 6061T6 as it is wrote on it :

Name: alloy part 6061t6.jpg
Views: 171
Size: 16.3 KB

Wheels :

Tires have hard compound and seems long wear. Uptade : not long wear, after 4 lipo one front wheel is almost slick.

Name: Front wheel.jpg
Views: 212
Size: 95.3 KB
Description: Name: rear wheel.jpg
Views: 192
Size: 128.8 KB
Front : 74mmx26, rear 74mmx30

Update : After few crash 4 wheels cracked.

Shock absorber :

Cute beautiful little shocks

Name: shock2.jpg
Views: 157
Size: 36.2 KB

Don't open yet. Seems well fill with ~500cst. I have seen a oil mark in the box, exactly on the front right wheel.

A-arm axles :

Look like same as spring steel parts in RZ4 spares :

Name: A-arm axle.jpg
Views: 176
Size: 13.7 KB

Wheel axle come with orange aluminum wheel hex :

Name: hex.jpg
Views: 138
Size: 8.8 KB
5mm wide.

Ball bearing have plastic/rubber seal :

Name: ball bearing.jpg
Views: 141
Size: 65.3 KB

Delivered with a spares bag :

Name: box bag.jpg
Views: 202
Size: 206.4 KB

Inside : 2 servo arm with 2 differents hole size, screw for servo and motor fixation, 1 pinion 48P 24T and few screws more (i don't know why it is for)

Gears :

Spur gear 84T 48p, pinion gear 24T 48P.

About the assembly :

Screws : All hex/allen. Mainly 2mm, and 2.5mm and 1.5mm. Screws for diff. are 1.5mm, two was stripped, i have replaced them by din965 screws.

Not a lot to say, it is well assembled. Screws can be tight a little more.
When testing the shock absorber something strange happen, right side gone less down than left.

Name: shock 1.jpg
Views: 213
Size: 156.0 KB
Search the error front and rear right side were same.

I couldn't open the diff. so nothing to say.

Testing :

Set up :

Motor : trackstar 6.5T 5485kv.
ESC : trackstar 120A turbo, blink mode.
Battery : 6000mah 40c zippy.

So his name have rally racer inside, what does a rally car, go everywhere, how it is when we go in dust and gravel?

Gravel test :

• Basher Bsr - RZ4 - Gravel proof or not? • (1 min 11 sec)

Seems nice at beginning, the car is quickly wrong.

Results :
Name: bash1.jpg
Views: 490
Size: 901.4 KB
Description: Name: bash blet.jpg
Views: 554
Size: 129.6 KB
Description: Name: belt gravel.jpg
Views: 515
Size: 53.6 KB
Description: Name: bash pulley.jpg
Views: 530
Size: 45.8 KB

If one gravel go between rear pulley and chassis result is horrible.

And spur gear don't like too :

Name: Spur gear 1.jpg
Views: 517
Size: 37.3 KB

It was sure in advance that would finish like this.

Here a review from Hirosaka website : (japanese language)

OnRoad test :

• Basher Bsr - RZ4 - Onroad test 1 • (1 min 48 sec)

• Basher Bsr - RZ4 - Onroad test 2 • (2 min 3 sec)

• Basher Bsr - RZ4 - Onroad test 3 • (1 min 5 sec)

I will do more videos as i had problem with those i done and video software, i had more than 20minutes and more fun things, but focal issue and image was blur .

Results :

Body not so strong and break easily :

Name: body front bash.jpg
Views: 365
Size: 496.7 KB
Description: Name: Body side bash.jpg
Views: 307
Size: 229.8 KB
Seem more PCV plastic than lexan.

No servo saver so servo's arm have stripped :

Name: servo arm destroy.jpg
Views: 287
Size: 37.3 KB
Fortunately my servo was strong enough and didn't break.

Conclusions :

Weight with electronic without battery : 1180gr.

Pros :

- Strong alloy chassis.
- Good platform with accurate steering.
- Sold with alloy parts.
- Lot of upgrade parts, but like it is, it is very nice already.
- Compatible with others brands parts, Xray T4, CSO, Spec-R....

Cons :

- Weak body.
- Front tires touch body when we brake that strip paint.
- No servo saver
- Front cvd chattering
- No djc available
- Diff. tend to leak with low cst oil.
- Called rally car but mostly onroad car, avoid surface with sand and gravel.

For the only little run i done i like this car. It is fun to drive it and it go really fast. My motor don't heat too much so i can put bigger motor pinion to go faster. Tires have not too bad grip who permit to do drift (when know how to drift also ^^ ). Even with higher ground clearance the car is quite stable. Torsion bar should be a good upgrade.

ValiantGLX review here

RGT Hobby facebook

RGT/Basher Spares :

Hobbyking HongKong.
Aircraft-world Japan.
Hirosaka Japan only.
Orangoutan-rc Malaysia.
Team Powers UK.
Conrad Europe. (drift version, aluminum red anodised only)
NitroRCX US. (very expensive shpping cost for EU customers)
Superior Hobbies US.

Other RGT Hobbies chassis brands :

- Team Energy : X10DR/TC = RGT R2. Sold by NitroRCX.
- Basher : RZ4 = RGT DT2. Sold by HobbyKing
- Reely : RD 01 Evo = RGT R2 drift spec. Sold by Conrad.

RGT R2 Pdf editable blank setup sheet :

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May 12, 2015, 05:57 AM
Fan of just about anything RC
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Rally Car for clean swept rally track.

Pretty odd to skimp on using a servo saver. Good thing it didn't cost you a servo. You could consider using a Kimbrough medium saver, that mounts on the servo, replacing the stock horn, and has no slop.
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May 12, 2015, 07:10 AM
Car Bashing
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Thread OP
Rally Car for clean swept rally track

Absolutely not a rally car, we could see that before testing, but a tc street basher i think but surely not sidewalk edge proof at fast speed

Maybe by build a lexan protection, but quite complexe, or find a body that cover only chassis to avoid anything going on. Mold a lexan plate directly on the car? , why not, with electronic on for sure .

Pretty odd to skimp on using a servo saver.
For a tc car maybe not, it seems that rgt don't sell one with them chassis too. But i have talked about that before bought it, for a rally car, no servo saver, strange.

You could consider using a Kimbrough medium saver
I was thinking about tamiya high torque servo saver, you know it?
May 12, 2015, 07:55 AM
Fan of just about anything RC
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Originally Posted by Jym73 View Post
I was thinking about tamiya high torque servo saver, you know it?

No direct experience with those. I do have a couple of Kimbrough ones, with pre drilled holes, and without. In all cases slop in steering was much reduced when using this instead of a stock saver.
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May 12, 2015, 08:53 AM
Car Bashing
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Thread OP
Thks. I will try tamiya i think as they are cheaper but better than stock who are on most tamiya car. I have fit my Egress servo saver on rz4 , quite hard ring and no slop, i didn't seen that this servo saver was differents than other tamiya car also.
May 12, 2015, 11:21 AM
Fan of just about anything RC
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I doubt if Tamiya is cheaper than Kimbrough, as Tamiya is one of the more expensive brands. But sounds like that Egress saver works fine too.
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May 12, 2015, 11:29 AM
Car Bashing
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Thread OP
On rcmart tamiya high torque is cheaper than kimbrough. Yes, tamiya is generaly more expensive.
May 12, 2015, 07:22 PM
Car Bashing
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Thread OP
After done a test with my Egress servo saver it was horrible, i prefer have no servo than this tamiya. So i think i will try kimbrough
May 13, 2015, 03:34 PM
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Thread OP
I have bought this car for have something who go fast, very fast. So i made some adjustement :

I added a home made tensioner :

Name: belt tensioner 1.jpg
Views: 308
Size: 104.6 KB
Description: Name: belt tensioner 2.jpg
Views: 252
Size: 35.9 KB
Heavy Weight Ugly Tensioner so a HWUT©

I put less ground clearance (i see that it isn't prefectly adjusted ):

Name: ground clearance.jpg
Views: 253
Size: 225.2 KB

And change motor pinion for 30T :

Name: motor pinion 30T.jpg
Views: 280
Size: 202.9 KB

The car still have lot of torque.

Now i understand all the difficulty to reach very fast speed :

Name: crash 1.jpg
Views: 267
Size: 599.2 KB
Description: Name: crash 2.jpg
Views: 281
Size: 609.6 KB
Description: Name: crash 3.jpg
Views: 257
Size: 292.1 KB
Name: crash 4.jpg
Views: 228
Size: 108.4 KB
Description: Name: crash 5.jpg
Views: 215
Size: 200.3 KB

If you watch the onroad videos above you can see manhole cover maybe. With less ground clearance damper's spring are compressed and harder and mainly the car can't drive on same obstacle. So when the car meet the hole made by the manhole it automaticaly made a very quick jump and rolling by touching front end, back end, front end, back end, and so on, during almost 4 seconds who is very long, and was hard. Two time that crash and it finish to break.

That happen without body because wheels ballooning at fast speed, more with 30T motor pinion, and touch the body (with less ground clearance it is worst) who make it turn lower on a side and make the car turn, and turn very fast...and crash. So i decided to make test without body, who honestly is more and more cracked because i have crashed the car a lot already.

If you look the photo, servo is in center position, still not broken, but servo's arm (a new one) don't like the crash too.

Conclusion :

- Need wheels and tires for reach high speed.
- Need adjustement tools to be accurate.
- Strong and accurate servo saver.
- Put heavier weight oil diff.
- Maybe swaybar, but i m not sure.
- Track without obstacle.
- Better driver.

I'm quite happy because my belt tensioner do the job and resist to the crash

But for now i will open a RAM to make work warranty (i m sure it will not work because i didn't use it in rally condition )

I don't now why, really why, i have bought a 4.5T 7330kv motor , ho, i remember, it was brand new sold in classified ad for ~19$ shipping include.

And i still don't know at what speed go the car...
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Jun 02, 2015, 03:54 AM
Car Bashing
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Thread OP

Xray T4.2015 a-arm

Few photos to compare bsr (rgt) a-arm to xray t4.2015 a-arm :

Name: bras tous.jpg
Views: 185
Size: 311.5 KB
Description: Name: bras tous 1.jpg
Views: 153
Size: 360.7 KB
Description: Name: bras tous 2.jpg
Views: 166
Size: 403.9 KB

Name: bras tous 3.jpg
Views: 166
Size: 119.1 KB
Description: Name: xray t4 front mounted.jpg
Views: 164
Size: 90.4 KB

C hub is a little bit tighten in the plastic a-arm but it is ok. I have filed front a-arm to fit it on pivot, i removed ~0.4mm from 32.2mm to 31.8mm and i removed the original washers.

Plastic is really harder than original rz4 a-arm. I can't talk about differences when i drove it. I test front a-arm only for the moment.

I received new cheap wheels from ebay :

Name: ebay wheels.jpg
Views: 227
Size: 227.4 KB
Austra racing pirelli. 69mm measured with caliper. I don't test it yet.

And the kimbrough servo saver :

Name: kimbrough.jpg
Views: 234
Size: 247.4 KB
It work perfectly.

I have tested the 4.5T motor. Seller wasn't very honest, he sold it as new but it wasn't. I feel not extraordinnary différences with 6.5T motor.
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