First Look - ReadyMadeRC Mini Skyhunter

Tired of lugging that massive FPV plane to the field and having to put it together? This might be the solution you are looking for.


The new Mini Skyhunter is an FPV solution in a smaller package!

Wingspan: 48.74 inches
Length: 33.66 inches
Weight: 1.8 pounds
Wing Loading: 42g/dm2
Servos: 9g (3 included)
Battery: Suggested 3 cell 2,220 Lipo
Motor: 2212 KV1400 (included)
Prop: 8x4 (included)
ESC: Hobbywing 30A (included)
Manufacturer: ReadyMadeRC
Available From: RMRC
Price: PNP: $149.99 - KIT: 99.99

Aerial based FPV flight is amazing. If you have ever taken a ride in the cockpit or put together your own FPV plane you know how cool it is. Over the years I have used everything from my ancient EasyStar to the purpose built Anaconda. The trick is getting all your gear onboard. Bigger planes usually mean you have to take everything apart to get to the field and reassemble once you get there. It makes for a large platform that can haul a lot but it is a lot of work. Enter the RMRC Mini Skyhunter!

I would call this a back seat plane. It's not tiny but it's not so big you would have tear it down to transport. There appears to be plenty of room inside for you battery (2200 3 cell), rx, and even your flight board. I plan on going light and using a Fatshark vid transmitter and cam. The build on this bird is super fast. I have detailed all the parts and provided build photos below. It comes with a motor and speed controller (complete with prop and nut). Servos are preinstalled as well. If you want a quick build this is it!

This is one of the first of these in the US so while there is ice on the ground outside I thought I would unbox this FPV plane and do a build thread so everyone could get their eyes on it. The ReadyMadeRC team had a lot of input on the design of this twin boom plane. In fact they are on the road to an FPV meet with one as I type this.

I'm excited to have a mid size FPV option as an aerial platform. I'm anxious to see how it flies!

Unboxing and Build:

ReadyMadeRC Mini Skyhunter FPV Plane - (7 min 11 sec)

Flight Video:

ReadyMadeRC Mini Skyhunter - (6 min 52 sec)


  • Mid size plane for FPV flying
  • 1200mm wingspan
  • Nice size fuse for FPV gear
  • Can haul a weight up to 1.5kg for FPV
  • Platforms for gimbal / cameras / video transmitter / GPS / rudder servos
  • Built-in hand grip for hand launch
  • Tail boom length is slightly adjustable for tweaking the CG

Unboxing Photos:

Build Photos:

Finished Photos:


So far I'm a fan. It's the right size, looks great, builds fast and it has the RMRC stamp of approval. Keep an eye out for an update on flying this twin boom bird!

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Feb 28, 2015, 10:37 AM
Fastgixxerlv's Avatar
Oooh yeah! I love the Skyhunter so the mini is even better! When can I have one of these?
Feb 28, 2015, 10:40 AM
Admin Deluxe
Jim T. Graham's Avatar
Thread OP
The RMRC guys are at their FPV event this weekend so we should have more info early next week. I literally just got these in the mail and whipped out this review so everyone could check them out ASAP!
Feb 28, 2015, 11:41 AM
Registered User
Looks like a small bundle of fun! Can't wait for the updates!
Feb 28, 2015, 12:25 PM
Registered User
civicex5speed's Avatar
Looks really nice!
The Price, 2200MAH 3S, good size, probably good electronics coming from RMRC, I think I might pick one up. Thanks
Feb 28, 2015, 12:54 PM
Registered User
LVSloper's Avatar
Hey Tim, on the elevator servo lead running inside the boom; is there a hole in the wing boom clamp to fish the servo lead through and do you have another extension running from the Rx out to the boom? Or, does the extension get run to the inside of the fuse along the bottom of the wing in a channel?

I love my RMRC Skyhunter; I have a truck so no need to even take off the wing from the fuse. I would still buy one of these right away, it will be nice for a quick grab and go setup. Just throw a Vector on her; Frsky Rx along with 5.8 Vtx for 1-3 mile flights; little CXN Mobius & FPV camera P&T and you are good to go.
Feb 28, 2015, 01:14 PM
DaaBears's Avatar
This looks great! Will definitely be picking one of these up when they're available.
Feb 28, 2015, 01:51 PM
Registered User
JulianGoesPro's Avatar

this is awesome!

What would be a nice combo with 4s 2.2Ah 45-90C nano-tech packs? than I could share lipos with my BlackOutSMH

Originally Posted by civicex5speed
2200MAH 3S
that one is quite smaller than the 4s 45-90c counterpart so it may not fit... fingers crossed
Last edited by JulianGoesPro; Feb 28, 2015 at 02:51 PM.
Feb 28, 2015, 02:46 PM
Team Warpsquad
Mr.Aaron's Avatar
Will be keeping an eye on rmrc to order when available.
Feb 28, 2015, 04:18 PM
hey whats burning?
metalbender4by's Avatar
I like this too. I want one. Might be able to make this one really move.
Feb 28, 2015, 09:40 PM
Registered User
Daemon's Avatar
Super cool. Definitely want one, asap.
Don't think I'd put the battery up on the tray though. It'll eject through the hatch on landing.
The tray is for the receiver and flight controller, and it slides in and out for easy access.
If it's anything like it's big brother the nice thing about having a bunch of space under
the tray is you can balance the plane quite easily with different battery/camera configurations
by moving the batteries fore or aft.

Oh, and also wouldn't attempt to actually hold or launch it from those silly little depressions
in the bottom of the fuse. Just grab the fuse like a football and huck it.
Feb 28, 2015, 09:58 PM
CW4R's Avatar
I really like it...just think based off everyone's input to these improvements to the lil brother SH, that they should apply these improvements to the big daddy SH!

Daemon it looks like your tips were applied..

Come on RMRC put it up for pre-sale...

You think?

Feb 28, 2015, 10:08 PM
Registered User
Looks like it can take quite a lot more than a 3S 2200mah battery..
Feb 28, 2015, 10:18 PM
Registered User
JulianGoesPro's Avatar
Originally Posted by Daemon
Oh, and also wouldn't attempt to actually hold or launch it from those silly little depressions
in the bottom of the fuse. Just grab the fuse like a football and huck it.
Yeah, they seem pretty small to get a good grip...
Mar 01, 2015, 12:38 AM
Registered User
Toysrme's Avatar
what a cute little plane.
i agree with Daemon tho. plane definitely needs new treys. you can see in the photos this is that same low quality chinese plywood too. that's fine for treys, but if they are using that mess in the wings yikes. i still remember my original penguin. the ply was very soft and the factory supplying it didnt even finish drying it before being cut & glued together as plywood it was still damp with sap lol!

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