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Mar 11, 2015, 02:43 AM
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About Inspire1


Hongkong's first inspire 1 crash

The GPS model has been calibrated compass, flying God first turns red yellow! From the ground about ten meters high flying, control profile switching mode no reaction! Finally exploded! Yuntai lens damage, spent, machine feet damaged.
Special thanks to Hebei friends die "dance called" in the 5IMX forum, delete, delete the diagram, provides local cache screenshots of high precision. Stationmaster I is not a person in combat, thanks to the support of friends die.
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Mar 11, 2015, 02:48 AM
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Prop crack in flying.

Prop crack in flying.

Mar 11, 2015, 02:53 AM
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Autopilot crazy, hit tree.


We call "A Key to return the factory", ha ha.
Mar 11, 2015, 02:55 AM
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Fly the two landing, GPS lost star crisp fried


Today the hand of Inspire 1, excitedly out of the box, debugging, calibration. And then find the open low altitude flight, flying two landing are set very stable; third times longer fly high to hammer the nail to prepare a picture for the aircraft, the aircraft started quite stable, not for a while the plane suddenly started towards a direction of drift, no response from me and then hit the road lamp plunging to the ground, left in front of the machine arm broken, four oars broken, the egg also is broken; when on a blank mind
Well, excitedly out of the box turned back to factory repair excitedly, just leave shipment receipt......
Frying machine diagram I will not, sad, like you can imagine, the left front machine arm complete rupture of the propeller, smashing a broken egg, too......
Calm down and analyzed the GPS may be lost star drift, because the last flight record in APP suggests that GPS has no signal, a tall building is probably the cause of lost star near the site, when near the ground with the optical flow orientation so hold, then flew high up on......
Another found that the latest firmware upgrade is complete calibration of IMU attitude self stabilizing mode off will speed the left front drift, site completely calm, somehow
Mar 11, 2015, 02:59 AM
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The first flight Inspire1, I hit the jackpot?


The machine is said yesterday afternoon in hand, the firmware upgrade to the new night, early in the morning with a machine to no interference of the riverside.
According to the official suggested that I put the machine IMU for advanced calibration, and then calibrate the compass and so on, off.

Well, the first two batteries is very smooth, about 5700 can fly 20 minutes. Camera control, shooting is very normal, the plane is very good flying, is also very stable (tilt state after PS: aircraft brake very scary).
Third batteries, just take off from the ground three meters, head suddenly inclined there, landing, restart, Yuntai self had not, spent more than half a minute, the final oblique there, like Parkinson, trembling. No way, I also is the power, and is reset, and re calibration PTZ, is also re calibrate the compass, is also the cradle head removed reinstall, is controlled together off, more than ten times test, restart after the effect is the same, where PTZ oblique.
No way, and took the second remote controller from the machine, rolling direction control of PTZ, can roll, but will be stuck in a position.

Then, call big Jiang 4007000303 customer service, that they had encountered this kind of phenomenon, let me go home again advanced calibration again.
Webmaster comments:
Suggest white or wait 1 years later to buy Inspire1 is appropriate, after 1 years, the lower the BUG firmware repair almost. You are big in Xinjiang at their own expense testers.
Mar 11, 2015, 03:03 AM
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Don’t Trust Your Expensive Autonomous Drone to Always Be Autonomous


Everybody is super excited about affordable, portable autonomous drones this year. Well, affordable might be stretch. The badass new DJI Inspire costs $2,900, but it can fly around shooting video in 4K without any help. One problem: A bug in the firmware is making Inspire drift randomly—and crash.
Just ask Mark Taylor. The experienced drone pilot recently bought DJI's expensive new masterpiece and was excited to use the drone's auto-takeoff feature to "do a house fly-by for real estate." (This is potentially illegal, but we won't tell.) After experiencing some "shimming and drifting," Taylor decided to film a flight so that he could send the feedback to DJI. "This happened with no operator input just in auto take off mode," he said in the video's YouTube description. What happened? The flying robot almost took out his wife!
In an email to Gizmodo, DJI confirmed that there was an issue with the Inspire's firmware. (We can only assume that this dangerous random drifting is related.) The company said that its "product support team has noted the issue and is currently taking care of it." A fix is due to be released in the next 24 to 36 hours.
Nevertheless, Mark Taylor's scary video is a great reason not to trust your supposedly autonomous drone. We've already seen how problematic human drone pilots can be—and more problems are surely to come. We've also had our own problems with DJI's earlier autonomous flight features in the past.
Your very expensive new toy may say it can fly itself, but do steer clear of those propellors. You never know when your drone will get a mind of its own.
Mar 11, 2015, 03:05 AM
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Inspire1 return unexpectedly change automatically


Return actually I do not know the circumstances into another place
1 Focus on the second picture
2 Webmaster comments:
This is good, a wizard V+ fly lost in the park before the flight, return point into the lake... Then one can imagine the Dragon King is very happy.
Mar 11, 2015, 03:07 AM
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The motor stopped and crash. Hover over then the motor stopped


Today just to fly, no interference in our square, about 30 meters in height. Are taking photos in the motor stopped. From the high-altitude fall. Figure: Wu's body: normal operation. Flew for 90 minutes. From the back there is a long time to plant maintenance. I call my own 15628986015 preliminary diagnosis is the battery problem. 4500mh. The latest firmware. Self tips on the latest firmware. The latest mobile phone app. Mobile phone models Huawei mate7.
Mar 11, 2015, 03:09 AM
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100 meters high loss power and crash

100 meters high loss power and crash

Mar 11, 2015, 03:12 AM
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Inspire1 crash with the DJI argument

[story is divided into three stages, allow me to say, and why say mice]
A, first received the goods, M4 motor does not turn, permanent does not turn, return, replacement
4007000303 technical support that I is the world's first cases, preliminary judgment is "electrically adjustable" problem
Two, then second times received the goods, M3 motor once not turn (with the first), power on again after the normal, or choose to return
Do not know if this is the world's second cases? My "luck" Zha so good? (for the second time appear only once, and the back did not tried, so I didn't leave a photo, but flight records should be, according to DJI, is the last electric will record a)
Three, this is the third time that fried chicken, prior to that I stand did not rise, realize two motor down straight drop down.
Above, is probably the one after, if not in front of two twists and turns, I won't be in third suspected DJI, had fried chicken, I pay myself repair are silent.
[since the following post DJI said I think is close four motor lead to fall of fried chicken, so]
1, the first time, the M4 motor does not turn, what is the reason? You have not given me to make a written reply, was in support of the surname Ou technology said is electrically adjustable fault, also said leakage mouth, say what Wu 1 ex factory not the overall test, because all the monomer (electrically adjustable motor, control, etc.) are tested, is qualified, so means that the machine must be good, then said it could be in the transport process is bad, then I'll ask him, the first factory transport is bad, that means I can't take the plane running long distances,? He also let me not in the group said, when his director, QQ head is a computer dog [email protected] contact me (I'm not sure Is it right? Is the @DJI-Julain forum, two personal picture is the same), said Ou name missay, new. Excuse me, DJI, you do the examination before induction?
2, second, M3 motor does not turn, again after power back to normal, it is what reason, please make a written reply
3, third, you say is I break rod leads to chicken IOSDMARK records, it is also derived from the flight control system, remote control to the receiver, the receiver to the flight control, intermediate what interference leading to flight control, who all don't know, please example, if not the first, the second event, I do not doubt your products, and are of the same type of problem. That DJI be in the right and self-confident, in front of two times I have no conditions to change your new machine, as customers should be satisfied, but it is flying in the sky of multi rotor aircraft, DJI. Don't you think his hasty? I don't know what is your factory pass rate, but in my this at least is already met the unqualified products more than 60%, other people can make nothing of it, I don't really is too good luck?
[I now do not expect DJI to compensate me for a new machine, only request DJI give me a people can be recognized interpretation!!! ]
1, M4 motor stops reason
2, M3 motor stops reason
3, the proof of your flight is 100% reliable, not subject to outside interference and make the wrong action
4, from the ground 100 meters why can allow flight control make shutdown shutdown command, resulting in 100% fried chicken consequences in the original design have considered? According to the third time funny answer your technical personnel, said that anyone ever try, let the plane to free fall
5, the flight control actions to perform are sent by the remote control instruction? If it is, why I used to fly there will be no vision controlled partial fly? If not, how to determine the 100% moves I artificially? There is a set of logical control process, there are published, please!
6, other still mind, temporarily not sorted out
The above is in this post, answer the phone, I, here is no recordings, maybe you can rely on.
[ten thousand steps back, if it is our human error leading to fried chicken]
I think this is the design defects, according to laugh your technical personnel, someone will artificially to try the air stop (behind the posts I saw some students to explain, when electricity is not in order to quickly landed), then ask 100 meters high downtime chicken rate is the number? There is no doubt that it should be 100% bar, which is the direct loss, the indirect loss? Casualties? Now that you have found the safe hidden trouble, why not improve this logic BUG? Before the Wizard 2 down too fast may lead to fried chicken, in order to avoid fried chicken, you immediately in the new firmware in speed, so why not may lead to free fall operation restrictions? And then back to 200 meters below, is a primary school, if then free fall, consequences be unbearable to contemplate if really, dead people, investigated the accident, I will say the indirect reason is the flight control design of logic judgment problem, at an altitude of 100 meters it directly to me down. As you mentioned in the specification, dropped to a certain height, the tripod will automatically put down (should be a kind of protection), which fully shows the flight control can be autonomous operation, DJI must design a set of logic program.

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