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Dec 31, 2001, 05:17 PM
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More fun with the Air Boss and new Astro 010

Even though the weather has been cold, windy and snowing here, logic got the best of me today, and I decided to fly the Air boss today. About 25 degrees with blowing snow flurries, 10 mph winds. Just to refresh my memory and compare, I also flew the GWS cub.

I managed to keep the cub in the air and nearby with full throttle and nose down flying, not much altitude.

Brought out the Air Boss with the GWS motor and Qualcomms, and it was much more fun than the cub, climbed in the wind, scooted around, etc. Had about 20 minutes on the batteries when my hands froze.

Got home and started thinking how much fun it would be with more power, so I got my new astro 010 out of the box and slapped it in, which is a 5 minute job at best.

I had tried direct 300 and 280 motors in this plane, and they were pretty lame. So I was not expecting too much out of the astro, except for more run time. I realize that the astro isn't designed for a low-speed, long duration parkflyer, but what the hell - I had to try it.

Since the qualcomms supposedly cut out if the draw exceeds 2 amps, I hooked one up and floored the throttle to see how long it would take to cut out. After 10 minutes of full-blast indoor operation with the supplied 5.5x2.5 prop, it was still running (which surprised the hell out of me since I was expecting about a 5 amp draw with the astro) so I decided to try it with the qualcomms. Mine are still in the case with the protection circuit intact.

Charged up the battery and went out.

The bottom line is that the top speed and climb performance are about twice as good as with the GWS/8x6 combo that I used in the morning. The plane is about 1 1/2 ounces heavier this way (total weight about 11 oz), which definitely makes it more twitchy, especially with less torque available.

But it's a lot of fun this way, and definitely sportier. I like it. Loops easily from level flight, climbs like crazy if you let it.

After about 15 minutes the qualcomm was still kicking, but my hands were frozen so I pulled it down.

On the way to the car just for curiousity I tried a ROG takeoff, which took about 10 feet at 3/4 throttle (with the flown-out battery). I was impressed, and so surprised that I clipped a tree branch with the wing, which sent the plane spiraling in to the ground nose first.

Basically I am a moron, and didn't expect it to jump into the air that quickly!

Smashed pretty much everything back to the wing mount, but it's repairable, and certainly not as bad as when my wife dropped the box of floor tile on the tail.

Again, just wanted to recommend this plane to anybody whi is looking for a better GWS plane. It's great.

Does anybody have any idea why the qualcomms worked with this setup?

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Dec 31, 2001, 06:12 PM
A Clinger
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Okay, I'll bite. What is an Air Boss and I assume the qualcomms (to me this a cell phone maker) are battries?

Sorry for the 'newbie' questions!!
Jan 01, 2002, 01:17 AM
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Go here to see the Airboss,easy to build,great kit,better on a geared 280.