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Sep 19, 2014, 02:57 AM
ancora imparo
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The official Lemon Instructions thread

Lemon DSM2/DSMX compatible receivers and stabilisers are proving very popular. They have excellent performance, are small and low cost.
However Lemon is a small company with limited resources and although their instructions are OK they can be a bit hard for beginners.

I put together a set of instructions for the receivers and the 7-channel stabiliser, with more to come I hope as Lemon expand their range. I am indebted to Daedalus66 for his help with these. The overall categories of Lemon product each have their own post in this thread.

There is also a separate single post thread with a comparison chart of all the receivers here:

There is a more technical document that applies to all Lemon receivers called "Understanding Diversity" discussing the performance of satellites and diversity antennas attached to this post as a pdf file:


With Lemon's blessing I have called this the "official" thread so there is one place to find things, but I have no connection with Lemon.

I don't work for them, never met anybody from there and don't get paid by them. I cannot answer questions about their product plans or deal with complaints.

I'm just a modeller who came across their product in the early days of sale and really liked them. Lemon sometimes send me protypes for my opinion as they do with other modellers. But that's it.

There are threads dedicated to each product where you should go for discussion and info about them.

The receivers

The 7-channel stabiliser

The stabiliser PLUS

The Telemetry system and telemetry enabled recevers

The Transmitter modules

The Micro receiver

I will update this as more products are available.

Please let me know if you find any errors.

Please put any discussion or comment on the main threads for the products. See Post #9.


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Sep 19, 2014, 02:59 AM
ancora imparo
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Thread OP

Lemon receivers - without integrated telemetry

Instructions for the Lemon receivers including the Micro receiver.

Complete instructions are in the pdf file Lemon RX manual_V2.1. It will print on A4 or US Letter correctly if you chose "Scale to Fit" while printing. Individual pages are also attached as .png files for convenience when viewing using a browser.

The Microbrick receiver has its own manuals: A Basic Manual and a more comprehensive Reference Guide.

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding the PPM only receiver LM0039.

Using the PPM stream with a Flight Controller

Receivers, including the Lemon Rx DSMX Compatible PPM 8-Channel Receiver, normally output channel pulses in the sequence sent by the transmitter. Hence, they cannot correct for incompatibilities such as that between a transmitter (such as the DX8) which uses a fixed standard Spektrum TAER channel order and flight controllers such as NAZA which require AETR sequence. For transmitters such as the DX9 in which the channel order can be changed this is not an issue.
Lemon have released the DSMX-Compatible PPM 7-Channel Telemetry Receiver LM0041 that will allow the user to switch between TAER and AETR receiver output using the push button. This has its own set of instructions in Post #6.

22 July 2021. Microbrick Basic Manual and Reference Guide added
Updated 22 August 2017 with revisions and info on satellite connection pinout.
Updated 12 Feb 2016 with substantial revisions and moving instructions for the 7channel DSMX Compatible Telemetry enabled receiver to Post #6.
Updated Dec 2015 with minor typographical corrections plus corrected information on the default fail safe modes.
Updated comparison chart to latest version in this post for convenience 22 August 2017.
Updated comparison chart and put it in it's own thread 5 July 2017.
Added comparison chart of all Lemon receivers (except the new 7ch DSMX Compatible Telemetry) 21 April, 2015

Here is a link to free G-Code and STL files for printing your own case for the Lemon LM0034. Thanks, Tony!
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Sep 19, 2014, 02:59 AM
ancora imparo
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Thread OP

The 7-channel stabiliser

Instructions for the DSMX Compatible Receiver 7-channel stabiliser.

UPDATED 4 September 2015 - corrected statement about master gain on v2 stabilisers on page 17.
UPDATED 17 July 2015 - minor corrections and clarifications. addition of section on recalibrating gyro offset.
Also instructions since 4 June 2015 have a section on Mixing - a function which has confused a few people. In addition I have changed the pictures to make gain adjustment and switch setting clearer plus clarified the "double toggle" setting.

The instructions are attached as a pdf file. It should print on A4 or US Letter correctly if you choose "Scale to Fit" when printing.

Individual pages are also attached as .png graphic files for convenience when viewing in a browser.

I have also added a 3 page "cheat sheet" of settings which people have found useful.

There is also a Youtube video by Karl Thomas here that shows how to set up Flaps and Gear while still maintaining Stabiliser on/off using a DX9.
Lemon RX - 7 Channel receiver with stabilizer (5 min 4 sec)

NB: Master Gain.
For folks who are experimenting with the effects of Master Gain and using it to turn off the stab completely you need to remember that the (Aux3) Master Gain control is 0->2x over the 0.8 -2.2mS pulse width. This is -150% to + 150% on Spektrum transmitters.
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Sep 19, 2014, 03:00 AM
ancora imparo
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Thread OP

The Stabiliser Plus

The Stabilizer Plus was released on 23 December, 2016 and the first product shipped on 3 January 2017.

There are six documents attached as pdf files (you may have to unzip some of them):
The Essential Instructions (read this first) Updated 10 October 2018, with a minor change on 5 April 2019.
A full Reference Guide
A Comparison of Stabilizer and Stabilizer Plus features.
A Functional Flowchart of Stabilizer Plus procedures (recommended for more technical folks familiar with this sort of diagram)
The Admiral RX600SP Stabilizer 3b - review of the Admiral variant of the Stab Plus from MotionRC.
The Stab Plus Quick Start Guide - A 4 page quick start for people using G2 or later Spektrum transmitters and conventional tail, V-Tail or Elevon (Delta) models. It is a zipped file called "Lemon Stabilizer Plus Quick Start Guide v1.pdf". There is also a version of the same document at lower resolution called "Lemon Stabilizer Plus Quick Start Guide v1 SMALL.pdf" that is in uncompressed pdf format for people who have difficulty with zip files. The content of both is the same.

The Essential Instructions is also attached as individual pages in graphic form for convenience.

10 min Step-by-Step video:

Packet to Plane - Step by Step Setup. (9 min 48 sec)

Short "One Topic" videos (work in progress):

Lemon Stab Plus Basic Setup
Lemon Stab Plus Options

The Essential Instructions

This document is designed to get people with no experience up and running on a conventional tail model and using a Spektrum transmitter. It is the same document as linked on Lemon's website but the latest version will always be here.

Individual pages are attached as graphic files for convenience but the pdf file is of much better quality. It needs to be downloaded.

The Reference Guide

This document is designed to be read after the Essential Instructions as needed and contains additional information, explanation and coverage of the operation in more depth.

Individual pages are not provided because of the size. It needs to be downloaded.

Stabilizer and Stabilizer Plus features compared.

This one page document is attached and summarises the features of the two Lemon stabilizers. Key purchase decision items in favour of either version are in red.

Functional Flowchart

I "reverse engineered" a functional flowchart with Lemon's help and if you are comfortable with flowcharts summarises just about all you need to know in one page. It is not recommended unless you are familiar with this kind of document.

GottaZoom's demonstration videos are here:

Part 1


The use of Flaperons or Differential when in Autolevel mode is not possible.

The Spektrum Flaperon function moves the neutral of the the aileron channels by the same amount but in opposite directions in order to deflect them simultaneously in the same direction. This will confuse the StabilizerPlus when in Autolevel mode. If you are flying along and dial in Flap with a Flaperon wing the model may unexpectedly roll or behaviour may be otherwise unpredictable. Similarly Differential, where one aileron moves more than another, can cause unpredictable results.

Flaperons and Differential work just fine in Off and Gyro mode.

The functioning of the Stab plus is not compromised in any way by setting up Flaperons or Differential but you should avoid using them whenever you are in Autolevel mode.
Here is how to set up a Mix on an original DX8 to ensure that Flaperons cannot activate in Autolevel mode:
And here is the same thing for Gen2 DX6, DX8, DX9 and other modern Spektrum transmitters

Avoiding Differential in Autolevel mode is simply achieved by using the Mode switch to also select the amount of Differential and setting it to 0% in the Autolevel position.

Common setups.

It is not always obvious how to best set up a Spektrum transmitter to full advantage of the StabPLUS. In particular getting all of flaps, gear and dual ailerons working, particularly with electric retracts which sometimes can cause problems if put on channel 7. The principles are covered in detail in the Reference Guide but there are are few step-by-step guides available for the most commonly used solutions.

Don (hifinsword) has done a summary of the common setups on his Blog.

1) Standard 6/7 Channel setups.

2) Permanently Off/On setups with channel 5 available .

JJ604's DX8 setup

3) Original DX8 (1st Generation) setup that uses Flaperons, Aileron Differential and Throttle-> Elevator and Rudder mixing

4) Daedalus66's full solution for a DX8G2.
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Sep 19, 2014, 03:00 AM
ancora imparo
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The Telemetry system

The Telemetry system v 1.0 was available for purchase from October 2014. A version with slightly revised firmware v 1.5 became available at the begining of December. This added the ability for the user to calibrate the voltage and current readings if they wanted to, but is otherwise identical.

A version 2.0 with some improved functionality has been foreshadowed for some future unspecified date. These instructions are for v1.0 and v 1.5.

Complete instructions are in the pdf file "Telemetry Instructions". It will print on A4 or US Letter correctly if you chose "Scale to Fit" while printing. Individual pages are also attached as .png files for convenience when viewing using a browser.
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Sep 19, 2014, 03:01 AM
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Receivers with integrated telemetry

LM0051 and LM0052

Lemon released the LM0052 on Dec1, 2017 and the LM0051 in Jan 2018. The U versions were made available in May 2018.

A comprehensive set of Instructions are now attached.

Download the file: Lemon LM0051-52 Instructions v1.1.1

In addition there is a separate document about the accuracy of the V/I sensor and how to get the most precisely calibrated result. Sensor testing and calibration.pdf. It will be of interest to only a few as the factory calibrated sensor is perfectly adequate for most purposes.

Here are the significant features of the new receivers and differences from the LM0041:
  • The LM0052 adds inbuilt telemetry for both Altitude and Vertical speed (Vario) to the existing telemetry fields.
  • The LM0051 is an LM0052 without a barometer. It is lower cost but does not provide Altitude and Vario telemetry. Otherwise it is identical.
  • The LM0051 and LM0052 come with factory calibrated external V/I sensors for electric models in either TPlug or XT60 version. The LM0052U and LM0051U are lower cost variants without the external sensor. The sensors can be purchased separately and added but the user then has to perform the calibration process set out in the Instructions. A third “bare wire” version of the sensor will also available as a separate purchase for those who use different connectors.
  • The LM0051 and LM0052 do not have the PPM out capability of the LM0041. The blue LED is used only for sensor calibration.
  • The LM0051 and LM0052 have an additional Failsafe option; throttle only failsafe where all servos hold their position except throttle which goes to the position it was at when binding took place. Failsafe mode is selected using the push button while still in bind mode. The Green LED indicator shows which mode failsafe is set. None=no pulse, flashing = throttle only preset style, solid = all channels preset.

In Feb, 2016 Lemon began selling their first receiver with telemetry functionality integrated into the receiver (as distinct from the stand-alone telemetry unit which plugs into a separate receiver and which is covered in Post#5 below).

The DSMX-Compatible Telemetry enabled PPM 7-Channel Telemetry Receiver has Lemon's Low Noise Amplifier front end and twin diversity antenna. It has extremely good sensitivity and range. It is called the LM0041 on Lemon's web page.

Complete instructions are in the pdf file "Lemon 7ch Telemetry Rx Manual Feb12". You can double click it to browse or right click to download it. It will print on A4 or US Letter correctly if you chose "Scale to Fit" while printing.
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Sep 19, 2014, 03:02 AM
ancora imparo
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Thread OP

Lemon Transmitter modules

These are the instructions for the two versions of the Lemon DSMP transmitter module. They are in pdf form. Download by clicking on the File link below. The first is for the Plug and Go cased module, the second for the module intended for DIY transmitter conversion.

The discussion thread for the Lemon transmitter modules is here.
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Sep 19, 2014, 03:15 AM
BMFA 190658
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Many thanks JJ604

Excellent idea my friend, just what's needed!
Dec 02, 2014, 08:29 PM
ancora imparo
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Thread OP
I have re-opened this thread as I think it makes it easier for people to find and follow any updates.

In the interests of making this a useful reference thread, I would appreciate it if any discussion/questions were put on the main threads for Lemon products:

Receivers here

Stabilizer here

Stabilizer Plus here

and Telemetry here


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Jan 04, 2015, 03:37 PM
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I know I'm missing something obvious, but how can I use my gear switch to lower and raise the gear without disabling the gyro? I want the gyro active for landing approaches. Thanks in advance.
Jan 04, 2015, 03:44 PM
ancora imparo
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Thread OP
In the interests of making this a useful reference thread, I would appreciate it if any discussion/questions were put on the main threads for Lemon products.


Feb 12, 2015, 08:23 PM
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Feb 12, 2015, 09:02 PM
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Apr 08, 2015, 08:57 AM
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The official Lemon Instructions thread

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Apr 08, 2015, 11:14 AM
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Hope you don't mind me adding this to the thread, feel free to delete but I feel it is good relevent info.

With Baseflight it appears that these lemon sats can now be binded (bound?) directly to the Naze32 without a main receiver..

How to bind spektrum spec satellite to Tx without main Rx

Make sure that satellite has been connected correctly.
Connect Naze32 to USB
Open baseflight and connect to Naze32 (baseflight app in Chrome)
From Configuration tab make sure that you have selected "Enable Serial-based receiver" and Serial receiver is correct (e.g. SPEKTRM2048 for DSMX)
From CLI tab type: "set spektrum_sat_bind = 9" for DSMX or "set spektrum_sat_bind = 5" from DSM2
type "save" and after Naze32 reboot remove USB cable (=Power off the Naze32)
Wait a sec and reconnect the USB cable. After cold start satellite led should start blinking and transmitter should be turned on while pressing the bind button.
After binding satellite led should be solid. Connect baseflight and use receiver tab to test that satellite is working correctly.
Final step is to go to CLI tab and type "set spektrum_sat_bind = 0" and then type "save". This must be done so that satellite doesn't go back to binding mode when Naze32 is repowered again.

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