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Apr 23, 2004, 06:48 PM
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This is for all you Venus flyers? Right now Tower has the GP Venus 40 ARF on sale right now for 139:99 I have a NIB B50-10L 5.2 to 1 and HM 70-3P and several 16 zapped RC 2400 packs. Since the Venus is such a good price and I don't have a plane for my motor how do you think it will work on a 14X10 APC E Prop and 16 Zapped RC 2400's? I realize its not the motor that is recommended for the Venus but its been sitting for 2 years in its box waiting for a plane? What do you guys think, will it fly the plane well? I can even go with a 3 blade prop and I will eventually use a Thunder Power 5S4P 7600 10C. I need an airplane that fly's well for my motor. Since the Aeroworks Edge didn't pan out I know the Venus is a better quality ARF.
Thanks Everyone
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Apr 23, 2004, 10:06 PM
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Kyle was flying a Venus on a B50 10L 5.2:1, 15x8 and 5s3p. I beleive he is now flying with an XL motor.

Apr 25, 2004, 12:47 PM
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I thought the big advantafe to the 10C cells was to go for 2p packs and save a bunch of weight + you can get 2 packs for less down time.
Apr 25, 2004, 01:10 PM
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You would have to play with props some to get the performace where you want it, but that motor should fly this plane with ease. You may have to open up the fire wall a bit to allow the motor to come back far enough for the cowl to get on ok, but that should be about it.

As for the 3p vers the 2p lipo setups, my guess is that Kyle is doing it for CG reasons. I fly a 5s2p setup and have it broken up into 4 packs. 2 3s packs and 2 2s packs. I have my 2 3s and 1 of my 2s packs in the front as far foward as it will go. I then have my remaining 2s pack sitting right in the slot where the wing saddle is as farward as it will go up against the other three packs. This puts my CG right on the mark or about 1/8" behind the mark depending on where I get my wiring harness mess buttoned down at each time I go fly it.

Just some thoughts. I think the 16 cell packs will give you more flexablity as far as getting the CG on.

Apr 25, 2004, 02:07 PM
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Thunder Power 7600 10C Packs

David yes what you say is true but I originally bought two of the 10C 6S4P packs in 7600 mahr for my EDF Jets I have a couple of Twin EDF's that need the power and duration. I will probably fly the Venus on 16 zapped RC 2400's for a bit then get a 5S2P 10C for it or 5S3P.

Thanks Much Bill, The Venus just caught my eye since it was on sale. The plane I really want to convert is the Kyosho Corsair and its probably the one I will do with the B50-10L 5.2 to 1 and a 5S3 or 4P not sure which yet but I will probably start on 16 RC 2400's since I have a box of them.

Thanks allot for the help and insight guys I appreciate it.