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Mar 23, 2015, 12:10 PM
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Team DELAWARE - International Drone Day EVENT March 29, 2015!




MARCH 29, 2015 at 8am-7pm

Come join us for this premiere event highlighting the latest advances in drone technology! Skygear Solutions, Inc. has been chosen to represent Delaware for the first annual International Drone Day.

"Team Delaware" is one of over 130 groups across 40 nations throughout the world that are coming together on this one day to educate the public about the positive ways in which “drones” can be used to benefit society. The chosen mantra, “Drones are Good!” is the driving theme behind this event.

In recent years, the use of the term "drone" in the media has created an imagery of killing machines and spying devices. This is the exact connotation that the creators and hosts of this event would love to change. Team Delaware intends to publicly demonstrate many of the great applications for this technology through activities and competitions during International Drone Day. Some societal benefits include: Search And Rescue operations, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, Environmental Research, Conservation & Preservation efforts, Agriculture, Sports Media Coverage, Photography, Cinematography, and more.

Key points:
Our goal is to educate the public that “drones are good” by highlighting their positive applications
130 international teams taking part worldwide in 40 countries
Skygear Solutions, Inc. has been chosen to represent Delaware
In North America, there are 50 teams in 30 states; event headquarters is in Las Vegas, NV
All events are open to the press and public, no admission required (other than park entry fees)

International Drone day was founded by: David Oneal and Sarah Oneal, online personalities of “That Drone Show” and directors and producers of the forthcoming documentary “The Drone Invasion” (

The event host, Skygear Solutions, is a Delaware based corporation which offers drone sales and service along with flight training and education within the industry.

Some other notable businesses and organizations expected in attendance are: Will Webber Homes, Air View Films, Radio Newark, Mid Atlantic FPV Society, Squatch Creative, Sky Jack Pics, Zenith Filmworks, Harmony Drones, Drone Service Systems, and "That Drone News."

The Team Delaware event will include:

Competitive First Person View (FPV) drone racing - ridiculously fun 3 dimensional adrenaline rush

Search and Rescue Competition - demonstrating the effectiveness of drones to find missing persons

Failsafe / Return to Home Competition - showing the GPS capabilities of drones to safely return

Drone Obstacle Course - allowing operators to show off their piloting and navigation skills

3D Aerobatic Flight Demonstration - highly experienced "trick" pilots push the max with their drones

A presentation on personal safety and ensuring the safety of others and surrounding property

A presentation on the current legal trends in the drone industry and the latest FAA news

Distributed information regarding the Know Before You Fly campaign and general awareness

Distributed information regarding the Academy of Modeling Aeronautics and local AMA clubs

One-on-one interviews for news media available, along with designated parking for media vehicles.

Press Contact information
Local contact: Daniel Herbert, Founder and CEO, Skygear Solutions, Inc.
Email [email protected]
Telephone (302) 200-7223

Event address:
Brandywine Creek State Park
47 Adams Dam Road
Wilmington, DE 19807

Event time: 8:00am-7:00pm
Facebook Event:
Web Address:
Twitter: @skygear2014
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Mar 25, 2015, 11:20 AM
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Don't miss this!
Mar 28, 2015, 09:35 AM
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Just found out about this and was considering driving down for the day from NY.

You state third party insurance, will you have that information on site or can you post it here? Many of us who intend to drive down for the day are worried about the potential of any incident and we need to be sure we are covered.

We have flown at Flite Test event and they provided their insurance info beforehand so hopefully you can do the same.

Quadflyer1, Quadflyer2, and Quadflyer3
Mar 28, 2015, 09:56 AM
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Yes, the event is covered by a policy which gives coverage for $2M per occurrence and with a $3M aggregate. Documents will be available on site for viewing.

Hope to see you there!
Mar 29, 2015, 06:21 PM
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i took the drive from manhattan

it was great to see so many flyers it was very cold but it was my first drone eventn
had a great time can this be done in the summer
Mar 30, 2015, 01:02 PM
Team AlienWarpSquad
How did the Event go?
Mar 30, 2015, 07:42 PM
FPV is not a Crime
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K, I'll throw a few pics up, though I was too busy chatting and watching the awesome flying to take many. Had a real good time, saw a lot of awesome setups, and met some really cool people. Will definitely attend again.
Apr 01, 2015, 01:15 AM
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Thanks guys! I'm very glad that so many people came out to participate or to watch! (TOTAL count = 312!)

I am still recovering and unpacking - but soon, I'll drop some photos and videos here also.

We will DEFINITELY be setting up another even BIGGER event around mid-summer so keep an eye out for it!
Apr 02, 2015, 07:25 AM
Let me bind it for you.
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Here is a video from some of the activities of the day and a look at the flying area.


Team Delaware International Drone Day (6 min 7 sec)
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Apr 06, 2015, 06:30 AM
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International Drone Day (Kiev, Ukraine 22.03.15)
International Drone Day (Kiev, Ukraine 22.03.15) (21 min 33 sec)

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