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Feb 17, 2015, 10:52 AM
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€7.50 EUR
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For Sale

PDB batch 4 - 2015, for ZMR 250 - Mystery

PDB for the ZMR 250 frame and LED RING
PDB: power distribution board. Solder all your esc, and fpv to the same place!

Order time for this batch IS CLOSED.
Time to order the boards.
Im running the Batch 4 of the PDB for the ZMR 250 frame and this time also a led ring.


This is the current PDB:

After tons of people are purchasing the zmr cloneout mystery 250, I decided to make this pdb which is not included in the frame.
This is the frame you can buy:

The pdb replaces one of the frame plates, this is not a full frame, only the pdb, you need to buy the frame too.
The pdb for this batch could have a new design and extra features.


This is the led ring for the zmr250, and any other quad with spacers size 35mm tall or largger. It is made with 10 leds simulating a circle. This is the prototype version, you will receive the led ring in black, not purple.

Mounted on the quad looks like (quick demo):

LED RING example (0 min 18 sec)

Extended functions of cleanflight leds:

Naze32 - cleanflight - WS2812 LED - me300 - newest final version :) (1 min 43 sec)

With cleanflight firmware, you have the advantage of ws2812 leds. With this ring, you can setup any color for the LEDS, even one differen color for each led (you choose).
But not only that, it also provides extra information to you. It could show you one different color when your quad is disarmed or armed, or change the color when the battery voltage goes down. Some animations are also possible, for example when you turn the quad it flash to indicate what way you are turning.
And these LEDs are bright enough to see them even in daylight, and much brigther than onboard leds.

To use this LED RING, you need to flash cleanflight firmware to your Naze32,Flip32 or CC3D (others could be supported as well). It is connected to 5V and ground (from your pdb's BEC, esc's BEC or external BEC) and to your flight controller pin 5. You may need a ppm receiver to get access to the pin5. If you are using PWM, you could use a PWM-PPM converter like this one

How to order:

You cannot, the batch is closed.
Current state: Placing the order in the factory.
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Feb 17, 2015, 10:53 AM
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PDB Features:
Note*: New version could have new features than this list
  • Esc integration: Solder your esc on the board. You can also solder the signal wires to the pdb, so you even has less wires around there!

  • 3s and 4s compatibility. You can power 3s and 4s batteries. Also you can power 2s batteries, but most motors run at 3 and 4s.

  • Multiples FC supported: Naze32, Flip32, CC3D, kk board and any other 36x36mm.

  • Onboard 5v BEC: This board uses the lm2940 regulator to provide an output of 5v and 1 amp. You can power your flight control with that bec and buy OPTO esc. Also you can buy your normal esc, and power the flight control from the bec of the esc #1. You decide what you prefer

  • Fpv filter: Esc make noise to the fpv system, so this board has a inbuilt fpv filter to avoid that noise. All outputs are filtered on the pdb.

  • Optional 4S battery fpv regulator: If you want to run your fpv at 4S, you should know that some systems run only at 12v. So you can easily plug a pololu regulator step down, or step up-down and thats it!. (kind #1 kind #2) Not only pololus regulators, any other regulators accepted as well, most people buy them on ebay.

  • Front Camera 3 power options: To cover all kinds of cameras, front camera can be powered from the battery, from the bec, or from the 4s regulator (in case you need it 12v from 4s).

  • Video transmitter power options: Same as front camera, the video could be powered from the battery or the 4s 12v optinal regulator. But also it can be used into the osd. In that case solder the AV wire to the OSD pad instead of the Camera AV, and you have your minim OSD full wired. You dont need to wire anything else!

  • Minim OSD integration. Minim OSD its very small, and it can be soldered under the FC, so you dont lost room for other components. It shows you the FC stats into your fpv, such as level, current voltage, bar, even rssi or gps speed and compass. Minim OSD kv version supported as well. Wires are minimal, you only need to solder the rx and tx pads next to the FC, and they are really close to it.

  • Evolved leg copper retraction. In the past some shorts happends using metalic spacers who bit the solder mask with the time. Carbon fiber its conductive, so in this version the shape of the legs has been retracted front the copper to keep a very solid anti-shorts system. Also any spacer has a retraction of 8mm to support metalic and nylon spacers.

  • Friendly Esc Pads: Esc pads angled to provide a easy solder even if you place your esc on the legs. There are also holes to provide wire access to the space between plates in case you plug your esc on the middle.

  • Auxiliary Front esc pads: Some people get wide lens on the fron camera, so they need to retract the camera much as possible. Front camera pads are retracted as well, but now you also have alternative power to avoid nuts from the camera hit the wires.

  • Optional Inbuild leds: This board has 20 leds on it, but there is a optional jumper to allow turning they off. Jumper its shorted by default, you dont need to short jumpers to get the board running as normal. Also you can use this solder jump to turn the leds on or off when you want with electronics.

  • Big holes: Big holes to make the board weigh less.

  • Optional inbuilt Buzzer: PDB includes a buzzer, just solder it its optional. Easy solder. Very usefull if you lost your quadcopter and you want to find it, or you want to setup your profiles without looking at the leds of the FC.

  • CleanFlight LEd System. Buy some WS2812 or WS2812b led stips, and make your quad cooler.
Feb 17, 2015, 10:53 AM
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Assembly Tutorial:
Note*: new version could have more stuff on the board

You can follow this tutorial to wire your board in the best way. It is made thinking in the easiest way to solder all of them. A different order to solder the components is possible, but if you follow this tutorial you wont get a point that you had to unsolder things to put the next component because you forgot that.

#1 start to connect your camera.

Connect your black wire to the symbol "-"
Connect your yellow (video) wire to the symbol "AV"
Depending on your camera voltage, you have 3 options to power it.
  • -Same voltage as my battery. If your camera supports your battery voltaje, connect the red wire to the +".
  • -5V: if your camera uses 5V, connect it to "5V".
  • -Regulated voltaje. If you want to connect your camera at a different voltaje than 5v and different than your battery voltage, then you have to put a external regulator, and solder your red wire to the "reg" pad. Check STEP #3

#2 Connect your video transmitter

The video transmitter its similar to the camera connection.

Connect your black wire to the "-" pad.
Connect your red wire to match your video voltaje:
  • -If your video transmitter support the same voltage as your battery, connect it at the "+" pad. InmmersionRC supports 3s and 4s, so thats your pad if you are running this one. If you are running a boscam, use this pad only if you are using a 3s battery.
  • -If your video transmitter uses a different voltaje than your battery, then you have to place a external regulator, and solder the red wire to the "reg" pad. See STEP #3.

Your yellow wire (video) has 2 different options.
  • -OSD: if you are using the minimOSD, connect your yellow wire to the OSD pad.
  • -No OSD: if yo aren't using a OSD, connect the yellow wire to the CAM pad.

The minimOSD will not touch the wires, so you can place them in any way, dont worry about that.

#3 Your FPV regulator:

If you need a external regulator for your camera o for your video transmitter, then solder your video regulator there. It should match with the pololu regulators. Any other regulator could be solderd there, but maybe it doesn't fit as well. For common setup you dont need this.

#4 Connect the minimOSD.

Start to solder the vertical pin headers in place. Then attach the OSD before solder anything, and place the OSD with tape. With this metohd your pins will match perfectly to your osd, and they wont move during solder.

Remember to solder the jumper on the minimOSD to use 5V on that board, this pdb power the OSD with 5v.

No more. Later when you wire your flight controller, you only need to solder 2 wires to use the minimOSD called rx and tx.

#5 Prepare your flight controller:

Depeding on your flight controller, you have to solder pin headers to it or not. But to make a good clean setup, i usually solder the wires directly on the flight controller. Other clean metohd could be use angled pin headers, but not any flight controller support this.

On my setup, I solder the servo wires from the esc that you will have to cut later, and I solder them into the naze32 with no connectors. Except for the tx and rx of the OSD.

Remeber that you cannot plug into the computer the fc with the minimOSD connected, because the usb uses the rx and tx too, so I use a angled 2 pin header on top of it. I plug there the servo connecto removed from a ESC, so I can connect and remove it very easy. Any other way its OK, just find what is better for you.

#6 Connect the Flight Controller

There are 12 pins to connect to the fc, but they are simple.
  1. M1,M2,M3 and M4 are the signal wires from the motors. Connect them to your FC place. For the first motors M1, you need to use power too (only for this motor, not for the others.) So for the M1 ground connect the "-" pad, and for the possitive, use the "BEC" pad.
  2. The "bec" pad uses the bec from your ESC #1. If you are running OPTO ESC, you probably need to use the onboard 5v regulator. In this case, instead of place your posstivive wire from the "BEC"pad, use the 5V marked on the board. Other way could be use a wire jumper from the 5V to the bec (at the bottom of the boards), and from the "BEC" to your FC.
  3. Connect Vbat your your flight controller VBAT pads, and buzzer to your Buzzer pads.
  4. To connect the OSD rx and tx, remember you have to cross them. RX->TX and TX->RX.

We finished. You can solder the wires to the pdb, or you can use pin headers. I like to use wires. There is a hole in each pad, but forget them if you solder the wires there, just presolder the pads before solder them.

(Note, To solder my naze32 with the wires with no connectors, I leave one side with the wires longer than the other. That way I have plenty space to operate in any case, check image.)

#7 Solder the buzzer.

This pdb have a loud buzzer than could help you to know when you battery voltage its too low, and also you can use a swith on your FC to make them sound in any case, usefull when you lost it.

The buzzer has a mark with a (+) symbol. Match that symbol with the (+) on the pdb (facing the camera). There is also a sticker on the buzzer, remove it !!! and dont trush the sticker. Also the longer leg on the buzzer its the possitive, its a alternative metodh of mark the component.

Legs are a bit long, so you can cut them one time you had solder it.

#8 other wires.

You have a 5v pads on the PDB to connect other things on it. For example leds strips. Connect the VCC of you led strip there in the 5V, and the GND on the GND pad. The signal or DIN into your flight controller pin 5 (using PPM SUM). But remember that you can handle only 1A on the onboard regulator, so if you have plans to place a lot of leds, or power severals things on it, maybe its better to use the BEC of other ESC to make this.

#9 Connect your ESC and battery connector and you are done!

Last but not least, connect your ESC to the pdb. Just place the red wire into the (+) pad, and the other its ground connected to your black wire.

Also cut your servo wire, and strip all the wires except the yellow wire (signal) on your ESC #2,#3 and #4, and solder the yellow wire to the signal PAD.

For your ESC #1, leave the yellow wire, and the red wire and stip the black wire.
Solder the yellow to the signal, and the red to the BEC 5V (this will power the FC, but if you are using a OPTO esc, then check STEP #5 and don place that wire).

Front esc have a alternative (+) pad connector. In case your camera hit the regular (+) connector for the front ESC, then use this pad. Both pads are similar, get any you like.

#10 Congratulations.
You read all the tutorial and you are alive!
Time to fly!
Feb 17, 2015, 11:03 AM
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Is this compatible with the emax Nighthawk pro carbon fiber frame? Thanks
Feb 17, 2015, 11:22 AM
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Thread OP
Originally Posted by undercoverzombe
Is this compatible with the emax Nighthawk pro carbon fiber frame? Thanks
It should fit in the back, except if you place the battery between plates.
Feb 17, 2015, 11:45 AM
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Wow, Finally didn't miss Hope I filled out the form and did payment correct!
Feb 17, 2015, 12:16 PM
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rcta15's Avatar
Form submitted. Many thanks rct
Payment sent.
Feb 17, 2015, 12:26 PM
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Sweet! Glad to be one of the first to order and post on the first page of your new thread. I'm sure there will be many more pages.
Feb 17, 2015, 12:28 PM
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Wow, good timing. I just started researching the ZMR250 yesterday and came across this PDB.

Form submitted, PayPal sent.
Feb 17, 2015, 12:32 PM
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Thanks! Ordered 1 PDB and 2 LED rings.
Feb 17, 2015, 12:35 PM
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can you please explain the ws2812 cleanflite led system more?

is it built into the PDB? I couldnt see a uC (maybe that's the old board shown in pics)
would 2811's be supported too?

same code as on Github?

I've dabbled a bit with 2811's in a 60 strip using a Nano and managed to synch some cylon like patterns and such to the Rx's throttle output, so I'm very interested in your system.
Last edited by Synthetech; Feb 17, 2015 at 12:52 PM.
Feb 17, 2015, 12:43 PM
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You have money! Thanks for the detailed pics also.
Feb 17, 2015, 01:25 PM
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Order submitted! Very excited!
Feb 17, 2015, 01:32 PM
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Awesome thank you, got the v2, love it, looking forward to the v4!
Feb 17, 2015, 02:50 PM
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Nice! This time I'm not gonna miss this!

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