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Oct 03, 2014, 03:40 AM
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The Very Basic Taranis Thread for Average Joes

So it turns out I didn't erase C9X back when trying to update it filled my laptop with viruses, trying to download that dumbaxx Zadig whatever it was.

Anyway, I finally have a free minute to fiddle with this thing, and so I'd like to see if I can get my new Easystar II bound and ready to take flying.

I would really prefer to be able to ask these basic kinds of question in a thread where I'm not made to feel clueless, inadequate, or whatever because I have and almost certainly never will have to do with global variables, complex mixes, curves, programming OpenTX from the ground up, etc. I want to bind this plane up and go fly. I would also really prefer to be able to this without resorting to umpteen tutorials, endless youtube videos, etc.

So, where do I start?

I want to be sure it's Mode 2. I hooked the Taranis up to my computer, a file came up with something about C9X in it, and it won't open it.

On the radio itself I tried messing with the set-up for a model #2. Back in the day I managed to get a picture of a P-47 for model #1 (hurray, what an accomplishment..), a p lane I've not flown and may never, so the ESII will be model 2.

Anyway, the settings on the radio are long and complicated, and I don't understand most of it.

I want mode 2, which as far as I understand means throttle and rudder left, elevators and ailerons right. So far I fly my Delta Ray basically without rudder - and like it that way.

Next I've managed to find the preferences in C9X, and have arrived at the question, what is the difference between Default Stick Mode and Default Channel Order? At that point I started to feel overwhelmed and decided to try to ask here.

If anybody would be so kind, what are some very basic steps to get this plane bound and up in the air? I have a new, unused B01 Taranis I bought 10 months ago, an X8R receiver, and a vario(whatever that is..) Again, the idea of this thread is to avoid global variables, endless youtube videos or OpenTX University courses or tutorials, no hacking, no upgrading to OpenTX 3.0 "and beyond", no soldering your own bus ports, and hopefully we can bypass the snark of those who feel superior for having programmed their own coffee machines or toasters. More like, A, B, C, finished, go have fun flying. Thanks.
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Oct 03, 2014, 09:25 AM
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If you would post your location there might be someone close to you that would be willing to assist in getting it set up for you. If you were close to me I would be more than happy to help.
Oct 03, 2014, 09:51 AM
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I'll be happy to try to help and so will many others. But please let's focus on how to make it work. No more rants about excessive complexity. Let's just try to make set up simple. All the other stuff just gets in the way.

Two issues to get started with.

First, my understanding is that you want to use the Taranis to fly the Delta. It's a model that uses Spektrum DSMX technology, so requires a module that is compatible. The obvious choice is the Orange Rx module from HobbyKing. Is that what you have?

Second, to clarify stick mode vs channel order. You want Mode 2 (throttle and rudder on the left stick, elevator and aileron on the right). You simply choose this mode in the radio setup menu.

Channel order is unrelated to mode and refers to the sequence in which the control information is sent. For the DSM models like yours, you MUST use the TAER sequence. You select this as the default and subsequent models will be created that way. It will not affect any models already created.

One more thing, you should set your servo limits to 80% to match the throws on Spektrum equipment.

There's a start. Please remember, no ranting on this thread or it will go the way of the other thread with a related name. I for one will not be interested in contributing.
Oct 03, 2014, 10:15 AM
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Looks like he decided to start with the easy star so it should be pretty simple.
If the ailerons are y'd together it will be even easier.

Start with a blank model and use the wizard. It will ask if there is an engine or motor so select yes, I think the next is ailerons. If they are y'd together you select 1 servo and if they are separate, select 2 servos. I think it will ask about flaps and spoilers. If you aren't using either of them select no for both. Then comes the tail section wanting to know the type and number of servos. After that there might be a confirmation screen to let you know what channel each servo is connected to. Plug each of the respective servos in the correct ports, bind the receiver and the basic controls should work. You might have to go into the mix screen or channel screen and reverse 1 or more servos and adjust subtrims or do them mechanically.
I may have missed some things as I have only had my Taranis a few days and I am at work so I am trying to do this from memory.
Oct 03, 2014, 10:25 AM
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Herr Savage,

I honestly hope you get the help your look for here.

First, if your left stick does NOT have spring centering - that is it moves and stays where you put it your TX is mode 2 (IIRC they shipped only as mode 1 or mode 2)

Default channel order is where you can set the channel order you usually use or want for your servos to be plugged into your receiver. I believe you have an Orange DSM2/X module which is Spektrum compatible - their default channel order is Throttle CH1, Aileron CH2, Elevater CH3 and Rudder CH4. It is not critical because you can change it to what you want when go set up the "Mixers'.

Could I suggest that you forget Companion for now and just use your Transmitter - just my thoughts. This avoids having to connect your TX to the computer and you can do that later and save the eepe file then.

I'll assume you have model 1 selected in the TX -if not let me know and I'll tell you how.

Binding your X8R is a little different than other systems. Turn on your Tx, navigate to the 'radio setup' page and scroll down till you find 'bind' and 'range check'. Highlight 'bind' and press enter. After a second or so the TX will beep to tell it's in bind mode. Now press the bind button on the RX with a paper clip, toothpick or whatever and then turn on the RX (I use a separate 4 cell pack with a switch in it to make this easier). The red/green light on the RX will flash - release the bind button and quickly the green light on the RX will come on dimly but steady. Your Rx is bound to the TX and a number has been assigned (likely Rx No.1) - more about this later. Plug some servos in the Rx, Turn on the Tx then the receiver and move the sticks - servos should move. If not there was a bind problem (BTW Scott Page has a nice YouTube video on binding and if you have a problem look at it but ignore all the others for now).

If all is working, we'll skip lots of detail here (model names, pictures etc) and just get to he meat.

Turn on your Tx, press the menu button (short press) and go to the 'model selection' screen - model one should be selected. Press the page button (short press) three times and you should be at the 'sticks' page (inputs if other than ver 1 of the software ) , four items should be listed throttle, aileron, elevator and rudder. For now we won't do any thing here. Press page one more time and get to the 'mixer' menu. - this is where the real action takes place. Select ch1 and press enter - a pop up screen wil come up - highlight 'source' and use + or - buttons to select throttle, then press 'exit', now select CH2 press enter, select aileron as source press exit and repeat for ch3 and ch4 selecting elevator (ch3) and rudder (ch4) as the source, when done press exit again and again until you get back to the main screen. You can mount your Rx in the EasyStar plug the ESC into CH1, Aileron servo into CH2, Elevator into CH3 and rudder into CH4. Check for proper control movement direction and go fly. Notice we've skipped everything but assigning servos to channels - no name, no picture, no rates/expo, no warnings (except default), no telemetry, no switches no programming - just setting up a basic mode. Everything else is default. There's lots more we can do but let me know if this helps, get this far and we can do more detail.
Oct 03, 2014, 04:38 PM
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I was actually laughing out loud at the title of this thread when I posted it(along with most of that other thread to be honest..), expecting to just get talked down to.. But wow - help!! Thank you. I do appreciate it.

My situation currently is this:

1.) I have a new Easy Star, which I guess I will fly with the X8R. (It actually came with a 5-channel Multiplex receiver, which I guess I can sell...)

2.) I have the Delta Ray which I have been flying for a year. I recently ordered the OrangeTX module from HK, which isn't here yet. If it's not too complex, I would try to fly the DR with the Taranis. If it gets too crazy, I'd rather just buy a DX4e off ebay for €30 and go fly. With the Taranis, I would like to have the panic switch - but it's not absolutely critical. The 3 modes are not that big a deal.. (I don't much like beginner.. Needs too much space to turn around..)

I also have a BNF Parkzone P-47 I would like to fly some day. But as of now I just don't have the space, and am not paying €225 to join the local club. With that plane I might consider buying another X8R at some point - for the better range and confidence in the connection/lower chance of having a brown-out, but honestly, for what I do I think that receiver is too pricey at €40+...

Anyway, I've just got in late from being out all day, so I will try to bind up this Easystar 2moro morning over coffee. The DR is on hold til the Orange module gets here. In the meantime I'll read through what's been written so far. Thanks a lot for the help..

Edit - Bick , just saw your last post - that's awesome.. Thank you very much.
Oct 03, 2014, 05:15 PM
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OK - let's start with some simple concepts that you'll have to know to program any plane with any computer radio:


How the sticks on the controller are set up. There are four possible modes (1-4) but only modes 1 and 2 are commonly used. Mode 1 means that the rudder and elevator are on the left stick, and aileron and throttle are on the right stick. Mode 2 means that rudder and throttle are on the left stick and aileron and elevator are on the right stick. Almost everyone in the U.S. flies Mode 2, but in the rest of the world there's more of a mix. Which one to use is up to you, but if you fly with others it's probably a good idea to follow their lead so they can help you with your models more easily.

To determine whether your transmitter is set up for Mode 1 or Mode 2, see which stick doesn't have a spring on the vertical motion. If it's the left stick, you're Mode 2. If it's the right stick, you're Mode 1. On many (not all) transmitters the mode can be changed by opening the transmitter, turning a few screws, and changing a setting in the menus.

Channel order:

What order the controls will output to the channels on the receiver. The receiver only really knows channel numbers, regardless of whether the receiver has labels on the channels or not. Different manufacturers have different channel orders. For example, Futaba uses Aileron on channel 1, Elevator on channel 2, Throttle on channel 3 and Rudder on channel 4. This is often represented as AETR. JR and Spektrum use Throttle on channel 1, Aileron on channel 2, Elevator on channel 3 and Rudder on channel 4, or TAER. Airtronics uses EATR. You need to ensure that the channel order on your radio matches the channel order expected by your model. In your case since you will be flying Spektrum bind-and-fly models, it would be best to standardize on the Spektrum TAER channel order for all your models to avoid errors further down the line.
Oct 03, 2014, 07:53 PM
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Go to the settings page on the radio or Companion 9 and near the bottom of the page make sure it says TAER. Unless you have already changed it, it will say something else.
Oct 04, 2014, 03:30 AM
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OK, I got it bound. The rudder is reversed though - I think.. Ailerons I haven't hooked up yet - just messing with the fuselage.

The instructions in the mixer thing are a bit different in what I'm finding pressing the buttons Bick. In any case, why do I need to go do that stuff in the mixer if the default setting is already TAER? I'll take your word for it that it's necessary - first though I need to reverse this rudder...
Oct 04, 2014, 03:45 AM
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<rant>Why did you bought Taranis ? </rant>
Oct 04, 2014, 04:08 AM
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No, I think you are the one who strayed. You're in the wrong thread. See, the idea of this thread is to exclude all the programming for its own sake, all the global variable mixed curves etc.., all the "My coffee tastes better than your coffee because I programmed my coffee maker" silliness. Move along...
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Oct 04, 2014, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Herrsavage
OK, I got it bound. The rudder is reversed though - I think.. Ailerons I haven't hooked up yet - just messing with the fuselage.

The instructions in the mixer thing are a bit different in what I'm finding pressing the buttons Bick. In any case, why do I need to go do that stuff in the mixer if the default setting is already TAER? I'll take your word for it that it's necessary - first though I need to reverse this rudder...
You need stuff in the mixer because it's the mixers that "feed" the servos. No mixer, no servo movement.

And servo reversing is done in the servo screen. In the line corresponding to rudder and over to the right just after the "100 100" there will be an option for reverse, press Enter to toggle it.
Oct 04, 2014, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Herrsavage
OK, I got it bound. The rudder is reversed though - I think.. Ailerons I haven't hooked up yet - just messing with the fuselage.

The instructions in the mixer thing are a bit different in what I'm finding pressing the buttons Bick. In any case, why do I need to go do that stuff in the mixer if the default setting is already TAER? I'll take your word for it that it's necessary - first though I need to reverse this rudder...

Glad you got the X8R bound.. Lesson accomplished.

You need to 'do that stuff' in the mixer because (very simplistic) the sticks menu doesn't send any data to the receiver - it just tells the radio what controls your using - data comes from the mixer.

Now two things, Reversing the rudder and setting servo throw.

As your 'system' now stands you probably have much more servo throw than the EasyStar will need. As Daedalus66 said, using the Taranis, 100% servo throw is equivalent to about 125% in other radios including Spektrum. So, let's do some tuning. Go to the servos screen and scroll down to ch2 (ail), press enter then - to scroll over to the column that shows -100 and the top line (heading) will say 'min', press enter and use the +/- keys to change the value to -80, hit enter, scroll to the next column which will be 100 (heading at top will say 'max') and use the +/- keys to change it to 80. Do this for ch3 and ch4 for both min and max. Note we did not change CH1 (throttle) because some ESC's need to have a higher value in order to arm. All your servos are now set to give what in all other systems would be 100% (MPX is the same as the Taranis). This still might need fine tuning latter and we can do that back at mixers.

While your in the servo screen and while your adjusting throw we'll also reverse the rudder. While in CH4 and after you change throw to 80, press enter, scroll to the next column - it will show --- (three dashes) and press enter the column will change to "INV". You've now reversed the rudder. Press exit a couple of time to get back to the main screen. Servo travel has been set to what other systems used and your rudder has beeen reversed.

A couple questions. Do you know what version of OpenTx your TX has. If you did manage to upgrade to version 2, I'll see if I can do something here (I'm using Ver 1) so were both on the same page so to speak. Also, will you be using Ailerons on the EasyStar or just rudder and elevator. I think you said you flew your DR without using rudder so if you set up your EasyStar without ailerons and still want to use the right (aileron) stick for direction control we'll need to make sure the aileron stick moves the rudder. Easy to do but important. If you use aileron. ele and rudd with the EasyStar things should be OK as they are. I don't have and EasyStar but think it can be aileron or rudder/elevator only - am I right? Need to know which you'll use.

You should be close to having the EasyStar set up. Let me know if the above works for you.
Oct 04, 2014, 11:51 AM
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Thanks again Bick. I never managed to upgrade this thing. I bought it last November ('13). It's a B01.
To get this %80 thing, am I supposed to be looking at "STICKS" and "Weight"? There's a 100 next to the latter, which I assume I can reduce to 80...

Nevermind. Got it. Setting channels 2-4 to %80..

BTW - I have a Hobbyzone Champ on which the right stick is rudder, and yeah, the right stick on the Delta Ray is ailerons. I realzize this. I need to practice rudder with the DR. The ESII DOES have ailerons installed, so I'm hoping to fly it more or less as I do the DR. Hopefully also to learn some rudder on...

BTW #2 - will setting these things to 85 instead give me more maneuverability? I'm more into full throttle, hard turning etc.. when it comes to flying, and not so much gentle gliding around... With my cars I try to avoid setting servo EPA to more than 100, basically because I don't want to kill the servos. I do do it on occasion though if it gives me what I need..

EDIT - Thanks a ton Bick. I would never have known for ex. that three dashes meant something. I have now set channels 2-4 at 80 both min. and max., and reversed the rudder. (looking down at the top of the plane,, moving the rudder stick left should move the rudder left, right?.. Just to be really really sure...)
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Oct 04, 2014, 01:24 PM
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This help ?

EDIT. Help removed , he doesn't deserve any
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