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Sep 10, 2014, 08:47 AM
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Hobbyking H-4 470mm Quadcopter frame kit

After fun with the FPV250's I decided to get something a bit bigger, to carry decent FPV/Camera payloads and be able to do more 'useful' missions. More stable... more efficient... longer flying...

There are lots of cheap X Frames around, but this H frame stood out with a bit more character. It cost a bit more than many X's, but it can also fold up into a nice small rectangle - so it won out as my final choice of the many options there are.

I have not decided on what motors and ESC's yet - nor even the Flight Controller!
I am thinking APM, but next in line could be a KK2.1.... but it will be something with GPS and thus RTH and Waypoints capability.

I have to go and do some reading and assessing of what things to use with it.....

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Sep 10, 2014, 09:01 AM
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Modding the frame... already!!

I got the frame kit and even though I had sort of liked it different look to a standard X frame, it still looked "bland". Uninspiring. Too 'Square" in its geometry - just straight lines. Much like X's don't look much either....

As I assembled it, and saw that less than inspiring shape, I noted what could be altered easily.....
The arm use two bolts per arm, and that is what locks it to be out at 90deg to the main frame. With just a re-drill of one set of bolt pair you could alter the arm to NOT be at 90deg....!!! So I investigated that idea....
What new angles???

I figured that to look more "speedy", or "racey"(?), it would be suited to having a "streamlined" form. Thus I angled the front arms rearwards a fair amount.
I tossed up on then leaving the rear arms straight out, because it all looked OK like that then anyway. But then I thought I would angle them rearwards also, but at half the angle of the front arms - to give it a bit of Asymmetry overall.
I think it came out looking pretty good.

Doing this to both sets also keeps the overall motor to motor spacings not far off the stock 470mm. But it still does have a slightly narrower spacing for the front motors, than the rear motors, and also a bit shorter motor spacing that the stock 470mm - more like 400mm now.
That is all ok.... I am sure the Flight Controller will not care about it all NOT being a perfect 'square' anyway. I assume it will still be classed as an "X" layout anyway... otherwise maybe a "H". I will find that out later!!

I installed all the raised platforms they supply, but I am thinking that I will make a different raised platform - a one piece one, and just the size/length that I want/need. Probably on lower spacers than they give also.
This will be to keep it looking low, lean and mean!!

The supplied landing legs look a bit 'wrong' in the stock pics, but when you actually see them they are actually very nice and suited to it! But I moved their mounting positions to suit the new motor points.

The motor ESC's will not go on the arms, as is most common, but on the main frame itself. The main frame has a LOT of room, so it will fit everything I could want to with ease!

I will probably not do much else for a week or two, while I work out WHAT stuff I am actually going to use on it.....
I have a friend's 550mm X Quad that I am setting up and testing, and that has a good setup of motors and ESC's that would at least be very well suited to this one also - so that is my likely starting point, but I will read up some more to be sure!

Sep 12, 2014, 09:44 AM
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Setup Chosen

After some reading.... and some humming and harring.... I decided on the setup for the H-4 470mm.

NTM 2830-1100kv motors
- This was because approx range of 1000kv to 1100kv is suited for the copter size and 3S or 4S. I had the reference of my friends 3530-110kv NTM's, plus a number of other 450mm "X" Quads using those, or similar. But 3530 is overkill really... 380W per motor! Whereas the 200W region should do, and these 2830 can do up to 280W on 3S anyway.

Afro 30A ESC
- This is because 30Amps is good leeway, and they are good ESCs that also come with SimonK firmware installed.

9x4.7 Slow Fly props
- I will probably really need 10x4.5 but I already have some of those anyway. The 9x4.7 might give higher RPM, for a similar lift result - but I would expect they can cope with fast flight better. Smaller props = better for faster flight.
The Green ones are VERY visible! I use those on the Fronts of copters. I usually use Black on the rear (non-descript), but HK didn't have any in the size so I had to get Red.

KK2.1.5 Flight Controller
- I was going to 'swap and borrow' my KK2.0 unit from the LOS FPV250 I have, but then I decided that is a PAIN to do.... and I can just have a dedicated FC for $25.

I will be using FPV for this copter, but probably just a lower level OSD with that = no GPS. Though I MIGHT add GPS to it later one day, if it seems useful. This is really made to be a "Large park area, Fast Sports Copter", so it is more about just a simple level of FPV to do that.

I will use a Sony HADII board camera once again (they are cheap and GREAT!) either a "Mini board cam" version, or the "normal" version.

I will test with a 200mW Boscam Mini VTX, otherwise will move up to a 400mW Boscam VTX. But I also have a 600mW SkyZone VTX if that is needed.

The RX will be a FRsky DF6R to start with, seeing the KK2.1.5 runs from PWM (individual servo leads per channel - not PPM or SBUS)

I bought CHEAP Zippy 3S 3000mAH 20C ($14 each), which should be ok for the aims. I also have the window to move up to 4S if that seems useful or necessary (with even smaller props then).

I also bought a few High Intensity Green LED's, to go under the Motor/Arm area - to point vertically downwards. They had no Red ones in stock, but I will add those later too (I think I have a few anyway) - under the rear arms and also one out the "back" like tail light. And I will try some night flying later on!
Maybe I will add a pair of White ones, as "headlights" up front too = a good idea I think!


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