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Dec 27, 2001, 12:39 AM
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Peck Polymers "Mini Bell" conversion?

25" wing span, 8-10 oz (Cox .020), 100 sq. in. $25 or less on ebay. I'm thinking 280 BB direct or Astro 010, 3 MX 30 servos, FMA extreme. Any experience on this one?

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Dec 27, 2001, 12:56 AM
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I found this with a search:

More about the mm1 direct than the mini bell, but there is info there and you could contact Sam for more, I guess...

Dec 27, 2001, 01:12 AM
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I tried unsuccessfully to convert one years ago, when I didn't know much about electrics. My set-up was a speed 280, direct, with a Graupner 5x2 super nylon prop and a 7 cell 350ish mah pack of dubious origin. Lets just say, it didn't survive the test flight. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the kit itself.

One of these days when my project list gets shorter, I'll build another. This time I'll build a little lighter (like leaving out at least half of the ribs) and re-think my power train. It sure is a cute little thing!

BTW, Hobby People sells 'em for $24.99, so don't bid too high

Dec 27, 2001, 09:03 AM
Balsa Flies Better!

The conversion flies fine. Essentially they overpowered the glow version - this is new? which really flew quite well on an 010 -didn't even need to be on full scream. The airplane flies fine on rudder elevator. I found the Johnson motor (check the thread in modeling science) works OK except it gets a little hot on a 4 x 2 prop on 4 cells. And yes, a Pixie 7 does work well. One way to deal with the motor cooking is just buy a bunch and make sure that they're easy to change. It is a fun little airplane- mine is getting very beat up and was originally flown glow.

I don't think I'd use either the 010 or the 280BB (I think the 280BB is a lousy direct drive motor- its too delicate and pricey not to mention it swings too small a prop- the 010 is far superior.) in this airplane, although you might get away with a Speed 300. Both the 010 (with speed control) and 280BB want more cells and get heavy- you've got to be pretty weight conscious in this airplane- it flies lots better lighter- like at 8 ounces. You could run the weights on a Speed 300 with 5-6 NiMH 720 cells that might not be far off the Johnson motor. One other thing- I tried the Johnson motor on a 4 cell 350 nicad pack (effectively the same amp draw as the 720 NiMH)- doesn't work- the speed control keeps cutting out.

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Dec 27, 2001, 09:38 PM
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Thanks guys, for the reports. But I may have led you astray in my initial posting. It looks like I'm shopping. But I have the Mini Bell ready to fly, except the motor. I must have sub-conciensiously worded my question so I wouldn't get shot down incase this conversion was a "dog". I hate rejection.
Sam: I weighed it with the 010 and 8 x 270 NiMH cells at 8 oz. Do you think the cells can take it? It will come in under 10 oz with the 720s. I decreased the dihedral and added strip ailerons to the stock chord yeilding a bit more wing area. Also, my 280BB says 7.2 volts. Couldn't it be propped for 6 or 7 cells?
Pete: Yes, it is a cute little thing! I had to paint it like the box top, just to be different! Except mine's a taildragger.
I'll try it with the 010, mainly because it's here. Getting stuff lately has been slow. I would like to find a decent motor to leave in it. Maybe a motor recommendation after I fly it?

Thanks again!
Dec 28, 2001, 11:17 AM
Balsa Flies Better!

In terms of what you've got set up, it sounds like the 010 may be your best bet. Your may just have to fly it and see what you think. In rough terms though, I think the problem is that the 280 NiMHs are going to deliver too few amps- you're probably looking at 3 amps max for 24 watts. I suspect this airplane is getting happy on 35-40 watts at 8 oz on the Johnson motor which is admittedly less efficient.

Your next bump up are the 8 cell 720s but they put you at 10 oz. Granted, you should now be in the 45 watt range, so you'll have plenty of power on either the 010 or the 280 BB. The 010 though is going to want a 5 inch or larger prop on 8 cells- I suspect you'll have prop clearance issues. The 280BB will be happy on the 4.2 x 2 prop, so you're OK there. My grumble with the 280BB is that you'll find it easy to bend a shaft, and if you hit the ground with the juice on, the motor doesn't live long.

Good luck with it.


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