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Aug 01, 2014, 03:33 PM
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Prevent Futaba radio from turning on when trainer cable connected?

I have the Futaba 14sg and with the radio turned off, when you plug the trainer cable into the back, the radio turns on.

Is there any setting or any way to prevent this from happening? I would like to leave the trainer cable plugged in without running down my battery.
I want to have the trainer cable plugged in, with the radio off. Then slide the power switch on to turn on the radio.

Anyone have experience with this?
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Aug 01, 2014, 08:17 PM
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You will need to open the micro (square) trainer port connector at the end of the trainer cable which plugs into the 14SG trainer port and remove the jumper between pins 4 and 5 - see the diagram below.

The problem in this case is that when you turn on the transmitter using the power switch, it will also transmit RF signal. When powered through the jumper between pins 4 and 5 of the trainer port, the RF circuit does not receive power and as a result is using less battery power.

You can still prevent the transmitter from transmitting RF when turning it on with the power switch in several ways, the two most popular being:

1. Hold down the RTN button when turning on the power. The transmitter enters a menu which allows you to select normal RF power, reduced RF power (range check) or no RF power. Select the last one to use the 14SG with a sim without transmitting RF signal.

2. Set up the transmitter to issue a high throttle warning (it is enabled by default) and put the throttle above idle then turn on the power - you will get the warning and will have the option to select between RF on or off.

The above applies not only to the 14SG but also to the 8FG, 12FG, 10C and 9C.

Aug 02, 2014, 01:08 AM
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Thank you so much!!!

Pins 4 and 5 were soldered together. I used my soldering iron and a tiny pry tool to loosen and slide the solder off of the two pins. However, some of the solder ran down and puddled at the base of those two pins so I had to use an XACTO with pointed blade to essentially cut that puddled area away.

I've included a close up of the opened connector illustrating pins 4 and 5 no longer bridged after removing the solder connection. For anyone else wondering, the RF connector snaps together and you can use a couple of small flat-head screwdrivers to pop it open. Then the bottom half of the connector of lift off. If you look at the connector closely from all angles, you will see the little tabs that hold it together.

Now I can leave my trainer cable plugged in and the controller turned off!
And by the way, I was already unsure about the RF issue because when I plugged my trainer cable in, the RF indicator LED would blink, which bothered me. To be sure RF was off, I was already using the first technique you mentioned to power on my controller each time.

This works great!!!
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Aug 02, 2014, 12:46 PM
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The RF indicator flashing means no RF - it is an alert that you can not use it for flying. On older trannies like the 9C the RF light is completely off.


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