Ominus 238mm Quadcopter RTF

The Dromida Ominus is tons of fun and can take some abuse!


Indoors or outdoors, this is a quadcopter that will do what you want and can it take hit!

This quadcopter is fully assembled and ready to go. There is nothing you need to buy. Gyros stabilize your heli in pitch, yaw, and roll plus compensating for unwanted motion on any axis.
This quadcopter is fully assembled and ready to go. There is nothing you need to buy. Gyros stabilize your heli in pitch, yaw, and roll plus compensating for unwanted motion on any axis.
Length: 9.4 in (238 mm)
Weight: 3.6 oz (101g)
Price: $79.99
Available From: Best RC

There are a lot of different types of quads for a lot of different RC activities. This quadcopter's main focus is fun! This unit is very stable even outside in some wind. Jason Cole and I took a pair out to our field to test fly them. We were blown away at how much fun we had!! This would be a great intro quad. We knocked ours around quite a bit without any damage. Jason has been flying quads for years and as you can see in the video he immediately felt right at home. After I got the flip button going and got used to how it flew I was right there with him. If you are looking for a quad to simply have fun with I think this is the one!

RCGroups - The Dromida Ominous Quadcopter (2 min 28 sec)

Info About the Ominus

Flying Photos


The stabilization system, three-axis gyros and three-axis accelerometers really work with this unit. I tested it out in my guitar room. I pulled the Ominus out of the box and after a charge I was hovering around my favorite electrics and acoustics - there is some trust for you! What really surprised me was how well this unit took the wind. I brought a second one along for Jason to fly and had no idea what to expect. Many times light quads like this just don't want to fly outdoors...or fly well outdoors. Our units locked in and it was time to have fun. After doing runs in the gazebo I told Jason that flying the Ominus reminded me of when we first started flying foamies ten plus years ago. It was that same level of fun. Watch our video and see the hard hits the Ominus takes. I was really impressed. While a 50 minute charge time isn't short I was blown away at how long the battery lasted. The units were shipped with one battery each. I knew we had to get our shots for the video while our batteries lasted. There was no second chance. Everything you see in the video was off our first battery, and there is a lot there I cut out. Overall I'm really impressed with the Dromida Ominus. Since I work in the hobby people are always asking what quad to buy to learn on, or just to have fun with. I would recommend this quad without hesitation. GOOD STUFF!

Learn more about the Dromida Ominus here.

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Oct 28, 2014, 09:12 AM
Registered User
KillerOfDolts's Avatar
Bought one of these. I like it, but motors can be sensitive and burn out if you dont shut down right away into or after a crash. But over all its a lot of fun.
Oct 28, 2014, 04:21 PM
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I too have one and I have to say they are tough little buggers. Apparently you are not supposed to land upside down as after several involuntary landings I managed to bend two of my propeller shafts. I took the shafts out and rolled then between two pieces of steel several times and our straightened them out quite a bit. It now flys but not as well. But the parts are pretty inexpensive.
Oct 28, 2014, 09:15 PM
eXperimental Flying Machines
Dromida take note:

Soft shafts not good for banging
Oct 28, 2014, 09:29 PM
Just one more..... Just one...


I have had mine about a week, I'm using the stock battery and several 600mAh that I have left over from a well abused WL Toys unit.

the 600mAh batteries are lighter and last a good amount of time, they are a little longer and stick out a tad further because of the plastic stop for the shorter batteries but the bird compensates well and I think it is a tad more spirited on the 600's but the factory battery makes it fly more locked in with the extra weight.

over all I'm very happy price was better than others I have bought in a similar size class and it looks great it has a fairly amazing yaw rate compared to others I have flown.

Spare parts are very affordable and I ordered a bunch with it, I should be set for a good long time.

Congrats Dromida on a great product this is the first of your products I have purchased and I'll be looking at your site for more in the future!

- S
Oct 30, 2014, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by XFM

Soft shafts not good for banging
I made a dirty joke but I was asked to remove it.
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Nov 09, 2014, 07:40 PM
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Dromida Ominus: A great quad for a great price

I purchased one from my local hobby shop and could not believe the stability of this little quad.

Considering what you get for $79......this one can't be beat.

I also fly the Blade 350 and take the Ominus whenever I take the Blade to the field.

The flipping of this quad just adds to the fun factor.

Great quad that you won't be disappointed with.
Nov 15, 2014, 12:42 AM
Midwest Gravity Tester
chickenhawk725's Avatar
I sade I would not get into quads, I go into the local hobby store and the guy workin is buzzin around the store like a mad man with one of these. 79 bucks I say, ok ill give it a go... all I can say is I was shocked.... I fly 400 size heli's and to hop onto this little thing and have it just hang in the air nice and stable made me look at this quad thing all different.... Great little quad, if your tryin to learn nose in, or you just need something to keep your skills up in the house, grab one... you will not be disappointed.
Nov 15, 2014, 10:45 AM
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Ominus tough

After some hard landings and running into the house.....the lower bearing of one of the shafts/motors dropped a new bearing and couldn't believe how easy it was to remove the old bearing race and insert the new bearing......this quad continues to amaze me.
Nov 20, 2014, 11:49 PM
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Great Durable Quad

Very happy, indeed, with this little durable quad. I think the soft, pliable plastic actually serves to makes the quad more resilent during crashes. Flies great in or outdoors with adjustable settings.

THIS IS a great entry level quad for the beginner because it is durable and will take a good amount of abuse.

Flight time is well over 10 minutes. BUY IT!

Phantom 2 is retired for a snowy Upstate NY winter; this is a nice diversion!

Dec 11, 2014, 04:22 PM
I meant to do that
eMoon's Avatar
Is it ready to fly only? I'm wondering if it can be hacked to run with DSMX I hate those RTF controllers.
Dec 11, 2014, 10:15 PM
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RC Madman68's Avatar
Had mine for 3 days and cooked a rear motor. I bought a new OEM motor to get it back up and running. I was going to upgrade them but ended up buying a whole new quad! Ha yes I know it is a disease! The Ominous is tough as I have hit everything in my house including submerging it in one of my fish tanks! Thought it was done but I dried it off and pulled the motors and dried them off as well. Still flying!
Dec 12, 2014, 08:56 PM
I Fly!
jrtubb's Avatar
Thanks for the review! My Dad wanted a easy Quad for up in TN to fly outside so I ordered him this for christmas.

I got it for my Dad last night and I of course tried it out much to my wife's ammusment. First problem I had was there was no manual or instructions in the box at all. Seems wierd as the rest of the package was sealed up and Iordered it from Tower Hobbies. I found the info online at least, so i was able to get it setup and understand the charger status. Tower is sending me a manual so I can include it with the package to my Dad.

Over all it was fun and I can see why people like these things. I only flew a bit in the living room to check it out and set it up in the low rate beginner mode. My Dad has a Coax MCX so he is pretty familier with flying them. This will be supper nice for outside his house. I might have to pick one up with Christmas money after the holidays!
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Dec 21, 2014, 01:39 AM
RC Surf
RC Surf's Avatar
They are alot of fun, if you get the red one like me , i cut off the red led in the back for clearer orientation, check out my night fly demo
Dromida Ominus at night testingGopro 3+ medium FOV (1 min 50 sec)
Dec 31, 2014, 01:01 AM
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Tower currently has the Ominus quad and the smaller KODO for a combo price of $99 before coupon. Not to bad.

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