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Nov 24, 2014, 04:20 AM

FPVMODEL Brushless motors!!! Seeking Reviewers

FPVMODEL is releasing a new line of motors with several different sizes and kv ratings to choose from. The new line of MOTORScome in 28 versions of varying sizes and kv.

These motors use light weight materieals and high quality components. We use japanese precision bearings to ensure smooth preformance and long flight durations.

Here is what we are looking for:

We're seeking reviewers that can give both an honest and informative review. This is a requirement we would like to keep as people will be following your review to decide on rather or not these motors will be their next purchase.

We would like the review to include an open box video and/or high resolution photos with your first impressions about the motors, following with testing and installation onto the frame that you choose to use.

Flight videos and thoughts about the performance versus other motors that you may have used in the past is highly desired.

Please let us know if you are interested and include any links to reviews that you have done in the past to give us an idea of what you are capable of. If this would be your first review of motors please reply with any thoughts you may have as to how you would preceed with a review.

For those of you whom we do choose to do the review we will send you a set of four motors at absolutely no cost to you. (Shipping included) If you are interested let us know below.

Reviewers will be chosen soon.

New product listing: http://www.fpvmodel.com/fpvmodel-motors_c126.html
Here are a few photos to get this started off:

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Nov 24, 2014, 07:57 PM
In your reply please post the frame size that you would be using for the review.
Nov 24, 2014, 08:03 PM
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nate25j's Avatar
Anyway to try the 2208 1800kv motors? Or is it the one's you have listed on this page?

I have a 320mm cf frame to try these on an acro platform.

I'm interested and can give you all your requirements for a review.

I do custom builds and having a variety of quality and affordable motors makes a big difference.
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Nov 24, 2014, 08:16 PM
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cflchurch's Avatar
650mm is the size , the 3510's are the size i think that would go best with my frame. Thanks.
Nov 24, 2014, 08:27 PM
Follow the link for the product line. Any of the motors for the line up are up for grabs! Let us know any youtube channel you may have or how you would go about doing the review.

Here is the line up.


Nov 24, 2014, 08:33 PM
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cflchurch's Avatar
Brian Churchfield is the youtube channel, i only have one quick unboxing and review. I sent you a pm earlier, it has any other info you may need. Thank you.
Nov 24, 2014, 08:35 PM
Quad On!!
nate25j's Avatar
Here is my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7t...H-LRbWg/videos

Here is my website: http://www.aerialascension.com/

I would put a review up on my website, and here on my rcg blog. The review would consist of all your requirements from open box, impressions, installation, and flight performance with different suggested prop sizes as well as different battery capacities.
Nov 24, 2014, 08:45 PM
Originally Posted by nate25j
Here is my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7t...H-LRbWg/videos

Here is my website: http://www.aerialascension.com/

I would put a review up on my website, and here on my rcg blog. The review would consist of all your requirements from open box, impressions, installation, and flight performance with different suggested prop sizes as well as different battery capacities.
Thanks for the link to your channel Nathan. I'll check out the blog too.
Nov 24, 2014, 08:56 PM
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motors :)

Hello again Jason,

as per our conversation here is my video..

again, I would really love to test some out!
hope to hear from you again, soon.


No.1 Park. (2 min 4 sec)
Nov 25, 2014, 12:10 AM
FPV Dealer,Getting People High
Johnnymeg's Avatar
I could help do a review and testing of the


My youtube channel is
Our website is www.team-legit.com

Here are a few independent reviews we have done.

Fatshark Dominator HD Vs Dominator V2 Which One t…:
Dominator V2 Vs Dominator HD Which One to Choose (7 min 4 sec)

USB Modular Video Capture Device LaserBGC:
USB Modular Video Capture Device LaserBGC (9 min 26 sec)

Skywalker X6 Build video With Cyclops Storm:
Skywalker X6 Build video With Cyclops Storm (19 min 35 sec)

Thank you for the opportunity to review your products.
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Nov 25, 2014, 12:18 AM
Fastgixxerlv's Avatar
I can do a review of the 2204 motors for you. I have a 250 size frame on the bench waiting to be built. We have a growing club with 80+ members just in my city that is focused on FPV and multirotors that would love high quality motors that are reasonably priced. We are also sponsored by platinumhobbies which builds and sells high end aerial photography platforms.




A couple of most recent builds.
Nov 25, 2014, 12:33 AM
.... flyin' dirty ....
DirtyThirty's Avatar

I would be very interested in trying the 2204 2300 motors out on my 250 quad. As of now I have the Emax 2204 2300 mounted utilizing 6045 HQ props on 3s. I also have a variety in both CF and others in both 6" and 5" as well as 4s batteries. I have both Bheli and SimonK esc's to run them through their paces. I mainly FPV with my 250.

Could also help on the review of the 3508 700 motors. They would be run through the paces on a Hoverthings Flip Pro G frame that currently has SunnySky 3108 900's on it. I have 10, 11, 12, and 13" props in both CF and others in both direct mount and prop adapter versions. Running both 3s and 4s and have both Bheli and SimonK esc's to use for comparisons. <already reviewed>

Thanks for bringing another line of motors to the fold !!

Look forward to the upcoming reviews.



I also have a 700 class folding quad that I am currently playing with on 3S and 4S, 16x5.5 CF props, and RCTimer 5010 360 motors. Could be a good test bed for the 5008 360 motors you now carry. Would definitely order some 17 or 18" props to test on these. Not really wanting to go 5S or 6S on this rig though... But if you want results with 5S and 6S I can get my hands on them for testing.

I would pay attention to detail with photos and video from unboxing, first impressions, thrust testing, temperature tests, installation notes, and flight.
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Nov 25, 2014, 01:00 AM
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I would be interested in reviewing your motors

I current have a Steadidrone QU4D 2014 that has been upgraded and currently has their SD oem T-motors 3508 650kv. My other bird is using the same motors both with 12x4 props but this is a Tarot 680 pro hex.

I could use just a slightly bigger motor for both birds since they current need 60 to 75% throttle to hover with.

Looking at your specs I think your 3510 630k running the same 12in props would better fit the bill.

www.aerodotmedia.com and www. aerowaze.com are two of my websites for some reference.

Bill N.
Nov 25, 2014, 09:19 AM
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I have the following frames that I can compare these motors directly to DJI for run time smoothness and how quite they are! Plus other frames that have cheaper knock off motors! Also Have 2 250 mini frames!

I am also part of a FPV and muti-rotor club with 80+ members that can give you very high exposure for good low cost motors!

Might want to talk to the club and send them some to test and possibly sponsor them, They are doing FPV reviews right now on monitors goggles and antennas!
Check out the club:

x2 250 mini frames
DJI F330 frame Currently running red 2212
DJI F450 Frame Currently running e300 Power System
DJI F550 Frame Currently running E300 power system
DJI F550 Frame Currently running extended arms and E600 power system
F450 knock off running cheap motors
Knock discovery running Sunny sky
X650 running BEVRC motors
Plus many FPV planes!
Nov 25, 2014, 09:51 AM
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i used for a long time stock DJI frame F450 with E300 power system.
Due to overweight i was looking for the way to increase payload capacity. I choosed the variant to rebuilding frame to stock DJI F550, E300 system with the stock propellers. But it is convenient for the reccommended thrust 6x300g=1800g.
Still looking for motor substitution for 550 frame size and stocks 15A ESCs.
Motor MC2012/kv1000 seems to be a good variant for this with the 600g thrust and 900g max thrust. The weight 2.4kg at half throttle without overheating is expectable aim.
I could test 2012 at F550 frame (no problem for me to pay any good price for set of 6 motors).
My YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/pavelvanecek/videos), my RC rewiews (http://www.rcalbum.cz/profil/Celestyn), mostly in czech language, but no problem to make an explanation text in english.
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