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View Poll Results: Would you attend a jet meet?
I fly EDF Parkfliers (< 50 mph, < 2 pounds) 59 38.31%
I fly EDF Bungee Launch > 2 pounds 58 37.66%
I fly EDF ROG Heavy Metal 42 27.27%
I fly Glow DF < 5 pounds 6 3.90%
I fly Glow DF > 5 pounds 13 8.44%
I fly Turbine 9 5.84%
I Would attend to fly at a Jet meet in Georgia 25 16.23%
I Would attend to fly at a Jet meet in Kentucky 35 22.73%
I Would attend to fly at a Jet meet in Florida 29 18.83%
I Would attend to fly at a Jet meet in Michigan 22 14.29%
I Would attend to fly at a Jet meet in New York 48 31.17%
I Would attend to fly at a Jet meet in Missouri 18 11.69%
I Would attend to fly at a Jet meet in Texas 16 10.39%
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Apr 16, 2004, 04:27 PM
Registered User

Eastern US Jet Meet

This is proposal is primarily oriented towards the potential East Coast event. If your are serious about attending a jet only event focused on EDF please respond, if you are not interested please do not as it will distort the results.

As a minimum I'm envisioning an event with a paved runway at least 400 feet long and a grass area available for bungee launchers to be set up for the duration. If the site could handle turbines (space and noise issues) then they would be welcome. ALL EDF's welcome BUT the CD would reserve the right to set time slots or minimum speeds or manage traffic at any time to accommodate the mix of aircraft types depending on who shows up. This is the flight-line boss system that works pretty well at Mid America - if 8 park fliers are ready to go they fly together, when heavy metal walks up they hold you until the foam gets cleared out but they don't let more PF's go up in the meantime.

We've got potential offers from Florida and Kentucky so far. What we do should be driven by willingness of EDF'ers to show up. There are only so many of us and if we do three different events in 3 locations at different times I'm afraid you'll only get 5 guys! Kentucky happens to be about equal distance from all locations out to the Mid West.
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Apr 16, 2004, 04:41 PM
Flying Fatboy
Gordito Volador's Avatar
Count me in. If given enough notice I'll go as far as Texas.
Apr 16, 2004, 05:22 PM
Registered User
Jim Phelps's Avatar
This would be a great opportunity for the EDF community to get together. Since I'm from Kentucky I can go to just about any of the locations. Of course I'm pulling for Kentucky but it's not exactly the EDF hot bed!

Jim Phelps
Apr 16, 2004, 05:42 PM
Registered User
RCParkflyer's Avatar
You forgot Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana (home of the AMA BTW) and Yes I'd love to go to a Jet Meet
Apr 16, 2004, 05:57 PM
Registered Rotor Abuser
wireit's Avatar
I'm in, just say where.
I don't really fit in the breakdown of aircraft though.
How about adding:

"3D EDF's that launch straight up"

Apr 16, 2004, 06:02 PM
Purple power
gregg f's Avatar
I would try to fly out and visit
Apr 16, 2004, 07:03 PM
shut up & fly
hoser's Avatar
ok i voted for florida but did not enter i fly heavy metal, can that be fixed?
Apr 16, 2004, 07:09 PM
Registered User
Yes, I added 1 to heavy metal...
Apr 16, 2004, 10:40 PM
Suspended Account
Totally in....

If ya do a Florida gig it needs to be in the early fall
NYC area in summer would be great. The east cost has very calm mornings and evenings making for some great flying weather.

Apr 17, 2004, 09:01 AM
Registered User
dave morris's Avatar
I am not exactly heavy metal, but I fly ROG and prob close to 80-90 mph but under 2 pounds. I went ahead and put HM seemed like a better fit speed wise.
Apr 17, 2004, 10:29 AM
shut up & fly
hoser's Avatar
i agree dave
Apr 17, 2004, 04:44 PM
EDF Jet Jam 2017, June 15-18
Kevin Cox's Avatar
For the record, I pulling for Kentucky too with Missouri being next. Why because as Chris stated it's a more in the middle and we NEED everyone to show up.
Apr 17, 2004, 04:59 PM
smug in granny panties
monkamarm2000's Avatar
I think it was stated in another thread but Fla is very travel friendly thanks to Disney and all that. Cheap rates could be had, and you have an exscuse for the Fam when you go. Tell'em 2 days at the meet and 2 or 3 at Disney! haha Gotta think crafty when your married! Goergia is nice too though, you could have it in Agusta and call it the Jet Masters!

Apr 17, 2004, 05:02 PM
Registered User
Let's let it go for a couple more days then we'll get to the critical question - exactly what site? Ky and Fl have potential sites, dunno where it would be in NY for instance. Someone would need to step up to the plate or desires are meaningless!
Apr 17, 2004, 05:09 PM
Registered User
dave morris's Avatar

This is where I fly for those not familer with RCACF. I have not talked to the board members, but will if there is enough intrest. There are a few dedicated events, like pylon, pattern, and a lot of stuff in the month of December.
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