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Sep 22, 2014, 04:56 PM
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Forget The Kids!

Forget The Kids!
They'll do fine without us. I taught HS band for 30+ years. These kids are as sharp or sharper than we ever were. They have the patience and skill to master a musical instrument or a piece of equipment way beyond many of our abilities. Sure, expose them to the hobby, help them if they show interest, but we're never going to see 50 - 75 kids lined up waiting for a timer at the Nats!

A lot of us came from an era when we could take our Firebaby to the empty lot next door and fly til' dark. Today, how do you justify building a plane and then getting your folks to drive you 30 miles to a controline field (70 - 200 miles for FF!)? Kids want something they can do everyday, not once a month and that's something we wanted and did when we were young.

How can we help our hobby? What's been the driving economic force for the last fifty/sixty years? The Baby Boomer's. From Howdy Doody, the Ford Mustang, SUV's, fast food, you name it. It's been geared to this generation and whats happening to them now? - they're retiring. They have money, transportation, time and desire - the best part? They remember that Firebaby they flew as kid!

A lot of them are flying R/C. Join the local R/C club and show your ukie. Build an electric and fly it in your local park. Ask if you can display a U/C in the local big box hobby/toy store (instead of complaining they don't carry stunt fuel). Post your club info on the bulletin board.

When the guy shows up at the field, say hello, answer his questions, stick a handle in his hands - keep Mr. Negativeknowitall away from this guy.

BTW , even if the guy is an R/C'er, you can help them. It's about model planes.

My 2cents

- Norm Furutani, AMA 9408
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Sep 22, 2014, 05:47 PM
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All kids are intelligent , yes even those back when we were growing do you think this Hobby originated ?

issue is Kids now days run the show, little discipline and little parenting, they know more about sex by the time they are 10 than you and me do even today. hand them a screw driver or a piece of wire and or a How to book....and they scowl and make some snide remark.

tell them the truth and your a hater or bigot or racist.....tell them how you were raised and what you learned and why and how you "Worked' to have what you do and they tell you , your an old dinosaur and you need to die and let them do it right this time.

Those just a few comments from teachers, parents and grandparents on this generation that are being bought up .

And sadly how those great kids who are being bought up right are demonized and belittled and the peer pressure pushes their desire to learn and pick up that screw driver and piece of wire and read that How to book away.

Than parents are out enjoying their cook out and parties and flying their "toys' while the kids are at home on the Phone, playing Video games and or on the internet, because they do it behind locked gates and men's clubs mentality..where unless you bow to their whim or are among their ideology your not welcome.

Where they refuse to return phone calls, refuse to speak to anyone that is near their locked gate except to say it's a private club...yada yada yada......sure...that is exactly what the kids hear and see...and you wonder why they are not there. Look at their will see quickly why .

And why we see those who wish to fly out learning on their own, including the kids because they are berated and talked down to and shown that's this hobbies mentality...all it takes is reading across this forum and you see that fact almost immediately .
Smarter, maybe not, but wiser, you bet they are !!!!

So how can we help our Hobby ? By Stop playing the "expert" and start being that How to book, that screw driver and that piece of wire that the kids, both young and old want to pick up and learn from.

No offense meant...just simple facts of truth....both from experience and being on both sides of those facts .

Oct 11, 2014, 05:47 PM
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When I visited West Virginia to see my folks when they were living there, it seemed to me that most people were fairly friendly. Maybe the town was small enough? I'm not sure that explains it, though, because here in the Boston area, most of the clubs I've encountered are friendly too. I'm an instructor in our club and I try to help people out. If someone shows up and watches the models, generally one or two of us will go over and see if they'd like to know more about it. I admit this is in Sudbury, where everyone has lots of dough. But quite a few of those visitors were passing through and happened to look up. We share our field with a lot of other users. Regular dog walkers have probably seen quite a few of our models flying.

As far as the kids getting worse, it seems that's been going on for thousands of years. I'm sure if your stories were presented in the right way, many of those kids would pay attention to at least SOME of them. A couple of years ago, I met a kid who put together a hexacopter (like a quad but with six motors) with FPV from some wood and a few gadgets.

We live in an age when air travel is like a long bus ride, except maybe a little worse. Airplanes are old tech now. That doesn't stop ME from appreciating them, but the kids are able to play with some hi tech tools that aren't all that far behind the cutting edge. Maybe I'd be doing that too if I had any talent for programming. When I was in college, I had a room mate who was driving a Porsche that he earned himself by programming computers. (He was awfully pale and scrawny looking though. ) Also, many of them don't have much free time. Excessive homework is fashionable in many places, and upper middle (and maybe just middle?) kids are in several activities that take a lot of time after school.

Another factor may be today's misplaced risk aversion. My nephew wasn't even allowed to use an Xacto knife until he was 10 or 12 years old, though he has a lot of talent building things. He might have been safer with a hobby knife than I am now. There are other things that will kill some of those kids, but hobbies would be very low on the list.

I don't remember my own childhood as a series of halcyon days. We had bullies, racism, bigotry, etc. I thought I wouldn't live to see 20, mosty because I expected an all out nuclear war. I saw some kids in the Boy Scouts cut off a snake's head and hang the body in the tent of a kid they didn't like. On the radio, you could hear about Hamburger Hill every day. If we remember the days when our knees worked well* as a golden age, it's only by forgetting a lot of what was going on.

*In my case, that's mostly a metaphor, although they're no longer good enough for long distance running.

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