Typhoon 2S Glass/Carbon

2 Meter Hollow Molded Composite Sailplane


Glass or Carbon? You Choose

The Typhoon 2S is a 2M composite ship capable of soaring with the birds or screaming down like a bullet. The wings are two-piece and you can order them in hollow molded fiberglass or carbon fiber. The glass version will be lighter and less expensive, but the carbon version is stronger and will take more abuse during aggressive flying. The ailerons and rudder are live-hinged with wipers installed and the elevator is a full flying stab with the bellcrank already installed from the factory.

Learn more about the Typhoon at Esprit Model.

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Aug 16, 2014, 11:43 AM
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I have been flying the Typhoon as a hotliner but I also have the glider fuselage for slope soaring. With a Neu motor/gearbox, 15" folding CF prop, 4s 2200, CC Pheonix 80A ESC, 4s AAA Eneloop Rx pack. This is a great performing setup. The Typhoon is a "best bang for the buck" type of glider. It is very well made and flies particularly well as an acrobatic glider. I have glass wings but would choose CF for Dynamic soaring or slope racing. The midrange size is really good for someone who wants to fly for sport, it is large enough to outperform the 60" types and much less expensive than the big ships. I got mine from Soaring USA but Esprit is also a great outfit to deal with. Nice to see them importing these fine machines. Note that they are not new, the Typhoon has been on the market for years.
Nov 01, 2014, 12:23 PM
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Does anyone know the weight difference between the fiberglass and carbonfiber version?
Nov 06, 2014, 11:37 PM
Albany, the place to slope off
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My Typhoon

Bought mine about a month ago from OleRC, they sell first class complete or pick and match different colours or seconds.
I bought the new fuselage and tail feathers, seconds wings and they included the wing bags and harness for free and when I received it, there was a free RCRCM t-shirt.
Awesome value for less than $500AU delivered to my door, thank you OleRC

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