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Apr 11, 2004, 12:21 AM
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Took the slow stick out today.. =(

Tried to fly my slow stick today after a week of perperation, the wind was really pissing me off, it would NOT stop.. i dont really know how fast it was blowing, but it was gushing every 10 to 15 seconds enough to move the stick while it was on the ground, almost flip it over.. i guess it really has to be dead calm to fly these things? I didnt realize that and tried to take it up twice.. first time it came down 2 seconds or less after take off crashed nose first.. and chip off about a 1/2 an inch from the farthest corner of the backside of the wing.. i dont think it will hurt it trying to fly since its such a small peice.. mistakenly tried to put superglue on it when i remembered, HEY doesnt super glue EAT styrophome?! so now i'm going to have to use elmers glue to fill in the missing styrophome now.. SIGH!

Also i had a hell of a time with the servo's.. before my first attempt at flight, when i got out to the field all of a sudden the rudder and elevator were totally off!! it looked as tho i was pushing up and right on my controll stick they were so bad! they were fine looking in the car before i walked them out there.. i couldn't figure out what was the deal.. so i took of the wing, adjusted the micro dubro conncetors and slide the rods down a bit.. there back to straight again.. First flight.. CRASH they were OFF AGAIN had to take off the wing adjust them again.. tried a second flight.. crash (not as bad as the first flight) OFF AGAIN!! repeat steps..

I decided to give up after 2 crashse only 5 feet off the ground becuase the wind was turning the plane and just about flipping it over.. i couldn't controll it, it was like someone was shaking your plane and your trying to stabalize it.. very very very frustrating to say the least...

Are my servo's stripped? is that whats going on? I cant figure out why it kept being off.. when i turned on the Tx and looked at the servo's they were in the CORRECT positions (arms lined up to where they should be) just that the flaps where way off! (allways in the same direction too).. my only thought is i didnt screw on the durbo connectors hard enough? but i dont see how hard i'd have to go, i practactly bend the rods as i'm turning the screws with as much leverage as i can get on those things..

another fun thing.. since i decided to screw in my stabliziers onto the aluminum frame.. those screws dont like to stay in there probably becuase i couldn't get a 1mm bit and i had to use a little.. this is more of a rant.. WHY do they make the screws 1mm when they dont make a damn 1mm bit? I must have called 4 hardware stores and 3 hobby stores.. I knew the hardware stores wouldn't have them but i had to try cuz all the hobby stores would say was "we have one just BARELY smaller and JUST barely bigger but we dont carry 1mm" almost like they dont make it.. I just dont understand why companies have to use SPECIALIZED parts when one size either way would have been just fine and alot more readily available.. that makes this whole thing alot more frustrating then it needs to be.. If i had got the stick up, i would have had no controll becuase my elevator was about to fall off..

I dont know if anyone else has had as frustrating of a time as I have with the small stick but i was really hoping for a relaxing day of flying, when all i really got was a day full of cursing the damn wind for not stopping for 1 second, i've never seen such a suddle but still effective wind blow ALL DAY and never let up.. SIGH!
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Apr 11, 2004, 12:58 AM
Registered User
wallasan10's Avatar
You have some very simple problems.
Your plasatic servo mounts are sliding on the fusalage stick, get them where you want them then fix them in place. I put a small dab of epoxy in front of the foward one and behind the rear one.
Epoxy is the only glue I use on this plane. Use it on the wing, fiberglass rods, and the tail. Just dont use more than you need.
Also, do not use any glue on the motor mount, you MUST use a screw here.

Allons, Randy
Apr 11, 2004, 01:03 AM
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Dennis Everett's Avatar
When i built mine i glued the tail and rudder on with 5 min epoxy, are your servo mounts screwed to the fuse? If not they could move and that would move both the rudder and elevator,thease things arnt in the plans but are a couple of things i did different,also if your a pretty new pilot,wait for a dead calm day,and also if possible get help withsomeone that has some stick time.....Dennis
Apr 11, 2004, 01:03 AM
Can't build them all!
AKACully's Avatar

Considering all landings you have mention thus far have been crashes, IMHO your plastic parts have been moving. If you keep getting right rudder and up elevator, just slide your servos back to the correct position. A SS will fly in winds exceeding it's maximum speed but gusts can be down right messy. Let the wind calm, check you pastic parts, and of course the CG.

Bill "AKACully"
Apr 11, 2004, 06:57 AM
Registered User
I had the same problems with the 1 mm bit! I ended up punching holes with a needle like thing i found.. I realized all you really need to do is use the glue it comes with to stick the tail on. It works great! I glued the motor on
with no problems. Also i agree with everyone here, it really sounds like your plastick mounts are sliding. Thats why your servos always seem off. Dont give up! when you actually fly your stick, you will feel immense gratification!