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Nov 16, 2016, 07:58 AM
Build, crash, repeat...
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I've had accidents with both glow and electric, with scars to prove it. My main warning to electric flyers is that unlike glow, the motor will start any time the throttle is advanced. There have been occasions, especially on my flying wings, where I'm working on one while my transmitter is dangling from its strap, and I've bumped the throttle. Now, I've programmed a throttle lock into the gear switch on my relatively old DX7. Have the two positions labeled "GO!" and "NO!"
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Mar 19, 2017, 02:47 AM
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Ditto, I'd like a dollar every time I have been bitten, these days I treat all props as unguarded circular saws, even IC donks!
The secret with EP is leave the prop off 'till you are ready to fly, simple. Never stand in the prop arc & assume it's going to start at any time.
With IC I secure the model s it can't escape, I always have a remote glo-plug lead & never start the motor above idle, I immediately stand behind the motor once it's started, i NEVER stand in the prop arc or ahead of any running motor above idle, I have the scars from years past to prove that R/C is deadly !
Aug 30, 2017, 02:46 PM
"I will return" Federico
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I had 75 flights on my first giant scale electric plane before discovering - the hard way - that I had not set Failsafe correctly on my transmitter. All that time I was only one transmitter switch away from disaster. Without Failsafe just one momentary lapse, powering off the transmitter out of sequence (before disarming the plane and powering off the receiver), can do a lot of damage. You can read the full report of what happened here.

I wrote a checklist for myself the first time I had an uncommanded power up on my little GP Extra. You can read that here. Step 1: Be sure Failsafe is set and working correctly. In other words, TEST it! Have someone hold your plane, or remove the prop first. I wish I had followed my own checklist.
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