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KDE Direct XF UAS 75HV+ esc

Electric multirotor series


A new esc designed for heavy-lifting applications

KDE Direct has introduced a brand new esc designed and build specifically for heavy-lift and industrial UAS applications. The XF UAS 75HV+ is compatible with 3s up to 12s LiPo packs and uses a proprietary algorithm with a 600hz refresh rate for instantaneous response times. The esc is tuned specifically for KDE Direct XF multirotor motors and no throttle calibration is required (on most applications).

CLICK HERE for more info on the KDE XF UAS 75HV+


Refresh Rate: 600 Hz (50 - 600Hz Adaptive)

  • Maximum Current: 135 A (5s Burst)
  • Maximum Power: 5,995 W (5s Burst)
  • Continuous Current: 75+ A
  • Continuous Power: 3,330+ W
  • Maximum Efficiency: > 98%
  • Voltage Range: 11.1 V (3S) - 44.4 V (12S)
  • Internal BEC: None (Opto-Isolation)
  • Maximum RPM: 240,000 rpm (2-Pole)

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Aug 24, 2014, 11:09 PM
Learn to fly with thumb..
600hz... interesting to know how this can handle U8 135kv even lower..

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