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Jun 07, 2004, 02:18 AM
X-Era Motors
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need FAQ for castle!

I hope I'm not stepping on any toes, but I think Patrick or Shawn should set up an FAQ. So next time someone asks a question, they can be pointed to the FAQ instead of having to type out individual answers. I realize there's one on, but it doesn't answer many of the questions I've seen posted here. Some questions I've seen over and over again are....

-how hot is too hot?
-is the current rating for full throttle or partial?
-how many lipo's should I use to be under the voltage limit?
-is going slightly over the voltage limit as bad as going over the amperage limit?
-is there an advantage to high voltage systems?
-can I use the BEC's from two controllers at the same time?
-can I run two motors with one controller?
-can I run two controllers on one motor?
-how can I tell if I can program my controller?
-can I add capacitors?
-what is soft start exactly?
-can I extend motor wires?
-can I extend battery wires?
-Which controller do I have (include pictures of ALL controllers Castle has made)
-what's the diffrence between the different generatios of controllers?
-is the astro controller made by castle? how is it different?
-can sensored motors be run with sensorless controllers?
-can sensorless motors run on sensored controllers?
-what is sensorless, and how does it work (overexplaining this would be good)
-does pheonix link work with Mamba?
-what motors can I use with the Mamba?
-are you going to make a high voltage ESC in the future?
-are you going to make a higher amperage controller for LMR, etc
-is there reverse voltage protection on your ESC's?
-why should I buy a Castle speed control over the European designs?
-are your controllers rated correctly? they're so tiny!!

I'm sure I left something out, so fill me in.

David Bloomfield
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Jun 07, 2004, 06:16 AM
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CC puts a lot of effort in supporting individuals and replying to individual questions, which is great and appreciated by many people. However, I also have been wondering why the answers to the most common questions are not put on the FAQ. I see many advantages:

-Faster access to almost unavoidable questions like “which timing advance to use”

-as knowledge base, even for people who know a specific issue has been discussed in the past. Suppose I have an unexpected cut-off. It has been discussed often, but where do I start to narrow down the problem?

-when common questions appear in this newgroup, many people are happy to help. Also this is great, but, IMHO, there is always a chance that the reproduced answers are less accurate

-less trivial support work for CC

Jun 08, 2004, 06:05 PM
Schumacher USA
Hi Guys,

An expansive FAQ is in the works, but stalled from lack of time right now. When we find our new support person, I'll be freed up for a lot of those projects finally.