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Apr 30, 2004, 01:58 PM
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Need help with motor choice for GIANT Slow Stick


My Giant Slow Stick airframe is finished. Its been sitting around for a while awaiting a powerplant. I have attached a photo. More pics here...

Anyway, its called the SlowStick X2 since it is scaled up 2 X times the original. Wing span is around 100" weight of airframe is around 5 pounds currently, next version will be around 3 pounds.

I have a 18X10 prop I would like to spin around 3000 rpm. That shoud generate around 100 ozs of thrust. I figure that should be fine for the type of flying I want to do. I do have a 10 cell Sayno 3300 pack that I could use. The GIANT AXI 4120 Series looks about perfect for my application.

AXI 4120 for 20 to 30 cells, 16x10 to 18.5x12 props direct drive

30 cells 16x8 8360 rpm @ 31.2 A @ 980 Watts.

10 cells would drop my RPM into a 2800 rpm range, although out of the motors peak efficiency I suspect. I think it would still fly well.

My only issue is the $329 combo cost of motor and 70 amp combo from Hobby-Lobby. Heck, for that price I am getting close to the cost of a UcanDo3D and OS90!!! Its not really the cost that bothers me, its what else I could be doing with the same money! I suppose I could just pick up the big AXI and fly it with my Pheonix 25, it looks like the draw will be below 20 amps using my 10 cell 3300 NiMH pack.

How about an OS 40 running a 5:1 gear reduction spinning the 18X10 prop? I have lots of 40's laying around. Anyone know of an off the shelf nitro motor gear reduction available?

I am sure a big fourstroke would turn a 16" prop with no problem but then we are talking big money again.

What about brushed motor applications with a gear box? any ideas?

Weed wacker?

Lets hear some Ideas...The crazyer and cheaper the better...Think out of the box!

Thanks for reading,
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