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Sep 09, 2014, 07:02 PM
Soar high, huck low
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167 inch Constellation E Conversion.

Hey there. I recently got a Bob Seally 167 inch Constellation. It's in need of TLC for sure, but the price was right. On the agenda .....

Remove old covering and replace with a modern and lighter weight covering.

Wet sand the fuse and repaint to match new covering.

Make spoilers operational again. Currently they are taped shut and have no linkages.

Renew the flap controls. Currently the servo is in the fuse and cables are attached once plane is assembled. It works, but it's kinda draggy right now.

Move servos from front of fuse to the tail. The fuse is about 6 feet long. Way too much slop and the full flying stab is on a T Tail. A shorter linkage on both will improve control. This was a mod GordySoar made on his. Gordy used Volz$$$ but I have kids I need to send to college some day.
Servo Question--- It's about a 9.5 pound plane. What size servos would you put in the tail surfaces? i.e. How many Oz/inch torque? Recommendations?

And last but not least since this is in the E Sailplane forum, I'm gonna whack the nose off this sucker and put a motor in it

I realize some purists may have just had an aneurism but here's my take.

It's a cross country plane from the mid 80's.
It's not going to compete with the moldies of this century.
I don't fly cross country.
I don't have an emotional attachment to it.
While I am a member of a soaring club with a winch, it would limit my ability to fly it as much as I want to.
I thought about a OneWinch, but I am not sure if it will launch it, and for the price I can drop a 1100 watt Power 60 on the front with 15/8 carbon prop and a 4s 4000 and still have money left over compared to the OneWinch.

So before I break out the compound mitre saw and don some goggles, what say ye my enlightened sailplane brethren?
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Sep 09, 2014, 07:39 PM
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Have at it my friend. It should be a great conversion. I don't think that it would live long using our winch. I would use 50 in. oz. + servos. As it will not be fast so the surface loading shouldn't be high. No need to go crazy on servo torque. Use the best servo on the elevator especially if it is a flying stab. Someday I hope to build one really big electric sailplane. I do have a set of plans for a 151% Windfree and a pile of lumber................
Sep 09, 2014, 07:49 PM
Soar high, huck low
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Thread OP
Thanks for the input Ken- exactly what I was looking for. I need to get out to NASA more often. I've just been covered up with work and family obligations.
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Sep 10, 2014, 11:07 AM
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If you've been considering the OneWinch just for this plane, then by all means, go with the electric conversion instead.

The beauty of the OneWinch is its portability and versatility for transport, variable length setup, and ability to launch "any" size glider.

Having said that, this Constellation is not only large, but heavy. The OneWinch is up to the task, but you won't find many mere mortals capable of pulling it up. You can use a different power source, as shown by the lawn mower video on our site, but that would be more complicated than an electric conversion for a single plane.

Sep 10, 2014, 11:17 AM
Soar high, huck low
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Thread OP
Thanks for your honesty and being up front with me. I would have been bummed to get the OneWinch and found out that it would not work for this application. Your product looks great and I wish you great success on the new production run. Maybe someday I'll buy one when I have a plane that fits your product.

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Feb 24, 2015, 10:49 PM
Soar high, huck low
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Long time since the last post. Finally have some space on the bench and got back to work here. I completely sanded the fuse and removed the old white paint which was yellowing with age. Filled in a couple holes from old power switches, tow hook etc with splooge. Next, I removed the covering from the tails, which only took about an hour. Last night I revode the covering from the left wing. About 7 square feet on both the top and bottom took the better part of 3 hours. The other wing will be tackled while Atlanta is buried in 1/2 an ich of snow, or as locals call it- the "End of the World Snowpocalypse 2015".

So far, by removing the old huge servos, thick ply servo tray, half the loose lead nose weight, and all the HD control rods I have a pound of weight saved. One of the features this plane had was control slop due to the long unsupported control rods in the fuse. A previous owner decided to fill it with expanding foam "great stuff" insulation. It took about 2 nights with a 1/2 inch stick to push and scrape it all out. That foam weighed about 6 oz which was all behind the CG. That should help lighten her up a lot. My servos will be mounted in the tail and weigh half as much.

Horizon had a 1/2 price sale on covering, so I saved some good money there on the 4 rolls I'll need for the wings and tail. Going traditional, white on top, red tips, all black on the bottom.

Servos are on order from Aloft. I really think the KST are a great product for the money.

On the front, I am using a MVVS 5.6 790kv motor. Probably will run a carbon aeronaut 15/8 folder with a 50 mm spinner. 4 cell lipo, Capacity will be determined by how much weight is needed. 80 amp esc, with a Castle 10 amp BEC.

I'll compile some pics and post later.
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Mar 01, 2015, 09:11 PM
Soar high, huck low
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Thread OP
Next step, chopping the nose off and installing servos. Hope to be through with that in a couple sessions after dinner this week. Following week is covering. Shooting for a St Patty's Day maiden. The dirty hard part is done.
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Mar 02, 2015, 10:28 PM
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Nice work Rich! Maybe the '65 could tow her up! Looking forward to the maiden.
Mar 02, 2015, 10:30 PM
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Very cool Richard. I can't believe that lead photo. Two DLGs weight in the nose!
Mar 04, 2015, 06:43 AM
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Looking nice Rich. I need to do this with one of my Sailaire's. The mowing at the field limits how often I can set up a high start or winch. The wind does not often seem to be from due east or west. If I want to fly those vintage birds the eletric conversion is the way to go. I might need to do the Sagitta 900 too If I can find something narrow enough to fit.
Mar 14, 2015, 08:25 AM
Rising hot air = Good!
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Just think....all that lead went up on the winch line at RiverGreen and floated around the field like it was nothing. Can't wait to see her in the air again, especially after Rich puts her on Jenny Craig Go Richard!

Mar 16, 2015, 07:18 PM
Soar high, huck low
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Thread OP

Fuse is primed and first coat of epoxy paint is on.
Vertical stab has cut outs ready to receive servos.
All the electronics are soldered up and ready to drop in place.
Detailing a couple pock marks on the wing and embedding servo frames will happen tonight.
Stab will be covered tonight. Wing will be covered tomorrow. I think I am going to keep things simple with tape hinges on the flaps and spoilers.

Back to the shop...
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Mar 17, 2015, 09:12 PM
Soar high, huck low
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Thread OP
Very happy with the paint thus far...
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