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Dec 05, 2014, 05:10 AM
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New Product

JIYI P2 Flight Controller, finding the testers.

Installtion Video

Remote Calibration

JIYI P2 flight control parameter settings Remote Calibration (2 min 0 sec)

Accelerometer calibration
JIYI:P2 The accelerometer calibration (2 min 0 sec)

Based on our foreign client feedback, they need tuning software support window 8, so we will upgrade the flight controller to support window 8. Then we will ship flight controlelr to testors in Janauary 4th 2015.
Sorry for this inconvenince for everybody.
Happy new year.
JIYI UAV([email protected])

Hello hobbyists,

We would like to let you know more about P2 flight controller. Pls kindly watch the below video ----- GPS Hovering.
JIYI P2:GPS fixed-point hovering (1 min 14 sec)


The activity finished now and we will contact testers later. ^0^

Wish everybody have a very great weekend.


Hello all,

We have released a new flight controller JIYI P2. and now, we want to find more friends to test this. If you are interesting about this. Please reply to this post and send me your contact via private messages.

Thanks very much for your help!

Look at the features:

- Stable, simple, soft handle, comfortable and easy to control, and thus a novice could learn to operate and fly in 5 minutes. This feature makes it also typically good for aerial photograph;

- One key switch between two modes—gentle mode mentioned above, and maneuver mode for experienced and professional operator: sensitive, fast, tough, cool and exciting. You won’t be disappointed with it!

- The setup of the flight controller is also easy and simple, could be done in 5 minutes. You don’t even need to do most of the complicated tune up for the flight controller before flight;

- High configuration for hardware. For example, 32 bit processor, and the 7th generation GPS.

Product Introduction vedio link:
P2 flight controller introduction (4 min 9 sec)

y6+p2 1 (2 min 42 sec)

y6+p2 2 (2 min 25 sec)

Hero 550
hero 550+p2 (8 min 6 sec)

800+p2 pro (3 min 40 sec)

800+p2 pro 2 (1 min 21 sec)
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Dec 05, 2014, 06:00 AM
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Looks interesting!

Handles up to a Hexacopter?

Can I be one of the first in the USA to test it?

pm sent
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Dec 05, 2014, 06:22 AM
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Thread OP
Yes, Up to Hexacopter. and we also have P2 Pro which support Octocopter.

I will send you a email and you can delete your email from this thread.

Dec 05, 2014, 07:52 AM
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There has been some discussion regarding your product in this thread:

Could you please share some selling points as to why this flight controller will "shock the market" as opposed to other flight controllers in this price range? For example, Naza lite or Xaircraft MiniX.
Dec 05, 2014, 09:15 AM
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Thread OP
It's a good question about the sell points. We are all engineers and we know less about how to sell it. We love the multirotors.
In the past, we developed the flight controller for the unmanned helicopter. very bigger one. But we can not controlled it by ourself. When we come across the multirotros, we find that it's a good one. But the flight controller in the market is hard for the beginner, so we develop a new one which is fit for the beginner. no need to tune and easy to control.

We released it to the market in China two weeks ago. Now,we have been the NO 1 best sell flight controller in China market. and many friends tell us that "it's a good one"

We have tried to take some videos about the flight controller. And now, we need more friends to test it and tell us your feeling about it.

We need your help, so please contact us. Thanks!
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Dec 05, 2014, 09:43 AM
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Thread OP
JIYI P2 fans party in Shanghai, China.

极翼P2飞控发布会 (2 min 4 sec)
Dec 05, 2014, 12:32 PM
Quad On!!
nate25j's Avatar
I'd like to test it...sending pm
Dec 05, 2014, 02:17 PM
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whats the difference between the p2 pro and p2?

also - how is the p2/p2 pro different from dji naza m/m lite?
Dec 06, 2014, 12:44 AM
Your customer
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Hey, is this a spoof of my $300 DJI outfit?
Dec 06, 2014, 06:58 AM
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PM sent.

Dec 06, 2014, 02:45 PM
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Pm sent!
Dec 06, 2014, 03:51 PM
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This P2 is a simplified version of px4 v1. MPU6000+MS5611+STM32F405RGT6+24LC128 EEPROM,exactly the same. The pic below is the reverse engineering result of its ground station.
Seems to be a modified version of Mission Planner.

Many Chinese users already know that...
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Dec 07, 2014, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Dan Kanes
Looks interesting!

Handles up to a Hexacopter?

Can I be one of the first in the USA to test it?

pm sent
Hello Kanes,

The wheelbase of P2 flight controller is up tp 750cm and it supports Hexacopter.

It would be our honor you test our flight controller and plssend your address and contactor information to my mail address [email protected]

Dec 07, 2014, 01:04 AM
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I'm in the process of assembling a Tarot 810 at the moment. I've been using APM 2,6 and Pixhawk in other copters and yours looks to share some similarities. I like that you've selected U-Blox for the GPS. I am interested in testing the Pro version since my copters are used more for tighter precision operations.

pm sent
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Dec 07, 2014, 11:10 AM
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PM Sent.

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