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Sep 10, 2014, 07:55 PM
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AMES tour

It was sold out in 3 hours, despite being only an outdoor tour of the unrestricted area. They would not get into the giant wind tunnel, though they would get into the cafeteria, see the bench wind tunnels & RC planes. Surprising more hobbyists don't build bench wind tunnels. The cafeteria is probably the mane attraction, because that's where you actually see people who work on spaceships every day, after a very long line.

The dissapointment is of course that the voters fill up the event in 3 hours, yet when asked to fund a space program, the same voters consistently choose expanded mortage programs instead. You always hope the voters finally decide their granite countertops are worth enough, but they never do. There's always more money to be made from 1 more remodelling program, 1 more medicare program & 1 less space program.

Lockheed hopes to finally launch an unmanned test of Orion, after 11 years of program cancellations & budget cuts. It's scheduled for 2014, but probably won't happen until 2016. A 2nd unmanned test was scheduled for 2018, 15 years after the program started, with nothing funded afterwards. SpaceX has no schedule for Dragon 2 unless NASA can restore commercial crew funding, which is still 1/2 of the required amount.

A final downselect of commercial crew to 1 contractor was planned for August. When that was canceled, September became the moment. SpaceX will be the prime contractor, with a starvation ration given to Boeing, & SNC defunded. There's not much guesswork involved.
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Sep 11, 2014, 06:44 AM
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At the peak, KSC/Canaveral employed large quantities of people in all aspects of support for Shuttle. About $0.015 of a tax dollar was spent on NASA programs nationwide in the mid 1990s. The recipients of that money were, mostly, the companies contracted out to do the actual work.

There is no better welfare program than putting people to work. There was no greater goal than to put humans at the edge of exploration. Even putting robotic vehicles at the edge still employs people.

Our will, as a nation, seems to be focused on watching amazing slam dunks (or home runs, etc) of overpaid athletes who, generally, care little about what really makes an economy work for the most number of people.


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