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Dec 27, 2001, 04:05 PM
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TM Dawn Patrol part II

Well after a week of blustery rain it finally had to happen--CLEAR SKIES!! (And this is summer???) Huge Bushfires up north and winter conditions down here-- My thought to all of My Sydney locale buddies -- prayers are with you.....
So after a week of getting up at 5:30 AM (on my bloody holidays too!!) it finally dawns clear and fine - off to the park - fit the lithiums quick control wiggle and toss!! Dont you hate computer radios when you forget to set the right model spiral right- loss of airspeed ground leaps up and bites poor Pitty_Pat (my moth)
Finally I get to break the infamous 9X7 prop- fit new prop-- adjust radio model number ( hope no-one was looking at my red face -- must be the glow of the rising sun) Toss and away again!!!! A beautiful 30 minutes of loops even managed a knife edge--(warning moths dont like this ) they do it but they lose altitude like a brick thats been lead coated -hard right rudder and a fall rate of 1-2 feet per second -- but it looked good while it lasted.
Flare her into the cricket pitch for a perfect landing-- well it would have been if they trimmed the grass at the side ofthe pitch - loops should be done when there is some air under the wings I guess
No damage- so new pack in pocket begs for a try out-- Also brought a spare 10X8 prop as well -- why not says he -- the worst I can do is make Bleriot happy? So off again into the wild blue-- sun shining on the paint and a glow on my face
SUBTLE TIP!!!!! THIS PROP IS AWESOME!!!!!!! a great climb out same airspeed as the 9X7 but a much nicer rate of rise -- it was easy to get it to almost speck out-- I had such height I just spiralled it -- looped it -stalled it- hammerheaded it- knifed it - and even induced some wing flutter on a smooth controlled dive-- about 1 mph off VNE I reckon an hour of bliss all up-- only the wind finally wiped the smile off my dial-- I ended up having to put it into controlled dives just to make forward progress back to me-- ended it with a hover into thewind that brought it into my hand-- no spectators DAMMIT!! lol -- always happens when you do something good!!
All in all another fine E-morning
Try the 10X8 you will be very pleasantly surprised
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Dec 27, 2001, 04:24 PM
an earth bound misfit, I
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Great description Aussie Slowman.

Right with you on the computer radios, you're not the only one who's forgot to set the model number and broken a 9x7 on a TM. It's great having a moth where that's all that happens. New prop and back in the air.

You may be shortening the life of your motor with the 10x8 but if it flys that well it's probably worth the risk.


Dec 27, 2001, 07:35 PM
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My favorite prop is the 8x6 for my moth. I was flying with the big props forever and never tried the 8x6 until recently. I can't believe how quick it is. It has a lot of thrust as well. Go figure.
Dec 27, 2001, 11:37 PM
Faster Faster!!
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8X6 huh? Hmmm.
I just may have to pick up one myself. I've been using a 9x7 for months now. I must be one lucky S.O.B cause Its' the same one I have been flying with for 4 months and 123 flights and not even a nick on it.
Dec 28, 2001, 12:09 AM
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Way to go Slowman!

I'd worry about motor life with that large prop.

Do you have a heak sink on the motor? If not, watch out!

Ditto on 8-6. Get one tomorrow. Makes sense, probably increases rpm by several hundred, resulting in higher top speed. I've seen glo planes really come to life when the owner put a smaller prop on it and let it rev up.

GWSCEO said that the TM was intended for indoor use, so maybe the 9-7 is optimized for low speed thrust to make those tight corners.

BTW. my TM turns an APC 9-6 at 3200 rpm, 6 x 360mah Nimh cells.