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Jan 22, 2015, 05:31 PM
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SebArt Mini Avanti S Jet for 90mm EDF or P20 Turbine Power Build Thread

OK, before I start the official build thread I have to say you will want to get a pre-order in for this one NOW! Am I biased? Sure I am, I love Sebart products, have owned many and think they are some of the best flying planes out there but this new Mini AvantiS is going to set a new standard for sport jets.

First, it's not small, it's right in the middle between the Habu 32 size and a BVM Electra, this is the size jet that until now you really only saw in foam (unless you wanted to build one from a kit) and IMO the perfect size that much of the market is asking for. OK, back to the build but be warned, if you like what you see, pre-order or watch your friends fly ;-)


I've been asked to post the final CG and throws here for anyone looking to find them. When I built this jet, there was no manual yet, but our testing found the perfect CG to be 145mm, this is exactly half way between Seba's now recommended 140mm (intermediate) to 150mm (high acrobatics) recommendation. I will post throws below once I double-check...

Low, Medium, High
Ailerons: 5/8", 3/4", 1"
Elevators: 1/2", 3/4", 1"
Rudder: 7/8", 1 1/8", 1 3/8"
Flaps: 7/8" (takeoff), 1 1/2" (landing)


Servo extensions used:
Rudder - 36” + servo lead gets you to the front of the battery tray (with a few inches to spare)
Elevators - 2 x 36” + servo leads gets you to the front of the battery tray (with a few inches to spare) or 2 x 24” + Y-splitter.
Flaps - No extensions needed in wings. 2 x 18” servo leads gets you to the front of the battery tray (with a few inches to spare) or 2 x 12” + Y-splitter.
Ailerons - 2 x 12” extensions (1 in each wing). 2 x 18” servo leads gets you to the front of the battery tray (with a few inches to spare) or 2 x 12” + Y-splitter.
Gear (Mains) - No extensions needed in wings. 2 x 18” servo leads gets you to the front of the battery tray (with a few inches to spare) or 2 x 12” + Y-splitter.
ESC – 12” servo extension + ESC lead gets you to the front of the battery tray (with a few inches to spare).


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Jan 22, 2015, 05:34 PM
HAL... Open the damn doors!
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I'm a huge Sebart fan, have been for a while now, I've owned maybe 11 different Sebart planes over the years and still have many in my trailer. They are exceptionally well built, light weight and the fit and finish is second to none, with some of the nicest color schemes in the hobby (Seba has a great eye!). When a friend of mine mentioned Sebart was coming out with a 90mm version of the Sebart AvantiS last year @ E-Week I said "bah, I haven't heard anything?" and wouldn't you know it, not only was he right, but it's here... now! I would call it a 100mm size jet if I were describing the size, because it is right in the middle of the 80mm class E-Flite Habu 32 and 120mm BVM Electra but given its light weight, 90mm seems very appropriate. The wing span IMO puts it in the 100mm class but no matter as it simply leaves the door open for more fans to use in it.

Official Specifications:

Wing Span: 54 in (1360mm)
Length: 56 in (1420mm)
Wing Area: 589 sq in (38 sq dm)

With EDF Power System
Weight (Less Battery): 6.2-6.6 lbs (2.8-3.0 kg)
Battery (w/Suggested 6S EDF setup): 6S 22.2V 5000-6000mAh

With P20 Turbine
Weigh (Less Fuel): 6.6-6.8 lbs (3.0-3.1 kg)

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Jan 22, 2015, 05:40 PM
HAL... Open the damn doors!
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I always like to weigh everything to start a build and this one is very light. Based on the weights below, I think the AUW should be about 114oz (7.15lbs) on a 6S 5,000 mAh pack and that's superb for a jet this size. Overall the fit and finish is great, Sebart always comes through in that department and despite this being a final QA build (pre-production), it looks awesome. The fuse is laid up and very well constructed, with doublers where needed and formers all glued in place.

The paint is very clean, with sharp edges despite a fairly complex pattern, which matches the wing covering perfectly. Sebart wings are always well done, light weight and finished perfectly, with anti-rotation pins in the front and rear for the wings and on the front for the stabs. The canopy is HUGE, it is held on by a pin in the front and two per side right in the middle. One small fastener holds it all together at the rear, which is very necessary for a canopy that is more than half the total fuse length (no tiny magnet here).

So let's get to it...

Wing Span 54"
Length 56"


Fuselage 31.2oz
Canopy 4.7oz
L Wing 5.8oz
R Wing 5.8oz
L Stab 1.3 oz
R Stab 1.3 oz
Rudder & Wing Fences 1.8oz
Canopy Floor (Cockpit) 2.6oz
Wing/Stab Tubes 1.2oz

Total Airframe 55.7oz

Landing Gear 10.4oz
JP 6S 12-Blade EDF 16.4oz

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Jan 22, 2015, 05:45 PM
HAL... Open the damn doors!
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I want to get lots of shots of the fuselage. It is very well built and the intakes and short ducting done very well. There is a lot of room for the fan and of course batteries in any combination one can think up. I am building this as a 6S setup, sport jet, fun flying plane, I am sure lots of folks will want 8S setups and after some flying time, perhaps we will play with other fans...

Jan 22, 2015, 05:48 PM
HAL... Open the damn doors!
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Here are some shots of the wings and stabs, typical Sebart high quality and very, very light weight. A little heat gun action will be needed but nothing out of the expected touch up after some time on the ocean, Las Vegas, LA and finally Florida ;-)

Jan 22, 2015, 06:14 PM
Our many thanks to Jack for putting this thread together!

BTW, although this is an EDF forum the Mini Avanti S can be powered by 90mm fans or a P20 (up to 30N) turbine using the optional installation kit we'll offer separately including mounting parts, a 22 ounce/650cc tank and a pipe.

UPDATED 10/29/15:

For customers located in North America (for those outside of North America please contact your nearest SebArt distributor for more information on pricing and availability: the special pre-order price is $599.99 ($50 off the regular price of $649.99, plus shipping) for the ARF airframe including the factory-installed all-metal electric retracts with struts and wheels, 2 servos for the nose gear doors, a sequencer and 1 servo for the nose gear steering (less power system and the remaining radio gear). We're also offering special pre-order pricing for all of the recommended accessories including the turbine conversion/installation kit, a 90mm EDF with motor, ESC and BEC, Hitec servo and extension sets, chargers, DinogyLiPos batteries and more as listed in the product and price list attached below. And to lock in the special pre-order pricing we will require a deposit of 50% for all applicable items approximately 30-60 days before the shipment arrives.

We also have the final dimensions/weight for the box now (it's relatively large at 60 x 20 x 14 inches and 18 pounds) and when you place your pre-order we can calculate the actual shipping cost depending on your shipping address and our discounted rates with various carriers (and the average cost is around $60 to most addresses in the 48 contiguous states).

And although we're currently sold out of airplanes, we are accepting pre-orders for the next large shipment that's currently expected to arrive around the middle of March. That said we do expect to end up with more pre-orders than the number of models arriving in that shipment as well so we strongly suggest pre-ordering sooner than later! And for customers in North America you can place a pre-order with us by email (or phone) per the following (sorry, we are not able to accept pre-orders via a web site at this time):

To place a pre-order by email please send the following to

1) Your choice of trim/color scheme (Blue/White/Red 'classic' or Gold/White/Red 'style' can also let us know 'either' if you don't mind which trim/color scheme you get in case we run out of one before the other)

2) Your choice of any recommended accessories (be sure to take a look at the "Servo and Extension/Y-Harness Recommendations" file attached below and to see the "Product and Price List" for special pre-order pricing on the recommended Hitec servo and extension/Y-harness sets, power systems, a custom stand, wing bag set, etc.)

3) Billing address

4) Shipping address

5) Phone number

After we receive your email we'll enter then confirm your pre-order with an email response (typically within 24-72 hours). Then, approximately 30-60 days before the shipment arrives we will contact you to re-confirm your pre-order, and after you confirm we'll send you a PayPal invoice for the 50% deposit (and no worries if you don't have a PayPal won't be required to setup an account and you'll still be able to pay via PayPal using just about any credit card, debit card or checking account).

On a related note, please keep the following in mind:

PLEASE NOTE: WARRANTY IS VOID AND SEBART RC USA/SEBART INTERNATIONAL ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE NOR LIABLE FOR ANY FAILURES OF THE MINI AVANTI S AIRFRAME, CRASHES, DAMAGE, INJURY, ETC. WHEN ELECTRIC DUCTED FAN (EDF) AND/OR BATTERY SETUPS THAT ARE CONSIDERABLY MORE POWERFUL AND/OR HEAVIER THAN THE SETUPS OFFICIALLY RECOMMENDED OR A TURBINE LARGER THAN 20-30N CLASS ARE USED. When using the officially recommended EDF/battery setups or turbines the warranty does not cover any parts damaged by use or modification, and in no case shall SebArt RC USA’s/SebArt International’s liability exceed the original cost of the product.

Jason M.
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Jan 22, 2015, 06:19 PM
HAL... Open the damn doors!
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Normally even the hint of <cough> turbine talk in my EDF thread would result in hurled insults... but I like you Jason ;-)

Seriously, that P20 install is really clean and this airframe clearly was designed for both, Seba obviously had that in mind with the open cockpit design...

Jan 22, 2015, 06:47 PM
2018 EDF Jet Jam June 14-17
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WOW, this is going to be incredible. Excellent start! I really want one, NOW!
Jan 22, 2015, 07:00 PM
California Style
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Jan 22, 2015, 07:10 PM
deltas are cool
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Very nice Jack you do great build threads.....o
Jan 22, 2015, 07:18 PM
HAL... Open the damn doors!
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Thanks guys! I am actually working now so I won't get to touch it until tomorrow but so far I love what I see...

Jan 22, 2015, 07:20 PM
HAL... Open the damn doors!
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I was curious about this so I'll comment now. The aileron servos mount through the skin right at the ailerons, flap servos mount from the inside of the wing root so there's just a horn sticking though. The stab servos mount inside the stab roots the same as the flaps and of course the rudder servo mounts in the rudder through a hatch. So no long pushrods but rather tight and short which should make the controls very responsive (with the HV servos and the speed they move, even better!)...

Jan 22, 2015, 09:16 PM
HAL... Open the damn doors!
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I had a little extra time tonight so I worked on the stabs. The elevators are hinged with CA hinges, perfect for this size plane, the slots were cut properly and it was simply a matter of using CA and spending a little time to make it pretty. The Spektrum A4030 HV's almost fit with no trimming but in the end I had to take just 1 mm out from the servo pocket length to get them in. It's probably because of the angle they need to drop in (because of the servo wire) but it was almost a perfect drop-in fit!

Jan 22, 2015, 09:53 PM
Registered User
Lovely! Put my name on the preorder list
Jan 22, 2015, 09:55 PM
2018 EDF Jet Jam June 14-17
Robert Belluomini's Avatar
Jack are the control horns Fiberglass as usual for Sebart?

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