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Jan 31, 2015, 05:14 AM
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HobbyKing 1.5M DLG V2 Composite 1500mm

There is a Thread here for the HobbyKing 1.5M DLG V2 Composite 1500mm, but it is not a true Discussion Thread.
So it is time to step out and have that Discussion.

My HobbyKing 1.5M DLG V2 Composite 1500mm arrived yesterday and I wanted to stop filling up the HobbyKing 1.5M Versus DLG Thread with Discussion that is not the Versus.

So I am stepping out to get New and Experienced DLG Flyers talking about the HobbyKing 1.5M DLG V2 Composite 1500mm.

I have unboxing Photos to post here.
Then I did a weigh in of all the parts, which I will post.
Then I will work on assembling this impressive looking bird and show you what I did.
Then we can share the Maiden and Flying experience with trimming and setups.

We can even explore the RC Gear being used and any mods people do to improve the Out Of The Box (OOTB) model.
Perhaps some of the chat will be about product quality, prices and competitor products.

I have been with DLG for 2 years now and have found out so much since returning to RC Modelling after more than 30 years.

Hope you like the thread and want to use it :-)

All the Best.

Mal :-)

Latest News August 2015 :-)

At Post #742 to 750 you will see that this model can be improved.

The biggest improvement available is to go Pull Spring Control for the Tail Feathers to get really crisp and lightweight control.

The AUW can be around 287g with ease.
The CG is good at 80mm from the Leading Edge of the wing.

The V2 has proven to be a passport to a great DLG for those who want to start out or step up to 1.5M.
Unless you want to go competition flying this may be the only DLG you will ever want or need.
I would recommend buying the ARF and not the PNF as you will want to fit better servos and save the money.
Just get the V2 at a reasonable price as shown in the thread.

Also watch Andrew Newton's videos in the thread at Posts #716 and 739 for real good advice.
Don't shorten the Boom though as it is not needed and the longer model handles perfectly well.

Everything you need to know is in this thread already.

I wish you the great flying I am having with this V2 DLG.

All the best.

Mal :-)
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Jan 31, 2015, 06:44 AM
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I will follow this thread with interest. I have one in transit to me, but with high winds and snow upon snow on the ground, I think it will be a while before I am flying.

Jan 31, 2015, 07:01 AM
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Thread OP

Manual for the HobbyKing 1.5M DLG V2 Composite 1500mm.

Here is the Instruction Manual for the HobbyKing 1.5M DLG V2 Composite 1500mm.
My one was the PNF version so it has 4 servos installed.
It was lower cost than the ARF, which has no servos and is less well fitted out.

I will post the UNboxing photos next.
Jan 31, 2015, 07:15 AM
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Thread OP

Just so you see what has arrived :-)

Hi and Welcome :-)

Straight off the invoice:-
1 x HobbyKing 1.5M DLG V2 Composite 1500mm (PNF) (UK Warehouse) US$286.48
Shipment ParcelForce Express Large 48 US$37.38
Total US$323.35
The shipping was actually cheaper than I could do it myself so they are very honest and don't load on extra profit from the shipping.

The sun is shining, birds twittering and very little wind atm but it is freezing :-)
Then we will see what Chinese quality is like :-)

All the best :-)

Mal :-)
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Jan 31, 2015, 08:59 AM
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Thread OP

Weigh in of Box contents

Contents from un-boxing:-

Wing w/2 servos and Links 149.9g
Fuselage w/Fin & 2 servos 81.0g
Horizontal Stab 8.1g
Extension Wires 5.9g
Wing Bolts 2.6g
Throwing Blade 1.9g
Fiber Cloth 0.8g
Horizontal Stab Mount 0.6g

Total Boxed Weight 250.8g
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Jan 31, 2015, 09:44 AM
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This is quite cheap. I don't understand how the one that comes with servos already fitted is cheaper than the one without but can't argue with that! The Chinglish in that build manual had me in stitches. Then again they do state at the outset, "This instruction menual is designed to be easy and funny for you to install this Dlg."

It was even funnier when it first appeared in April last year: flaperons locked in position and launch peg installed flat to the air stream!
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Jan 31, 2015, 02:01 PM
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Thread OP

First Observations.

Once I got the box open my first reaction was "There is not much in here".

Then I started taking out the items and was amazed at how light everything was.

The weighin was also a pleasant surprise as the entire thing was just 250g.

Then I thought about the fact that a huge amount of the build was done.
It is quite possible you could get this model one day and go out flying the next.

The work to finish the model looks minimal and it looks like a Beginner would love this model.

OK it is not a 1,000$ model using expensive equipment to win competitions but its lineage from Topsky through the Versus looks sound for a fun flyer.

Having the wings ready joined and the fuselage and fin already set up looks very helpful.

I would have liked to have pull spring controls for the tail end but the wire and tubes supplied looks good. It just seems sad that there are no adjustable connectors to adjust any of the flying surface setups.

I was also disappointed that the wing bolt capture blocks inside the fuselage are not fixed in solidly. There were no washers to spread the load of the bolt heads so I am thinking of adding some.

There is also no sign of how to fix the canopy on. So there appears to be a lack of some simple accessories to finish the model and the standard of what is there is less than would be wise.

I have not investigated the servos yet but the output arm is very wobbly and the gear train does not seen to minimize slop. I have not taken the servos out yet or plugged them into my Rc gear to see how they perform. The servos also protrude below the wing surface so I need to look at he reason and find out if they are fixed in. If things don't look good I can always replace the servos.

I wondered if the CA Glue provided was Foam Safe as it does not say.
There is a sample of the foam in the box so I can give it a try.
Going ahead with the wrong CA around foam can be very destructive.

Overall everything looked good and rigid and assembled to a reasonable standard.
The model has clean looking lines and is going to come out well below 300g so it should fly very well.

I will continue to post more details as I progress onto finishing and getting to go and take the Maiden flight.

I hope my observations are helpful and look forward to hearing the experience of others. Feel free to post and chat here.

I am still happy I got this DLG as its assembled state makes getting going easy.

All the best :-)

Mal :-)
Jan 31, 2015, 07:38 PM
looking up, down under
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Jan 31, 2015, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by scruffy1 View Post
subscribed for the ride
so do I
Feb 01, 2015, 04:57 AM
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looks much better than I expected...

Are the tail surface cores foam or balsa? They don't look profiled?

I notice also that the aileron horn pivot points aren't over the hinge line - maybe they are set correctly to give the right throw compensation with the servo horns vertical?

My Versus had the carbon/ foam tail pylon.

I will be interested see if they have drilled the wing bolt holes in the right place -are they bushed with carbon tube as supplied for my Versus as per Topsky?

So it looks identical to a Versus but built with different materials. So everything learnt about flying that should apply equally.

Not sure I could live with the drunken Tartan though
Feb 01, 2015, 05:26 AM
looking up, down under
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my observations so far :
  • the tail surfaces are "squared" edge - doesn't appear there is an airfoil or a pointy leading or trailing edge
  • the servos in the wing are protruding quite a bit. which impedes the streamlining
  • as noted by cush, the aileron horns are too far back, should have the holes at the hinge line level

all that said, it's 2/3 bigger than the binary 900 which has protruding servos and square tail "foils", and it flies quite well

some details below
Feb 01, 2015, 05:06 PM
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Thread OP
Welcome and thanks to the posters =
impmotor, ThermalSniffer, scruffy1, JulianGoesPro and Cush.

I will answer the important bits as I get to work.
Sunday is my faith day and we had baptisms so got very involved.

Hope you don't mind if I take a slower pace with us having miserable weather this week.

I also don't want to rush and produce a pigs ear of a model. I owe it to people who come to this thread to show a worthy result that they can be happy with copying :-)

Back shortly.

Mal :-)
Feb 02, 2015, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by sp00fman View Post
You could consider using the thin guitar string 008 or 009 together with the spring. Then you can just route it through the teflon tubing.
I have been torn about how I should manage the control to the tail feathers.
The OOTB (Out Of The Box) model has teflon tubes and stainless steal wires. From my previous DLG life I came to use pull spring controls of the tail surfaces.

The reason was to cut down on the weight behind the CG and get very streamlined linkages.

My problem is that I did not want to start off this thread by going for the "How to modify this model", approach. After all we could go very wild and put 4 servos in the pod.

The problem with that approach is that no one would know how the standard model turns out.

With Sp00fman's proposal you get a crazy halfway house. the teflon tubes down the outside of the boom looses the streamlined result. Putting guitar wire in the tubes just means a different wire and the outcome is little improvement in weight reduction behind the CG.

To carry the theam further you could go for an all flying horizontal stab and use composite fom tail feathers wit a lighter weight and aerodynamic cross section. Thereby dumping the flat plate tail feathers in the OOTB model.

I don't think anyone is coming to this model to go fly in competitions. More likely is that they will be first or second time DLG flyers who want to get out there quickly with a fun flying floater that throws well and hangs up there when you dont expect to keep up.

So we can discuss tarting up this nicely made, lightweight DLG that hopefully flies nicely but not for competitions.

I want to upgrade the linkages a bit so they are adjustable without frigging about with special sub trim setups on the TX.

I don't want to discourage the blue sky people in here but I do want to let you all see how the OOTB model comes out.

I also just want to appologise if you expect me to be in the air tomorrow but I have a couple of other calls on my time which will make me take a few more days to get out there in these freezing winter days for the maiden.

I also want to take some photos so that slows me down.

Hope you like that approach.

Mal :-)
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