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Dec 03, 2014, 07:22 PM
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How Do You Store Your Planes and Which Is Your Favorite?

Years ago before digital computer transmitters I only had one plane. I flew it every weekend on my day off. Now that I retired and have a computer transmitter with model memory, I have 17 planes ready to fly and I go 3-4 days a week. It’s fun deciding which ones to take. Jets or props today?

How many planes do you have ready to fly and how do you store them?

My neighbors do a double-take when they walk by my garage if the door is open. Not everyone has a fleet of aircraft hanging above their cars. My solution to my storage problem was to mount L-brackets on 2x4’s attached to my overhead roof beams. They are high enough to clear my head when the cars are out of the garage and I can reach up to stack 3 planes on each rack. I have 8 racks. Some only hold one or two planes because the aircraft is larger. See photos.

What are your favorite planes and why?

I ask because maybe I will want to get your plane if you are having so much fun with it that it’s your favorite. These are my three favorite planes:

1. Precision Aerobatics 3D Addiction
2. Multiplex Fun Cub.
3. Exceed 70mm F-18 Hornet

Precision Aerobatics 3D Addiction
What I like about 3D planes is that you can fly them in a small area and I can do it at my local park. I saw a friend at our club field put his plane in a hover on a windy day and sat his transmitter on the ground. The plane held position. It was because he added a $60 Eagle Tree Guardian Stabilizer. So I added one to my Addiction. It made a world of difference. I can put the plane in a low hover and ‘dance’ with it. I can hold the hover for 4 minutes and move the plane CW&CCW, left&right and forward&back.

I wear a transmitter neck strap so I can launch it with my right hand. After putting it into a low hover, I can back it up so I can take it with my left hand, then use my right hand to hit the transmitter throttle kill switch, then throttle stick down. I could not do this without the Guardian’s help. It’s great fun!

Multiplex Fun Cub
This plane is so versatile. I put a bomb release on the bottom of the plane at the CG. I do a lot of things with it:

1. Large Parachute Drop - If it is not too windy, I put a dozen mini orange parking cones in a 30 foot circle in the grass. I can take up to 3 large Aeromax parachutes at a time and try to have them land in the circle from 100-200 feet above the target. At our club picnic one member has a Telemaster and does a candy drop that is popular with the kids. I use cheap small toy parachutes and attached a dollar bill to the soldier with a rubber band. I can hold 6 of these smaller parachutes at one time. We both fly up together. We drop at the south end of the field and land at the north end away from the kids. I release first then he drops the candy. What do you think the kids do? They all run after the money! They jump and try to grab the parachute before it hits the grass. I fly full throttle back to the runway so I can land quick and watch the mayhem.

2. Water Balloon Drop - We use an inflatable wall 6 ft wide inexpensive kid's wading pool as a target out on the field. It is easy to transport. You fly low and try to drop your load of 3 water balloons into it. They make a BIG splash when they hit. This is a great crowd pleaser at the club picnic.

3. Missile Tow and Drop - a 2 foot long bright orange Nerf missile with blue fins on a 20 ft string.

4. Red Streamer Tow and Drop - Unfurl a 50 foot red streamer and do loops and spirals.

5. Lawn Bowling – I saw on RCGroups a German club that all had Fun Cubs and did bowling on their grass field. I went to the toy store and got a plastic bowling set. I had to glue large steel washers on the bottom of the white pins so they would stay upright on the grass. I use a 20 ft string to fly the red foam bowling ball under the plane. It takes me 10 low passes to knock all the bowling pins over. You have to use flaps!

6. Airplane Golf - We play 9 holes of airplane golf by putting brightly colored Hula Hoops around the grass field. The hoop's color denotes the hole number. After taking off from the runway you have to land at hole #1 and get your plane in the hoop. The Fun Cub's large 4 inch tires have no trouble rolling over the hoop's rim. Then on to the next hole. After the last hole we land back at the runway. Fastest time wins.

Exceed 70mm F-18
This came in three paint schemes. I got the Blue Angels. I liked this plane so much after its first flight that I bought the other two: Red Diamond and Jolly Roger. I did two modifications. Since we have a grass field runway there was too much friction to take off with its small wheels so I removed the retracts. Having less weight lets me climb vertical better. I use a Jetapult to launch it.

It came with two elevator servos on a Y-connector and two aileron servos on a Y-connector. I removed both Y-connectors to have 4 control channels for mixing. I added flaperons and spoilerons and 4x4. With flaperons this jet can fly very slow and spoilerons on approach will slow it down so I can land it by me each time. With 4x4 (4 Channels for 4 Control Surfaces), both the elevators and ailerons act together as elevons. This lets you do amazing tricks. Instead of doing a loop you can do a flip.

I also tow the missile or red streamer. It’s a whole new experience having a jet pull them. I just tie the string of the missile or streamer end to the tail. I’m surprised that the red paper streamer holds up at the high speed. The missile following the jet is much more realistic. People say: “Look! He’s trying to evade the missile attack.”

What are your favorite planes and why?
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Dec 04, 2014, 06:37 AM
Fly It Like You Stole It.....
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Knight2hug, those are some great ideas. Looks to me like you have a great time with your Fun Cub. I think I will give some of those ideas a try next year at our field. The bowling seems like a great time. We have a lot of old retired guys in our club and sometimes they could use a little spicing up. Most of what they do is take off, fly, land.....and they are good at it, but something like this could bring some fun into our outings......thank you, and by the way that is a great looking Fun Cub. I also store my nine airplanes overhead in my garage...I use the hooks like you have some of your airplanes. But even in a two and a half stall garage I'm kind of running out of overhead space.
Dec 04, 2014, 10:05 AM
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Thanks moparherb. The airplane bowling is a LOT of fun. I emailed the German club where I got the idea from on RCGroups. He told me something VERY important. The toy bowling set comes with a plastic bowling ball. It is too heavy. It would act like a pendulum swinging under the plane making it hard to fly. You must go to an Arts and Craft store and get a light foam ball. I sprayed mine red as it's easier to see with the green grass.

Because we have a bumpy grass field I bought a 1" thick large foam board and cut it into eight 2x2 foot squares and used duct tape as a hinge to have it transport easily as a 2x2 foot stack but unfold into a solid 4x8 foot base to set the pins on either in a straight line or the regular bowling triangle. This base is easier to see with your peripheral vision when you circle back to have another run.

Our AMA club is inside a public city park. On weekends we get a big crowd when we do Airplane Lawn Bowling. We always get a big roar of applause when we knock the last pin down!
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Dec 04, 2014, 11:10 AM
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Wow, I've gotta try the nerf missile, how did you rig it? Maybe add a small fpv cam or simple camera like those guys at flite test
Dec 04, 2014, 11:22 AM
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How do you guys think a 50 foot slipnslide would work on a bumpy field? My favorite plane so far has been the UMX pitts flies like a dream even in windy weather I call it the bee. My warbirds scare the crap outta me cause I'm afraid of crashing of course, but I' getting better.
I lucked out the other day and got an Airfield P40 for $120.oo US added to my collection which includes a Dynam BF110 and a Parkzone F4U, Calypso and a adagio My most recent addition (yesterday) is an FMS Pitts
Dec 04, 2014, 06:57 PM
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Wow! Thanks Mike for the Wham-o Slip n Slide great idea. I just ordered one from Amazon for only $9. A lot of us have micros at the field. The 16 foot long Slip n Slide would make a perfect temporary runway for them. My favorite micros are my Eflite Carbon Cub and T-28.

Nice idea about the camera. I have a small keychain video camera that will Velcro fit into the nose of the missile. I can't wait for our bad weather to clear so I can go to the field and try it. I will video both a tow and a free drop from 400 feet. Can't wait to see the video! THANKS for the great ideas Mike!

Thanks for sharing what your planes are and your favorite. You made good choices. I have a lot of the Airfield, Dynam and Parkzone brand planes.

You asked how I rigged the Nerf Missile. See attached photo.

I used Twisted Nylon Mason's Line for my tow string. I run it through the hollow missile and back to the front and tie it. Then measure 20 feet and tie a triple knot at the end.

I use the same technique to drop the missile as I do for the paper streamer. See its photo. The bomb drop is a U shape piano wire that goes up and down through the bottom of the Fun Cub's fuselage at the CG. You could just put the end of the tow line through the piano wire loop and close it. The knot prevents it from pulling out. When you want to drop, the servo moves the wire loop open and the knot pulls through.

What I do (see red streamer photo) is to wind the 20 foot tow line around the middle of the missile and leave 2 feet free at the end. I put this 2 foot end through the bomb drop wire and have the knot 2 feet away from the wire. I then cut an 10 inch piece of line and put one end through the wire, wrap it around the middle of the missile and through the wire. I close the bomb drop loop with the transmitter bomb drop switch and pull the strings tight so the missle hugs the bottom of the plane.

The secret is when I drop the missile, I only throw the bomb drop switch for 1/2 second then close it. This allows the missile to drop free and unfurl. By immediately closing the wire loop, the 2 ft of slack at the end will stop when it gets to the knot.

It will hold for the entire flight. When it gets too windy for parachutes, I use the missiles to divebomb my target on the grass and drop it from the plane as I pass over.

It is really FUN ..... You guys don't know what you are missing. LOL
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Dec 04, 2014, 07:13 PM
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Well damn, looks like I need a fun cub... NOOO I will not do it, I will not buy an arf!
Stop tempting me! I think perhaps a sig LT25 kit would do for this purpose or a telemaster...

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