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Jan 12, 2021, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Zbip57

I think I can see why the wife wanted you out of the house.
mmmm I've still not fully moved all model stuff yet !!!
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Apr 03, 2021, 02:59 PM
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hello guys, hope you are all fine, something very terrible has just happened withme on one of my p3pro , as usual i was making my monthly check of my 3 pro and its batteries, i just flew a couple of times this winter, i remembered that i had 2 batteries left with almost half or so charge since a month, so i thought of flying each battery indoor for say a minute or so to keep it to some 30% that i keep my bats for storage, i plugged one in, its not anew battery i think it has some 80 or so cycles , i turned the p3p on every thing is just fine , i took off to hover at 1m it is a bit cold so am used to see warning of low battery (even with new p3p batteries until they warm up) so i was ready to get a warning that bat critically low landing where i always increase throttle to hover then change to atti then back to p-atti and things will go fine, but this time for the first time in over three years with p3pros ( this particular p3p is with me for some 20 flies so far), the p3 gave a battery waring in a second it turned off and felt to ground i took out the battery it was firm in place!! checked it it gave same level two lights !! plugged it back in and turned the p3p it turned on normally, there was no damage to any thing,,, i was using a gl300A on fw 1.6 so i wanted to fly again with the same battery but this time i binded the p3p tp a gl300B on fw 1.8 i always trusted this tx cause i had it for a long time. i took off and just the same half a minute or so into flight the p3p turned dead off and fell to ground....
i was frightened to death i flew the p3p for years every where even over people , i never thought this may ever happen!! any way no damage so i checked the connectors wires every thing seems fine! i charged this battery and another 2 , i flew the 3 batteries to 10% indoor at same spot for maybe 14 min each with no issues!!!!!???? (with the same gl300B)
first what is the explanation of what happened??
i recall that a fw version on p3p or its gl300 had fixed the falling from sky issue long ago does any one know that story exactly.
second a question arrised about the battery fw its self, my batteries are from here and there i never updated them , so some make the fw of p3p when checked in app give fw 1.10.9+.. but i always ignore that does the battery fw has a version that shuts down like that???? is the bat fw related???
by the way what is the minimal voltage the p3p board or esc shut down at???
i will post the flight log but should i get the one from app or the one from the p3p its self??
Apr 03, 2021, 04:13 PM
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it seems the .dat files are a bit big to attach here , are the text files from app enough?
Apr 03, 2021, 09:48 PM
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I'm not sure about all your firmware questions. But, it is extremely risky to use a pack that has been stored at ~50 % for some months and pop it in and fly. I would suggest not using that workflow. 50% is fine for storage. If you want to store at 30% instead, charge it to full and then fly it down to 30%. Don't store if for some time and then try to fly with it, even if just hovering.
Apr 04, 2021, 03:25 AM
Youtube channel : solentlifeuk
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NEVER fly on low battery .................

OK maybe GROUND test without take-off .......... but never fly.

We are lucky with these batterys .. we can charge up fully for checks / tests etc. and then put aside and let auto-storage look after the discharge to storage. Unlike normal LiPo's where after a test - you'd need to do storage yourself.
Apr 10, 2021, 12:29 AM
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hello guys i gave a friend one of my spare gl300A i have and took his non working gl300 B, the gl300B can bind to the p3p and even fly it but cannot talk to app , i opened the gl300B trying to check it. i was surprised that its usb port is not the one for gl300B !it is the one for gl300A, it includes the dm365!!!

my first question are the two usb board types among the two interchangeable?? i mean can you simply put the gl300A usb board on a gl 300B and it works normally and vice versa????
Apr 10, 2021, 10:15 AM
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i discovered from my own experience so far that the usb communication boards on back of gl300 A and gl300b are not interchangeable! the flat cables on the gl300A and Gl300B that connect the main board of the transmitter to the usb board on the back seem a bit different and i dont advice trying to use them interchangeably , when i become sure 100% of the consequences i will post it! but it may cause the usb board on back to become brick and need flashing in some cases.
Old May 19, 2021, 02:18 AM
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May 19, 2021, 02:30 AM
Youtube channel : solentlifeuk
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Well my P3Pro is now going to spend less time in the air ...

CV19 has been a disaster in terms of travelling around to different sites ... but now CAA has expanded / increased the restrictions on areas.

My house and adjacent river were until recently still flyable - but with limited altitude etc. due to proximity of Ventspils Airport. Now its a complete Red Zone over my house and adjacent river. So no more nip out and grab quick videos of life on the river etc.

Its actually hit more than that as close to me is an area that I could fly fixed wing - but now that's Red Zone ....
May 19, 2021, 09:14 AM
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I finally took delivery of a used ebay Phantom 3 Pro, and now wish I'd abided by a less is more philosophy and bought a Phantom 3 Standard instead. The drone flies ok, and of course offers 4K video, BUT, for a Litchi autoflight user like me, the battery life of the P3Pro left a lot to be desired.

I sent the drone off on a 20-minute Litchi mission, thinking that even if the batteries it came with weren't quite up to par, I'd still get at least 20 minutes of flight time out of the drone's theoretical 23-minute battery duration, but to my dismay, the drone did an auto RTH and landed back home with 15% battery remaining, after a piddling 15 minutes aloft.

I know the P3P has a few bells and whistles like collision avoidance, but since I never fly the drone in close proximity to the ground or any structures, that extra tech is just dead weight that reduces battery life.

I don't regret buying this Phantom 3 Pro, and will only need to ensure that I keep its flights shorter than 15 minutes, but if I ever need another replacement drone in the event of a future mishap, I will stay loyal to the tried and tested underdog, the Phantom 3 Standard, with its generous 25-minute battery life.
May 19, 2021, 09:36 AM
Youtube channel : solentlifeuk
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I have both STD and PRO ............. both have near identical battery life.

Hover Hound ........... I have never - even in still calm conditions never seen flight times over 20mins .... in fact at 18mins - I'm literally landed. I have settings 30% warning 10% Land ... as per default.

I would never trust an auto flight over 15 mins anyway ... even with new batterys.

With deepest respect - I think you were over optimistic especially on a 2nd hand purchase battery's ...

DJI claim to mid 25 mins duration - I have never considered practical .... it has no account for any conditions or flight style.
May 19, 2021, 10:03 AM
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Please forgive me for indulging in a brief boast here today, SolentLife. I did push my now departed Phantom 3 Standard past 20 minutes on quite a few occasions when I sent it out on Litchi missions that stretched as far as 6.1 miles round trip. Here is the flight log to prove it. Replaced it with an identical model, and I still find myself pushing the duration envelope now and then, though not on a daily basis as I did with the first P3S.

That first Phantom 3 Standard finally dropped like a rock on its return from such a marathon mission at dusk one day, having covered over 1,200 miles total by the time it was claimed by gravity. Never did figure out why that happened, but it may well have been the result of too many landings at 15% battery.
May 19, 2021, 06:58 PM
What goes up, hopefully lands!
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Originally Posted by Hover Hound

I know the P3P has a few bells and whistles like collision avoidance, but since I never fly the drone in close proximity to the ground or any structures, that extra tech is just dead weight that reduces battery life.

I don't regret buying this Phantom 3 Pro, and will only need to ensure that I keep its flights shorter than 15 minutes, but if I ever need another replacement drone in the event of a future mishap, I will stay loyal to the tried and tested underdog, the Phantom 3 Standard, with its generous 25-minute battery life.
The P3P has no collision avoidance, It has a few upgrades to this and that, one big one being Light Bridge transmission. DJI made the P3S as a budget/starter drone...that was some months after the P3P/A were out. I have to concur with solentlife...All reports back when these crafts were first made were battery life was within a minute or so. I have had 20-21 minute flights with my P3P but I don't like to stress my batteries. DJI over the years has always stated a flight time of 25 minutes for the "S" and 23 minutes for the P3P, in all the real world flying you can just take 5 minutes off the stated flight time of about all DJI specs.

What batteries are you using now with the P3P? If they are a few years old may explain shorter flight times...perhaps get some new (Third Party) ones off of FleaBay or something and try some fresh packs?
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May 19, 2021, 11:58 PM
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I'm going to follow your advice, Repaid1, and buy a couple of new batteries for the P3P. I think there is a way to find out the number of charge cycles using the Air Data UAV equipment page, so I'll look into that in the meantime before the new batteries arrive.

Hearing that the P3P ought to be capable of similar flight times to the P3S is good news for sure, so it is well worth picking up a couple of extra batteries brand new. The ones shipped with the P3P may also have degraded due to the length of time they were in transit to me, which was a whopping 5 months. It is a small miracle that they charged up at all after that length of time unattended.

Also, I'm going back to trim back the flight times of my Litchi Missions Hub flight plans so as to reduce their flight times in order to put a bit less stress on the batteries, which might have been a factor that led to the battery shutting down mid-flight with my first P3S. These words of wisdom are appreciated as always, sirs.
May 20, 2021, 12:07 AM
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hello. I have a p3p with a gl300b controller. I have been wanting to downgrade both. I have been successful downgrading the AC but not the controller.

Using both android and IOS app, I have been attempting the "long press" method (hamburger menu in the top right corner of the app). I get the option to choose all past version of the RC firmware. Everything downloads and installs as expected. At the very end of the flash, the controller led turns green and the app instruction say the controller must restart.

The issue is once I restart the controller, it immediately blinks red and beebs. Nothing fixes that and it will not connect (even with the correct version to match the AC). I have tried all versions of the RC software. Same result. However, when the latest version is installed (1.9.2) all returns to normal (get a connection and can arm motors)

So my question is if anyone has had a similar problem when trying to downgrade the RC and how it was accomplished? Perhaps a different way to flash the gl300b other than the app.

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