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May 30, 2004, 01:24 AM
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please help me with my little HB!!

i got my brushless stuff...but man..! i need some help..

i cannot take pics till tuesday at work..but i got:

1 hacker heli master 08-3P that has wires for motor on one side with wires on the other side that go to a receiver, as well as battery wires that are "y'd" to a micro deans poloarized connector...the other wires that are in the "y" with theose go to a small, unknown brand esc for tail motor, which in turn go back to a futaba gy401 HH case on have no idea what is has wires running everywhere! has one little white wire all by itself that has a plug for a receiver on it has more wires that have another plug on themto go into a receiver, but the red wire on that one is cut and covered over with heatshrink...

this came off of a piccolo pro but is supposed to wirk great...

whatin the hell do i have to do to put it on my hummingbird FP..??

please help me! i am to paranoid to just start plugging and trying it...

i am heli newb, like you needed me to tell you that...and have some awesome equipment (thanks to Troy at is awesome you guys!)

so what do i hook up where...?

i was told that i could continue to use my cheezy little 4-ch gws pico receiver sionce i had a HH with seperates...

i suppose the blue and white wires that come out of the smaller esc got o the tail motor wires?

but i do not have near enough plugs for all these...

any help will be greatly appreciated!


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May 30, 2004, 01:37 AM
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Birdie, the gy-401 requires a 6ch receiver since it has a remote gain adjustment feature. The gy-240 is the one you want if you plan on sticking with the 4ch receiver.

As far as how to plug things in here goes,

Gyro plugs into channel 4 and 5, esc plugs into gyro, esc plugs into wires for the tail motor.

As of now if you want to run the 401 you need a 6 chanel receiver, or switch to a gy-240 which doesnt support remote gain.

Not the greatest news I am sure buy you will get it sorted

May 31, 2004, 03:41 PM
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Birdie, you need a 6ch rec to use a 401.

Plug the thr into ch3, the gyro into ch4, and the gyro gain wire (yellow signal) into ch5. Use the sbtrim on ch5 to adj the gain, or the gyro ch if you have a heli radio.
What radio are you running and what rec?
I am running a GWS 6ch rec, with a HB Elite CP, and GY401 with Brushless seperates. I also ran this setup on a JR non-heli radio, but it requires the 6ch rec. Email me, I will help you out until you get it sorted.
Jun 01, 2004, 08:13 AM
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well..crap...i did not realize that..but itis cool that the remote gain thing is there...

so...what is remote gain? i know..i am pitiful..but i gotta learn...

i knocked one of the CF sticks of the landing gear off, so i gotta fix that, but i was flying in circles outside...i think i am progressing ok..but i need to get better at landing real fast!

ok..i will get ahold of a 6-ch receiver...would a berg-5 work?

i hear they are awesome..but never had one before...

KaptKaos...i have a 9C is the "plane" version, but has all the heli functions as well..the ratchets are going away soon..

thanks fellas..i appreciate it greatly!!

i will get some pics of how the stuff is right now...
Jun 01, 2004, 08:29 AM
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Yes a new Berg 5 will work, The older Berg 5 had it's 5th output on ch6 but I think the new ones allow it to be changed. An FMA M5 will also work but if I were in your shoes at this point I would look at getting a Berg 6, or a Hitec Electron 6, so when you are ready to go CP you wont need to buy all new gear again!
Jun 01, 2004, 08:32 AM
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Oh and remote gain allows you to set the Gyros gain through your TX and it is much more accurate than turning a pot on the gyro. You can also switch between HH and rate mode while flying (not that many people use that feature) but if you aren't used to flying the rudder forward flight might be easier with out the HH on.
Jun 01, 2004, 08:46 AM
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Birdie, if you are flying circles before you know how to land, then you are looking for trouble!!!!

Do a search for RADDs flight school. Follow his steps no matter how tedious they are. You will learn to fly without breaking the bird. The PLANE version will work fine for all FP helis, and the Piccolo Pro, but not for anything that is CCPM. I had to move into a Hitec Eclipse 7 to fly my HB CP, but what a great radio, and heli!

Good luck, seems like everyone answered all the questions well. If you are flying FP, my advice is to get some Like90 blades, best thing I ever did!
I have two sets here I am selling.
Jun 01, 2004, 08:54 AM
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buzzsaw 46's Avatar

You are kidding about the 9C not working with CCPM right? And I certainly hope you didnt get rid of a 9C for an Eclipse!!!
Jun 01, 2004, 10:15 AM
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yep..i wouldn't exactly call it flying in circles! hahahaha more like me just trying to keep the tail pointed towards me and the wind pushing it all over the yard!i have looked at the RADD lessons...seems like a good thing to do..i just have not had time to implement it yet...and now that i got to fix the landing gear, it will be another couple of days...

i need to talk to collin about getting some blades pretty fast!

i think i will just get a little cheap gws 6-ch for now and then when i "graduate" to CP (if ever) then i will go for a better rig...

i am thinking that i will go from micro's either to something bigger like an ECO8 or to nitro...but thatis a LONG ways down the road!
Jun 01, 2004, 11:22 AM
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Buzzsaw, Birdie said he had the Aircraft version, which I dont know if it has CCPM.
I also use the GWS 6 ch, I dont get the bird very far away from me yet.
If you are going to move on to bigger birds, then you are doing it hte hard way! These micros are MUCH harder to fly, and especially hover. If you can learn to fly the FP HB, you can pretty much fly anything.
Jun 01, 2004, 03:27 PM
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The programability is the same the both the 9chp and the 9cap the only differance is the throttle rachets on the airplane version and they might change the possition of a couple switches, I'm not sure about the switches though. How is the GWs RX working for you? I know a guy that was using one it an Eolo and getting lots of glitches, Not so bad in an airplane but could be devistating to a heli!!


I agree with kaptkaos on learning the hard way with the micro they are much harder to learn with than a larger copter. You might want to stick with the stock blades till you know you wont be tipping over the Like90's are not as tough as the stock blades even if they do fly better in FF.
Jun 01, 2004, 03:49 PM
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hey..i got a question..the little "paddles"..should they be parallel with the ground?

i like the gws receivers as long as it is outdoors...i have flown one of my foamies WAY up high witha shortened antenna (half-length) with no problems...but inside a structure..they pretty much suck...

for the "next" heli, it will be a electron 6 or equivalent step "up" for a receiver....

i am fortunate enough to be buddies with a local "pro" type heli guy...he is gonna give my stuff the once over and hopefully give me some tips...he does INSANE 3D stuff with his gasser heli..i think he is sponsored by JR or someone big like is awesome! i would be thrilled if i can just fly around without killing anyone! if i work into CP 3D tricks, then great, but i would be satisfied with safe FF... there any weird mixing witht he HH gyro? i am gonna use my stock setup till it burnes up, then go to brushless with the HH..

also am gettin a "Steal" on a new draganfly that is loaded..that way i can kind of experiment with the HB and the brushless stuff and still have another almost identical heli to get solid with...

i been trying to do some research on the "next step" heli...

lot of people point to the Corona..i have a bunch of electric stuff already..batts, esc, i could just borrow a mega 16/15/4 for the corona..or should i just stick with the micro's..? what worked for you guys? thoughts? ideas?

for example..lets say i turn into a "prodigy" and whammo..i am ready for CP in a couple of then do i try for a shogun/zoom? or go for a .50 3D nitro heli?

or..i settle for being a nice safe FF guy...maybe the ideal would be a nice scale heli..those dauphins are awesome!! scale stuff amazes me..just would be afraid of killing off lotsa work!
Jun 01, 2004, 03:49 PM
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No problems with the GWS so far, no glitches at all. I dont get the heli very far away from me and I dont fly at any AMA fields, I usually fly at my own "private airfield" I find that i never get glitches anymore like the old gas days flying with other people!
Jun 01, 2004, 03:51 PM
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I agree with buzzsaw 46, spend the extra money and go with either the Berg 5 DSP II or Berg 6 DSP III, because you don't want glitches happening with these helis. It will basically save you money and time in the long run becuase you won't be replacing parts as often, not to mention trouble shooting your heli. Crashing becuase of a glitch sucks, and will make it harder to learn the other 3 orientations, not to mention any other kind of flying style.
Jun 01, 2004, 03:59 PM
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The Flybar paddles need to be setup like this:

Measure equal distance from the rotorhead to the inside edge of the paddles, make sure they are equidistant. Then set your swashplate parallel to the ground, and your paddles parallel to the swashplate with all servos at 90* to the shaft or also parallel to the ground. THere is a really good thread with the Beginners guide to Electric Micro Helis in it, its a really good document, I have referred to it many times.

My GWS works fine indoors and out, I have a shorty Helicopter antennae rod that I soldered on. I havent had issues, but I wouldnt put it on a more expensive model.