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Jan 09, 2015, 02:57 PM
Let try this!
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Spectrum AS3X-AR635 Receiver in VisionAire

VisionAire: Stock setups

I posted stock setting for the Vision Aire at the beginning of Jan on the Horizon Hobby Web page but my answer was never approved to show up. Not sure why? Maybe these are a secret or they different depending on how sloppy the servos they put in

My new VisionAire had these stock settings programmed in. If you have any slop in the servo with these you'll get flutter in 3D mode at 1/4 to full throttle depending on how much slop.

With a tight servos, a balanced prop and receiver that's not loose, I have flown full power on ocation without flutter 100s of times but only in quick bursts. Some planes can and some can't fly 1/2 throttle without oscillation. it's a mystery as why. So you may have to adjust it a bit. Cutting aileron and elevator 20% is fine for me flying more tight in field fun fly type flying. 3D might be a tad harder but it really only comes with hours and hours of stick time in the air or on the simulator.

To get into programming mode of this RX (mode 2).

1) Power on transmitter
2) Select 3D mode with gear switch
3) Place throttle at half stick and leave there until done programming/viewing ( lowering it back down will save and get out of programming mode)
4)Move right stick to full up elevator and full right aileron and hold.
5)Power on RX and wait 5 seconds before releasing right stick. The rx will be just amber at first and then ailerons servo will go full right and elevator will go up and 2 out the three lights will blink.
6)Release the right stick back to neutral.

* You are now in programming mode and will have one of the three colored lights solid and the other two blinking on the RX. if one is flickering very fast (strobe) you are negative setting, If one is out your a 0.

Red is Ail, Blu is Elv and Grn is Rud
select the channel to change by moving the elevator full up or down.

Factory for VisionAire was:

........ 3D & Sport
* Ail +9 and +3
* Ele +7 and +1
* Rud +8 and +2

You can see where your set at by counting back full left aileron pulses until the lights all flicker quickly for a second. At that point, your at -1.

Then to put it back, move full right aileron in pulses to the number you chose +1. You can just delete or add without counting back but that entirely up to you.

Once you done with 3D mode settings, move the gear switch to select Sport mode and do the same process for that mode as they are independent .

The to save, pull the throttle down and disconnect power to RX.

Test procedure:

Always check AS3X for proper direction of movement after adjusting. When you have the airplane powered up and ready to go, a pulse of throttle will activate the AS3X. Now your ready to do these 3 quick checks below whale holding the plane off the ground in you hands.

a) Push nose quickly down, the elevator should go up.
b) Quickly bank the plane right ,the left aileron should rise
c) Quickly yaw to the right, left rudder movement should occur.

1) Once flying always switch to sport mode or cut the throttle if flutter (wild wobbling of control surfaces) occurs. Be warned it can rip out hinges and strip servos in a instant, so you always need to be aware of it in any aircraft you are piloting.

2) For pilots who don't want any AS3X you can set each channel in the 3D mode to 0 and move endpoint of gear channel to stop the RX from getting into sport mode.

3)To get to factory default settings of this of this RX.
a) Power on transmitter
b) Place throttle at low setting and full rt rudder and hold for about 10 seconds
c)Power up RX with the plane on its wheels. if it's upside down the elevator and rudder will be programmed with backwards AS3X and you will be in for a wild ride if you make it back safe!

4)The Splendor factory settings on mine were: Different the VisionAire because of the upright position of the RX in the Splendor.
........ 3D & Sport
* Ail +6 and +2
* Ele -7 and -1
* Rud -8 and -2
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