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Mar 22, 2015, 08:51 PM
Resistance is futile
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Thread OP

Something nice? Not anymore!

Hello everyone... This blog is going to be a small rant. I apologize up front if this offends anyone.

3 weeks ago I finally got a new car. I have needed one for so many years. My job requires me to use my personal vehicle to drive to people's homes so I can measure for new flooring. I am required to park on the edge of the street in front of my client's homes. 5 days ago I came out of a measure to my car and found I could not open the drivers door. There was a HUGE dent in the fender directly in front of the drivers door. No note, no car, no way of knowing who did this.
I informed the owner of the house I did the measure in, of what had happened and he told me it was the guy who lives across the street.
I called the police and had to wait 45 minutes for them to show up. A police report was done and the hitter still had not returned home.

The officer returned to the suspects house the next morning and verified he was the one who had done the damage. I only had the car for three weeks! The officer told me that the man is 89 years old and can barely walk and has trouble seeing and hearing. I am wondering how a person with all those problems could still be allowed to drive ???

The officer charged the man with felony hit and run since he did not leave a note and fled the scene of the accident. The man calls me directly and can't stop apologizing. He asks me to NOT go through his insurance. He wants to pay me direct. He then tells me that he has had 2 other "accidents" in the same year and all have happened while backing out of his driveway.

I explain to him that I have already filed a claim with MY insurance company and am waiting for the police report to give to them. There is a very good chance that he will get his license revoked and there probably won't be any insurance company that will cover him after this.

I am wondering why people of this age are not required to have vision, hearing, and driving tests every year? These type of "accidents" increase insurance rates for everyone. The truth is that most of these are completely AVOIDABLE by not allowing impaired people to drive in the first place.

OK....That's MY rant. Although my car wasn't a brand new car, it was new to me and it looked and drives like a new car. If you agree that people who are over 70 should be required to have vision, hearing and driving tests every year, please comment. I hope I am not being disrespectful. I believe it is more than just protecting other drivers, the elderly driver's life is at risk also. Agree? or disagree?

The pictures below are the car BEFORE it was hit.
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Mar 22, 2015, 09:29 PM
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WELL...where does one start ? Hummmm......

I understand your rant completely...Yes there are people who really should not be driving, BUT the issue is many of them HAVE is their independence .

Many do not have family and or friends to help them. I am old myself, and the day will come when i may not be able to drive, and in fact you will one day be one of them as well.

Hopefully you will have family and or friends to help when you need to go somewhere, but as I know many who do, still get no help from them when they really need it...why so many elderly people still do what they have to to survive.....

When one does not know what it is like to have to depend on someone, it is not the same saying you do...until it is you waiting for hours for the promise ride to the store or a Doctors appointment, you missed a couple hours ago....or be bed ridden and have to have others help you.....

Old folks are not as patient as they were when they were becomes even shorter...things that were a normal , become a torment and such a stressful event...just like backing out of the this Gentleman has to do........

leaving a note probably never entered his mind he had to get where he was going ( one track mind ability )...he would have dealt with the fender bender when it occurred to him, maybe the next day perhaps.

maybe be proactive and find out if he has family or a care giver to help him......

As i am older i also have neighbors who are far older than me, I help as often as I can..even tho they have family there with them.....I still have to help with many has to be understanding as well as upset when things like this happen.

There are many sides to a story as well as an event......Remember that...........cause one day it will be you setting where that gentleman is now.

my 2 cents, for what it's worth .
Mar 23, 2015, 10:58 AM
Pronoun trouble...
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DO go through your insurance. DO NOT accept an offer to have it paid outside the insurance.

I had a hit-and-run situation almost exactly like the one you described. Six-month-old car. The only car which could have done it was a Jaguar with a distinctive personalized plate. Called the cops, yup. Some rich b***h in a country club who'd done this before and whose license was on the verge of suspension.

So, I agreed to have them fix it. Worst agreement I'd ever made; no good deed goes unpunished. After I got some estimates, the SOB husband tried to tell me how much he'd pay and where to take the car. It wound up at the body shop of a former coworker of mine who did such a horrific job of fixing it that I almost started punching people out. Then, that same SOB whose dingbat wife hit the car said he wouldn't pay because the actual cost ran over the estimate!

I threatened lawsuits all around (scared the h**l out of the country club moron which is a story in and of itself) and the car was repaired to my satisfaction by the owner of the shop.

Moral of the story: Use the insurance. If the man cannot see or hear, he shouldn't be driving. I love to drive, but God forbid if I should ever find myself in a similar situation years from now, I'll give up the license.
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Mar 23, 2015, 11:50 AM
Waste Nothing
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When I lived in Calgary many years ago , I used to see an insurance broker for obtaining my auto insurance . She informed me as to this very condition whereby drivers who had more than 2 'at fault' accidents a year were given FACILITIES claused policies . Alberta even went so far as to issue special license plates that began with the letter 'A' for these operators . One would have to cinch up his chinstrap on his crash helmet and grind own on the $250 deductible policy in his teeth when encountering an A-Plate in traffic .

I later found out thru experience that driving a 'beater' every day was the way to go in that people driving the NEW vehicles would get out of your way in a hurry , especially while driving the freeways .

Definately go thru the insurance agent !
Mar 23, 2015, 05:33 PM
Fly,Crash, Burn,Fix, repeat
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I look at it like this. What if it was a child on his bike he just ran over? We are all going to get to that day. And yes it is not going to be easy to give up our privilege, but is having our privilege not taken away worth the life of someone else.

Mar 23, 2015, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Gravythe Clown
I look at it like this. What if it was a child on his bike he just ran over? We are all going to get to that day. And yes it is not going to be easy to give up our privilege, but is having our privilege not taken away worth the life of someone else.

so when you are starving and or in need of medical attention and NO ONE is around to help or will...and the only way is drive yourself...what would you do ?

yes I know everyone has to stop driving if they live long enough and they should when it becomes a danger, maybe this gentleman should to....BUT how hard is it to find out if he needs help or has family ?

And again if you have never been in the position so many elderly have been and many are really do not know just what so many of them have to deal with and the needs they have...and worse many have no family and or the family who cares enough to help them.....believe me, that makes a Huge Difference !!
Mar 24, 2015, 10:48 AM
Bellanca Kruesair
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I'm 74 years old, and I'm renewing my Driver's License in April...I have no violations, I have two cars,and I pull a utility trailer to do odd jobs around my community.

The first time I nearly backed into some one from my drive way onto the road, I practiced backing into my I can put the Minivan and the trailer exactly where it needs to be, using only the side mirrors.I only park in a position to go forward, when leaving anywhere.

My 80 year old brother drives a Milk truck and trailer in Oklahoma, and has never had a 'close call' picking up fresh milk from farms and delivering it to the processing facility.My only other brother gave up his license at 77 , because, as he put it "I'm the worst driver I've ever seen".....He didn't have accidents, but he could have...he simply forgot where he was more often than not, and bought a house in town where he could walk for supplies.

Don't judge all drivers by a few.....and don't park where that guy can get you again... HE's dangerous......
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Mar 24, 2015, 11:01 AM
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Epoxy, He wasnt saying their too old, take the license away, he was saying that at an older age, there should be Yearly Checks due to the "It all goes downhill from here" effect. I think a yearly check after 70 is a good idea not so much to take the License away but just to make sure said driver is safe and others are safe from that driver. In your case and your 80 year old brothers case you wouldnt be losing your license as you can both drive better then me lol
Mar 27, 2015, 02:44 AM
Po' boys does w/ Po'boys ways
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as we are are all individual

Yes, it is most unfortunate that BAD things happen to GOOD people! especially when you have strived hard to better ones needs, as the "youngest" member of a household of us old timers club it is apparent our skills /attitudes to other drivers is fore front ,yet we often disregard our own faults to the "other's",.. AND a lot of the "other" drivers should share their blame but don't because they are younger,... HERE most of the wrecks are cased by an "attitude' of younger drivers with the disease not of old age, but of "ME FIRST" syndrom, I gotta get in front of these slow cars only to advance maybe 2 or 3 cars ahead of you @ the next stop light!!,what did they gain by being a disrespectful and arrogant operator??, I hope "Pearl" comes back to give you many GOOD years of service !!, sorry to hijack your blog for my own "rants",...Good luck n glad you weren't hurt in the incident!!
Mar 27, 2015, 04:37 AM
Bellanca Kruesair
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Kenwhite 23....I'm glad that you're aware that not every one fits into the "Unfit driver" age's kinda like "A 70 year old driver hit my car, so they must be all bad.!".

The OP could just as well have said "A careless driver hit my car, and didn't stay at the scene."

I witnessed a fatal accident recently, where I saw a mid-forty's driver, upset by a traffic delay, decide to pass every one on the shoulder, at high (and I mean High) speed......he lost control and veered off the road, then came back onto the pavement , striking another car head-on.
I don't blame ALL forty- something drivers, just that one.....
By the by, I just renewed my Driver's license for five more years-new glasses, had the car safety inspected,(not necessary) just for my own satisfaction...37 year old Malibu passed 100%, with a caution that the right front shock absorber had an oil stain around the shaft.
While we're here, I live alone, and I'm aware that driving is a privilege..I'll do what I can to deserve it....(74 in two weeks, no violations)- just sayin'
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Mar 28, 2015, 08:06 PM
Resistance is futile
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Thread OP
Thanks for all the comments everyone. Just to be clear, I have no ill will toward any age groups. Where I live, there is a very high concentration of elderly people and there is a definite correlation to age and the ability to see, hear, and have sufficient reaction times to successfully drive an automobile with other drivers.
I did not intend to "stereotype" anyone. I was merely observing that THIS particular driver had to completely cross the street and drive 2 car lengths backwards, on the street, to hit my vehicle where it was parked. All the neighbors told me that this man cannot see well, is nearly deaf, and has trouble walking.
The not seeing well and not hearing is what caught my attention. MOST drivers could hear the crunching and bending of the metal and know that something is wrong. He claims to have not heard or seen anything when it happened and therefore did not stop.
I heard a noise while inside a home doing my job, but I assumed it was a garbage truck or some other public utility doing their work. The fact that I could hear the accident as it happened and was 4 times further away, inside a closed house, tells me that HE should have been able to hear it as well.
I know that we all will grow old and have our shortcomings, but when you have 3 accidents in 8 months time, AND all 3 happened while backing out of your driveway, it would seem to indicate it is time to relinquish your driving privileges.
Most of us will not give up that right and freedom voluntarily, therefore, I simply suggest that there be a more comprehensive monitoring system that can protect the safety of all the other drivers.
I apologize if message appeared to be an attack on the elderly. I did not intend it that way.
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Mar 28, 2015, 09:33 PM
Bellanca Kruesair
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I didn't take it personally....I just wanted to point out that all age groups are subject to improper activities...In Maryland, my home state, the major problem is overcrowded roads and impatient drivers....An inquiry into the median age of the highest ratio of offenders is 42 years of age.They are the ones upset with my driving safely at the posted speeds, while they need to drive at 50% higher speeds because they can't leave home on time.

I can't 'hear' the best, but I can dang sure see if I'm about to hit something....and after doing so 3 times like 'your ' guy did, I'd modify my behaviour....or approve of someone else doing it for me.....
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