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SMC - True Spec 2800mAh Phantom Lipo

Check out this new high capacity lipo for your Phantom 1.


This Phantom pack is designed to have a higher energy density to improve flight time.

I fly my DJI Phantom a lot and I'm always on the hunt for better Phantom lipo packs. I spoke with Danny from SMC and he said, "I have high hopes that I can help clean up the RC pack market by using a true rating that means something." The pack they sent over is a 2800mAH and retails for $29.95.

Read more about the philosophy of making these battery packs here.

Here are some specs:

  • Milliamp Hour - 2800
  • Voltage - 11.1
  • Amps - 65
  • Energy Density - 140.78 Wh/Kg
  • Configuration - 3S1P
  • Length - 106.5mm
  • Width - 34.7mm
  • Height - 26.5mm
  • Weight - 206gr

I did some moderate flying and averaged around 10 minutes plus without a payload. When I added a gimbal and a camera I got around 7 minutes.

  • The pack comes with a XT60 connector installed on 12AWG wire.
  • Internale Resistance at 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • mAh and IR after a 2.8 amp discharge down to 3v per cell.

I like the flight times I'm getting and they come in at a good price point.

Learn more about the SMC Phantom packs here.

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Jun 04, 2014, 05:25 PM
Registered User
rattydude77's Avatar
i get the same time with my 2200 with payload only difference is my battery is 10.00 at hobby and it fits in my phantom better than the phantom battery. see you n the skys
Jun 05, 2014, 09:45 AM
Registered User
Thanks for that bit of info. I'm sure that $10 pack is a real powerhouse of safety, longevity, and performance.
Jun 05, 2014, 04:01 PM
Registered User
rattydude77's Avatar


iv got 23 flights so far with it fully loaded on it and it still performs the same way from the day i bought it and lots of guys on here fly with them
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Jun 05, 2014, 05:44 PM
Loose Sox Special Spec
LooseSox's Avatar
I've got 3 of the SMC packs and I love them. Same size and only a few grams heavier than turnigy 2200 packs but with an extra 600mah capacity.

I gave them a flogging for their initial test, basically staked my hotted up PZ P-47 to the back lawn, intalled battery and watt meter, then hit full throttle until LVC. Never dropped below 10.9V at 48A all the way to LVC. And that was fresh out of the box! I'm yet to see a battery hold that well under constant high current discharge. In the air they gave more top end speed and in my 3D planes allowed me to punch out of hovers with much more authority.

Their IR is so much lower than turnigy too. Averaging about 4.3/cell after 35 flights, measured at storage voltage at 17 degrees C with an ESR meter. Apparently their new batch will be even better again. Also have some other sizes and cell counts in the works, getting keen for a SMC 3300 4S! Would love to see my jets hiking along better than they are now.

With the abuse that I give my packs, I'd rather spend $30 and know I'll get at least 100 flights out of it opposed to $20 for a pack that's puffed after 50 flights.
Jun 05, 2014, 06:34 PM
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rattydude77's Avatar
im sure it is a good battery but for 30.00 il buy 3 and eat the shipping and fly for 20 to 30 mins and if it puffs after 50 flights i still got 150 flights right i am new at the quad aspect and i still think 150 flight is a better deal... see you in the skys... dji phantom 1.1.1
Jun 05, 2014, 09:49 PM
Loose Sox Special Spec
LooseSox's Avatar
I guess you can look at it that way. I used to go the cheapest route for my batteries too and they sufficed for stock parkzone planes and entry level quads. Once I started pulling serious power for the size of airframe those packs quickly showed their shortcomings. It's nice to have a pack that is up around TP quality without it being $70!

If you're happy with a $10 pack in a stock dji straight out of the box that's cool. I just lol hard lately when I see people with multi thousand dollar fpv rigs cry foul because they lost it all due to a $10 battery or a $3 servo.
Jun 06, 2014, 09:06 PM
Registered User
rattydude77's Avatar
no i just got an epic cam on it and do video thats all....

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