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Apr 27, 2004, 07:35 PM
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Working Pager Powered Models

Here are the rules of engagement, you should be used to this by now.

1. Post a pic of your pager powered model along with pertinant details such as motor, gear ratio, prop, AUW, wingspan etc.

2. ONLY post working models, not works in progress or things you are sure will fly. If post post some details of the performance.

3. No chat, chat will be deleted, keep the thread clean. If you have a question then ask and once answered the info should be added to the origional post and then I'll delete the question. Or send a PM and if the info is pertinant they should add it to their post.

That's about it really.

Now I better go off and build something

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Apr 28, 2004, 12:39 AM
Kiwi's Can Fly's Son
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Working Pager Powered Models

Here's my pager powered plane:

Made it as an experiment to see if i could make a plane powered by a pager motor. I used a green back zipzap motor. gear box it from a micro 1ch IR hotrodz pen car. current draw: 240mah on U 80 prop. battery is a 145 lipo.

All made from 1mm bluefoam, and kerbab skewers split down. Micro acuator, 2mm x 1mm magnet.

TX and RX: Modified fitracer RX and stock TX.

Performace: Not Bad! climbs nice! turns are nice, very manueverable.

MOVIE: Pager Plane Video

Going for a 11" Bird dog on a 40mah cell next with the same power plant.

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Apr 28, 2004, 01:17 AM
RoomFlight guy
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This model has worked out well for many first-time fliers. The specs:
- 4" Chord, 16" Span Wings made of 1/16" balsa, covered with 5um Microlite
- Dual 4mm 25:1 Drive unit (2.0g drive mass including 0.2g 6x4" prop)
- Dual 4mm, 40 Ohm enclosed actuator with 1.8g force on the pushrods.
- Fuselage and construction: carbon-fiber tube and laser-cut ply
- 13g AUW, using RFFS-100 Rx and 85mAh Li-Poly battery
- Flight times of 10-15 minutes
- Can fly a figure-8 pattern within a 17-ft room. More comfortable flying in a classroom or rec hall.

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Apr 28, 2004, 07:01 AM
Only nerd in the village

Scale Jiglet

Here is my Jiglet pictured with its big sister: 12" span and weighs 13 grams with a 90mah lipo cell and JMP combo RX. Motor is 4.5ohm pager with 5.3:1 gearing and a 3x3 GWS prop. Duration is at least 15 minutes - I have not yet flown until the cell voltage became low enough to activate the cut-off. In the picture it is rudder only but has since had elevator control fitted. First actuator was too powerful and I had to set rates at 20%. New actuators are smaller and lighter (homemade, 0.5grams each) but still more than strong enough. VERY easy to fly. Model is built entirely from 2mm Selitac.

Apr 29, 2004, 08:42 AM
in persuit of low wing loading
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Clockwise from top left:

Quick Junior: 15g, 12 inch span, Didel 4.5 ohm pager, 6.7:1 Didel gears, 4.8x3.1 CF prop, ET-90 LiPoly, JMP Combo receiver, Gary Jones wings (BSD). Loops easily.

4-Channel Quick Junior: 16.5g, 12-inch span, Didel 4.5 ohm pager, 6.7:1 Didel gears, 4.8x3.1 CF prop, ET-90 LiPoly, JMP Combo with 4th channel board, Gary Jones wings (BSD).

Semi-Profile Citabria: 16.8g, 13-inch span, Falcon PU03 w/Didel 4.5 ohm pager, 5.25:1 gearing, 3.5x2.9 CF prop, ET-90 Lipoly, JMP Combo receiver. Graphics by Chris O'Reiley, printed on tissue and applied. All Depron.

Micro Pattern: 16.5g, 14-inch span, Didel 4.5 ohm pager, 6.7:1 Didel gears, 4.8x3.1 CF prop, ET-90 LiPoly, Micro Planes Solutions combo RX. Fuselage carved from white bead foam, Gary Jones wings (BSD).

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Apr 29, 2004, 04:05 PM
RoomFlight guy
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Indoor Twin

This twin-engine model is a cross between a Push-E and a P-38 Lightning.
- 5"x20" Wing
- Twin Drives(4x11mm,13Ohm motors, 25:1 Gear, 0.3g 3-blade props)
- Dual 4x15mm Actuators
- RFFS-100 Rx, 85mAh Li-Poly, ~18g Flies in a 2-car garage
- Newer version has counter-rotating props

Apr 29, 2004, 04:29 PM
Registered User

my new depron plane

span 30 cm
2 mm selitac+3 mm depron+rolled balsa tube
4.5 didel motor,1/7,prop 5x3.90 ma lipoly,coural combo,40 ohms 4mm motors as actuators.(2x 0.6 gr)
auw:12gr (carbon prop),15 min flight.
can fly outdoor in low winds with 145 ma+gws prop(auw:15 gr)
Apr 29, 2004, 05:36 PM
RoomFlight guy
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Midge BiPlane

I have a soft place in my heart for biplanes, they are so slow and stable in flight.
- Two 6"x18" wings
- 6x12mm, 4.5Ohm Motor, 16:1 Gear, 6" plastic prop (3.5g drive, 12g thrust)
- Dual 4mm actuators
- RFFS-100 Rx, 145mAh Li-Poly, 19g AUW, ~3.5MPH flight speed.

(photo slightly retouched)

Apr 29, 2004, 08:03 PM
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Matt's Pager Powered Stuff

A. Miles M-18: Namiki 6x14mm, Gear is 4.7:1 BB, Prop is Kaysun around 4.5", weight is 16.5gr with Kok 145 or 15.5gr with Etec 90, span 12" (305mm). Flies nicely, not aerobatic, a smooth cruiser. Did one 40 minute flight with the 145 cell indoors. Custom R/C, 3 Ch, muscle wire actuators. Use as a test plane for actuators and small batteries.

B. Micro Micro Taxi: Didel 6mm 4.5ohn, Gear 4:1, Prop was eventually Gasparin wood. Span is 7.0 inches, weight is 7.0gr, Etec 90. Leichty 3 Ch R/C. Nick Leichty helped get this plane sorted out, it flies with great climb, and good control authority. Nick has it now.

C. Ikara Bulldog: Kotl 4mm x 14mm, Didel gears, Prop is G. Johnson CF custom unit. Span 18 inches, weight was around 8 grams, 40 mah Kokam, Bit R/C, muscle wire rudder. This one was given to Dynalloy in exchange for muscle wire. Flight times of around 40 seconds to a minute due to battery sag from warming, but could fly in a 20 foot square area.

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Apr 29, 2004, 08:45 PM
RoomFlight guy
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I did this one to see how a V-Tail would go. Good power, 30-minute flights but with transmitter mixing the two actuators didn't really coordinate all that well.
- 4"x16" Wing
- 3x12mm, 4.5Ohm Motor, 16:1 Gear, 3-blade 0.4g Prop
- Dual 4x15mm 40Ohm actuators
- RFFS-100 Rx, 145mAh Li-Poly, 14g AUW

Apr 29, 2004, 09:01 PM
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2.86g A-6

12 inch span, Didel 4mm pager 6.7:1, 3.5x2 balsa plop, Kokam 20mAh Li-Poly, Custom IR combo receiver, 0.025mm 650t 220ohm actuator.
Flight duration exceeds 11 minutes.

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Apr 30, 2004, 10:34 AM
Fanfold abuser
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First attempt

This one has no name. It is 12 g and uses the 4.5 olm 6 mm pager motor geared 3:1 and swinging a 3X2 GWS prop. It is not a slow flyer, but had plenty of pep, flew at 2/3 throttle easily. With the new 90 mah lipolies it is not hard to achieve this weight. This one is of split fanflold, hotglue, and carbon.
Apr 30, 2004, 11:27 AM
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This is a standard MicroMoth from Chris3D's excellent plans.

The actuators are homemade remotes with the pull-pull connection. The fuse and wings with actuators total 5.3 g. I used the gears from the 92 cent kitchen timer from Wal-Mart.

With the GWS 3X3 prop and a Didel 4.5 ohm 6 mm pager the amp draw is 280 ma. The drive set weight is a porky 2.7 g, but not bad for having a stock fat prop, brass shaft, a two pin connector, and hot glue.

The weight of everyting except the struts and the LG is 11.9 g.

It flew very well, plenty of power and quite agile. I took out the gear to put into a lighter wallfoam airframe, but that is still in progress.
Apr 30, 2004, 11:29 AM
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This is a scaled down Frog. It flies slow and steady. The actuators are the 0.4 g remotes I make, so they are just strong enough for the big, heavy plane.

AUW:14.9 g
Didel 4.5 ohm pager with 8:1 gearing
4 blue rubber prop
Motor/gearbox/prop: 2.7 g
Rx: 2.2 g
Batt and connection: 2.6 g
Actuators: 0.7 g
Misc: 0.3 g

Total Gear Weight: 8.5 g

(The little one has not worked out yet.)
May 01, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Model built for Aeronutz challenge.
Name: Moonshiner - Cassutt based IF1 racer
WingSpan: 6-3/4"
Motor: Didel 4.5 ohm 6mm x 12mm(have flown with 4 - 4.5 ohm bit clone
motors as well , Didel motor provides more thrust)
Gearing: shaved down 0.4mod from bit clone 3.83:1
Prop: 2.4 x 1.55 maple
Actuator: .1g remote 200 ohms/49AWG around 600 turns 3mm ID with two
1/16"x1/32" magnets
RX: IR RX built from info in DIYIR thread

Weight breakdown
Plane with actuator weighs 2.15g
Motor/gearbox/prop with plug and wires 1.8g
90maH lipoly with plug and wires 2.4g
IR RX with plugs and wires .5g
double sided tape/ glue .05g
Weight 6.9g

I have flown the model several times but not very long each time.
It has been flown with lots of different motors and RXs.
It even flew once with a bit RX, It would only climb on a full charge with the bit RX and bit clone pager. I think it might do better with the bit RX and Didel pager. Thrust line and CG adjustments are critical.
With IR RX model actually flies pretty slow if I adjust thrustline with lots of downthrust. Model will ROG but I do not quite have it trimmed yet. Had it trimmed good once so I know it is posssible to get it in trim. Waiting till I finish AM RX to continue trimming.

Name:Profile Guided mite
Weight: 8.5g
RX: lightened bit RX
control is bang bang rudder and throttle
battery: 90maH etec
actuator: self wound with square flat magnet mounted birs style
Flown with lots of different props and motors.
Current setup is Didel 4.5 ohm motor with 3.83:1 gearing and 2.4x1.55 prop.
Have flown with slightly different dia and pitch props as well as 4 to 4.5 ohm bit clone motors.
Just returned from 6 minute flight. Not sure of longest duration.
I would recomend this as an alternate to the larger bitplanes.
It will fly comfortably in a gym as well as outdoors in a gentle breeze.
Rogs in 10 or 15 feet. Landing gear is springy had model bounce a foot or so off the gym floor before.

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