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Toledo 2004 Electric Coverage

AnnMarie Cross, with help from several other great folks, covers the electric and some glider items at Toledo. Be sure to see the glow/gas coverage also, on RCPower! 4/14/04: Editors note, minor updates made!

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The RCGroups booth was quite a busy place, with lots of old friends visiting, and meeting lots of new friends and future site members. Thanks, everyone for coming by! The first 2 prizes of our new RCGroups promotion drew a lot of attention! More great prizes, in all areas of the hobby, coming soon!


456MB ARFs

ACE HOBBY/ThunderTigre

Ace Hobby displayed a broad range of product, from the electric park flier to an electric Ducati motorcycle! Also displayed were numerous glow products, including an awesome Rare Bear (to be reviewed in RC Power in future months!) covered in the Glow/Gas Toledo coverage on RC Power.


Airtronics always has a lot to offer, and this year was no different. This exciting new ESC -- and its complete flight pack -- certainly drew a good bit of attention!


Castle Creations


Danvo Boats

DJ Aerotech

I could've spent hours in this booth, talking with Don Stackhouse and Joe Hahn. What an amazing team! Don has some really unique and innovative ideas, and great fun to boot...and even has horses! Definitely a kindred spirit! His "Roadkill" series (profile micro aircraft) was very popular, and it was a challenge to get time to chat with him about his lineup, and even more of a challenge to tear myself away and keep going in the show.

Now this was a plane after my own heart. Please forgive this tangent, but...I've been up-close and personal, and seen the real one of this experimental aircraft fly, as well as a 12' RC model. The actual flying prototype is in this interesting yellow/blue color scheme, and was restored by volunteers at Chino's Planes of Fame. Photos of the real one flying, and its story, can be seen at... Munches Warbirds.

Duralite Batteries

DWE/Dynamic Web Enterprises/

DWE is another booth I could've spent hours in. This micro stuff is just so cool! It was also a fun contrast, as DWE was boothed next to Desert Aircraft, the largest giant scale engine manufacturer. Their props were multitudes larger and heavier than these flying models!

E-Cubed RC

Espirit Models

Extreme Flight R/C

Extreme Flight, previously focused almost solely on glow and gas models, has now added some e-powered 3D birds to their lineup, as well as offering several glow-focused models that could easily be converted.

Fan-Tastic Models

You GOTTA hear the sound of these jets! (video available here -- I couldn't get a good sound recording on my digital recorder, bummer!)



FMA had not first, not second, but THIRD generation LiPoly batteries to show. These packs offered 20C and a flat discharge curve! The 5S 2Ah pack offers 40A current flow! The 3S 2Ah subC pack offers 30A. Each pack includes a cell balancer to avoid exceeding 4.2V. I'm certain we'll here more about these amazing new packs in the near future.

FMA also showed their new copilot-failsafe-8ch-FM-receiver-in-one, the FS8. Impressive new technology to help ensure success for the new pilot! (Sorry, photo was too bad to show.) Another exciting addition was a low voltage system designed to operate on a single lipoly system under 20g! Utilizes tiny connectors, but not so small they require forceps.

Glowire Electroluminescent Lighting


I have to start with a big thank you to Goldberg for donating the 80+" Giant Scale Super Decathlon ARF shown above as one of the first prizes for our new RCGroups promotion! Look for lots more exciting prizes to be added to the lineup soon.

Great Planes/Hobbico

GP's wall-o'-planes included:

  • the new Little Toni ARF (63" span with fiberglass fuse), just dying for an e-conversion;
  • the Christen Eagle ARF (nearly 66" span bipe with fiberglass cowling; wood built up structure and scale moments);
  • the 60" span Rapture 40 kit (review in process!);
  • the Super Stearman ARF (71.5" span, built up structure, fiberglass cowl and fairings; look for a fuel review in RC Power by Dick Pettit, coming soon!);
  • the already-electrified-DC3 (fiberglass fuse/balsa wings; look for a review on E Zone in the near future!);
  • The GP Sukhoi SU31 3D ARF Profile (40" span, requires brusless motor, look for a review coming soon in E Zone!)
  • and many more.


Jason Shulman manned the impressive Hacker booth all weekend.

Helis & Hobbies International/Quick Worldwide


The Hitec/Multiplex show booth was again the most spacious, comfortable, European, impressive looking booth at the show.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby had a huge range of models, including their exciting new Yak5 33" span ARF (15 oz!), the Alfa FW190 33" span ARF (16 oz!), the American Beauty Mustang ARF 30.5" span, 29 oz., and more. Hobby Lobby also announced sponsorship of Chip Hyde and were thrilled with the Axi performance at the E-TOC!

House of Balsa

Horizon Hobby

The Horizon Hobby booth was right next to RCGroups, and what a busy site it was all weekend!


Park flyers for beginners, in a truly complete "all in one box" package


When you've outgrown Hobbyzone but still want "all in one package" park fliers

Horizon introduced the new parkzone lineup -- park flier backyard fun, but more complex, more aerobatic, a 'next step' for those outgrowing the hobbyzone lineup. Include multiple flight modes for growing into new skills, and still "all in one box" technology -- fully decal-ed and ready to go, complete with 27mhz radio system, chargers and all. Look for the SloV coming soon to join this interesting new group.

JR radio systems:

Radios from when you've outgrown "all in a box" models to when you're flying world level models of any type.

JR had their help desk manned all weekend with experienced modelers, helping customers explore new realms with their radios, find the right radio for their needs, and more. And a HUGE ad promoted the new JR 6102 computer radio with graphical display as the backdrop.

E-flite: moving into more complex models

E-Flite is another new line in the Horizon family. The ascent adds a 54" polyhedral glider/park flier to Horizon's already extensive lineup. And the 2 foam profile ARFs add indoor 3D aerobatic birds already tested, setup, and complete, ready for your radio gear and to be in the air.

Hangar 9

Hangar 9 offers a huge range of models, with the Twist ARF being just one of many in the new line up that we hope to see as e-conversions here on E Zone!

Wendell Hostettler Plans: "The Future Is Electric"

Jet Hangar Hobbies Jets

Jet Hangar Hobbies, long known in the glow- and gas- and then turbine-DF community, brings 2 exciting new EDFs to the market at Toledo.

JMD Models

JMD's models scale park flyers were gorgeous to look at. The kits include laser cut parts, fiberglass fuselages, vacuformed cowlings, dubro hardware, GWS motors and props, full size plans and manuals, and aluminum gear.


Matney Models

Matney offers high quality fiberglass airplane kits for electric ducted fan, electric pylon racing, as well as for AMA QM40 and Q-500 class pylon racing, scale aerobatics, and contest winning sail planes.


Midwest carries a broad range of glow product, including distributing a new line, Falcon Trading ARFs. Please see the glow/gas writeup at RC Power for more details.

Miniature Aircraft/XCell


Miniature's XCell line just took a huge leap forward with ION-X. Designed to perform like the 90 sized glow birds, IonX has a high center of gravity and easily adjustable CG. The main power packs are easily removed, and additional protection is provided to the radio gear via new inner frame mounts. The head is CNC aluminum, with adjustable bell hiller, and full ball bearing design, sporting 120 CCPM geometry. The tail rotor is also CNC aluminum and fully ball bearing, on a 33" graphite boom with dual supports. The kit is available with the Hacker motor and ESC, with plugs, fan and wires all ready to go. Also available without power unit, and as a sport version for lower rpm outrunner motors.

MRC/Model Rectifier Corporation

MRC had a huge range of items, from a repeat showing of their adorable Hirobo XRB corded heli, to their full range of gas helicopters as well.


Northeast Sailplane

Pace Paint PeaceKeeper

Perfect Pilots

Radical RC

RC Helis Plus

Shulman Aviation


Unfortunately, some battery problems resulted in my losing the photos taken at the Sig booth. The item that drew the most attention from E Zone'ers was the new Lil Rascal (We already have a review in the "planning" stages. Keep your eyes open for it, coming soon, along with a Nitro Rascal review as well!)

Sirius/Peak Electronics


Spirit of Yesteryear

SR Batteries

SR Batteries was showing an exciting new electric/gas project -- a 100" Eindecker! SR is obviously excited about this new project, and lots of photos are available here:

Stevens AeroModel

Z Planes

Trick RC, aka ZAGI


for a full listing of all winners, please visit the Weak Signals Show Coverage Website.


E-TOC coverage to follow in a separate article.

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Apr 11, 2004, 09:42 PM
Involuntary Beta Tester
Rob Honeycutt's Edge didn't place in the awards! The other aerobatic models around his look mediocre.

Apr 12, 2004, 11:06 AM
Fun Manager
AMCross's Avatar
I agree the edge was gorgeous....but there were MANY really sharp looking aircraft, with some really neat complex graphics that drew a lot of attention.

The DJ Aerotech bird is actually a B25 -- will correct the article as soon as I can.

Apr 13, 2004, 12:08 PM
Extra 330L
Rob Honeycutt's Avatar

Nice Article!


I saw lots of awesome planes up in Toledo.. you would have really got a kick out of how 'scale' some of these planes were!

I'm happy for all the winners!


(PS>> I agree I should have won in the aerobatic class )
Apr 13, 2004, 08:45 PM
Motor Maniac
The DJ Aerotech bird listed as a Me109 looks a lot more like an Fw190 to me! Gotta love the N9M.
Apr 13, 2004, 08:52 PM
Fun Manager
AMCross's Avatar
10- You got soon as I can correct the 3 mislabeled photos, I will do so. Thanks for reading the review in such details and letting me know!
Apr 17, 2004, 11:43 AM
Official Boat Bum
Eddie P's Avatar
Wow, you got that review out fast! It looked like a good show this year. I enjoyed reading up on Toledo, and having never had the chance to go, it's nice to be able to see what it's all about. I finally just got around to checking out all the links.
Apr 17, 2004, 05:19 PM
Fun Manager
AMCross's Avatar
Thanks, Eddie! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope you'll pop over and see the glow/gas review in RC Power next week when I get it posted.

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