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Dec 28, 2001, 12:55 PM
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Help!! - Quicken 2002 Basic won't work with Windows XP!?

I have a Co-Worker that Got a Nice New computer for Christmas that came with Windows XP already Pre-Loaded.
She tried to Install Quicken Basic 2002 but It gives her Goofball message that the Computer does not have enough Disk Space? She PLENTY of Diskspace like 40 GB! What gives, how come it won't install, the box even says it's OK for use with XP.
Any Ideas?
Dec 28, 2001, 03:54 PM
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Is her HD compressed?

Error "...not enough disk space", installing Quicken to compressed disk.

During installation you may have received a message saying there is enough space to install, however this is compressed space and not true physical hard disk space. The Quicken program requires true hard disk space.
Since her computer is new, this probably isn't the problem, but since it had the same title, I thought that I would include it.


Installing Quicken in Safe Mode

Installing a program in Safe Mode (a diagnostic mode of Windows) bypasses many technical issues related to installation.

This type of installation is easy in Windows XP and Windows 2000, which allow you to access the installation CD-ROM while in Safe Mode. In all other Windows Operating Systems, the CD-ROM drive is not accessible while in Safe Mode so a technique known as a hard drive installation is used. A hard drive installation is a method of running the installation program directly from the computer's hard drive instead of from the CD-ROM. To do this, follow the instructions below based on the version of Windows that you are using:
I would try this first.


If these don't help, I would suggest that she call the support staff at Quicken.