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Youth Masters 2014 Update

Here is a great event held each year at Triple Tree.


Triple Tree Aerodrome - The Youth Masters 2014

Another Youth Masters is in the books. I was talking with Kent Porter about this great event last week. Kent put together an update to let everyone at FG know what went down this year. Thanks Kent!

Kent Porter:

The Youth Masters at the world famous Triple Tree Aerodrome flying site is where aerobatic pilots up to 16 years old are given the opportunity to compete while flying identical aircraft, and most of all to make friends while learning about this great hobby!

The sole purpose of this competition is to develop sportsmanship/fellowship among young pilots and give them the chance to compete on an equal level.

We would like to express our appreciation to the volunteers and families that took precious time from their everyday lives to share the Triple Tree Aerodrome’s facility, The Home of Fun, Fellowship & Hospitality!

This year’s event took place on the 26th and 27th of July. Overall, there were 26 pilots flying in the Triple Tree Youth Masters 2014 contest. In no particular order they were: Alex West, Ben Jenkins, Benton Griffin, Blake Rykard, Carson Brinkley, Connor Barnes, Dayton Jessen, Dylan Flowers, Evan Turner, Henru Greyling, Henry Alexander, Jacob Alexander, James Stewart, Joseph Thibodeau, Joshua McCreary, Luke Sewing, Luke Young, Mitch Johnson, Nicholas Alexander, Preston Brittian, Stephen Eller, TJ Jonhson, Tradd Rhides, Travis Speed, Wyatt Lyons and Zan Iqbal.

These pilots flew a grand total of 232 judged sequences. Wyatt Lyons won the Basic class. There were 20 pilots in Basic.

Winning Order in Basic Class

  1. Wyatt Lyons
  2. Carson Brinkley
  3. Dayton Jessen
  4. Travis Speed
  5. Luke Young
  6. Benton Griffin
  7. Stephen Eller
  8. Luke Sewing
  9. Alex West
  10. Blake Rykard
  11. Zan Iqbal
  12. TJ Jonhson
  13. Jacob Alexander
  14. James Stewart
  15. Tradd Rhides
  16. Nicholas Alexander
  17. Dylan Flowers
  18. Henry Alexander
  19. Henru Greyling
  20. Preston Brittian
They flew 4 known sequences (2 rounds). The scores ranged from a low of 248.7 to a high of 2,957.5 (a range of 2,708.9 points). Connor Barnes won the Advanced class.

Winning Order in Advanced Class

  1. Connor Barnes
  2. Ben Jenkins
  3. Evan Turner
  4. Mitch Johnson
  5. Joshu McCreary
  6. Joseph Thibodeau
They flew 6 known sequences (3 rounds). The scores ranged from a low of 3,582.1 to a high of 3,987.7 (a range of 405.5 points). The tightest competition was for 9th place in the Basic class, with only 3.9 points difference between Alex West and Blake Rykard.

Saturday Night’s Traditional Foamy Free Style Winners

  • Advanced Foamy Free Style - Ben Jenkins
  • Basic Foamy Free Style - Benton Griffin
  • Sportsmanship Recipient - Evan Turner

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to Tom and Kal Reifsnyder for the gracious donation of the Extreme Flight Yak and the JR 10X Radio. Desert Aircraft for the DA 120

Learn more about the Youth Masters here.

Thanks to Kent for the update and stay tuned for more info on next year's event!

Photos by Daniel Poole

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Aug 12, 2014, 11:17 AM
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Looks like a fun time for all.

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